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DIY Beginner LED Projects & Tutorials. DIY Decorative Lighting with LED Sea Urchins. Want a totally new and bizarre way to create home decor?

DIY Decorative Lighting with LED Sea Urchins

Stick an LED light inside of a sea urchin shell! Taking a break from our typical hacking projects, here’s a dirt simple, fast way to create unique decorations. Using colored LEDs connected to small lithium coin cells, you can create the diffused lighting effects inside the tiny sea urchin shells. This is just another superb application of “LED throwies” which we’ve featured previously. LED throwies are simply the combination of an LED, lithium cell, and magnets. Popular LED Projects: Color Changing EL Wire Hour Glass. This EL wire (electroluminescent) hour glass is actually a fairly simple build.

Color Changing EL Wire Hour Glass

It’s built around a three foot long tube with two wooden rounds attached at either end. Then, a motor is added to one end to spin the EL wire around the tube to create the hour glass illusion. Attaching EL wire (can be picked up fairly cheap on eBay) in five colors around the wood round and the pipe is the final finishing touch. The El wires are connected to a sequencer that triggers the five colors in a timed manner. Check out the full instructions to build ti yourself! Popular EL-Wire Projects: Make a USB Color Changing Light. Helping Hands for Soldering Leds + Resistors. DIY Night Vision Monacle with IR LEDs. Using cheap Infrared LEDs and a cheap camera, you can build this handheld night vision monacle.

DIY Night Vision Monacle with IR LEDs

Start with a viewfinder from an old camcorder, add some IR LEDs, and that’s the basis of this simple project. You can also setup the night vision viewer as an ultra-low light video surveillance system too. 10 infrared LEDs are typically enough to light up the target area. With the right filter lens, the target area could be a room or your entire backyard. Just like the laser microphone this modder built, the night vision viewfinder also comes with 21 pages of detailed instructions. Popular Night Vision Projects: DIY Interactive LED Stair Lighting. Make Giant LEDS. I love LEDs.

Make Giant LEDS

I have a problem, and I’m seeking therapy. Anyways…If you’re like me, you may want a few of these Giant LEDs in your living room. Light Sensitive LEDs. DIY Fiber Optic Fabric using RGB LEDs. By weaving fiber optic strands as if they were yarn, this team of DIYers created a fiber optic “fabric” of sorts which features a few dozen RGB LEDs and reacts to the outside world via Twitter.

DIY Fiber Optic Fabric using RGB LEDs

Currently, they’re raising funds to launch a company to produce the textiles, but we’re posting it here so you can be inspired to build your own. After the strands are weaved together, groups of the strands are grouped together and aimed down the head of an LED. Each LED is controlled via software which also connects to the web. The electronics behind it are fairly simple and can be easily replicated using an Arduino. Popular LED and Light Projects: Superb 3-Axis Ball of LEDs. How to Display Audio as Light, LEDs to Music. Tutorial: How to Make LED Cubes. The warm ambient glow of the LED Cube’s fantastic display of illuminated animation and hours of programming. They’re actually easier to create than you may think. We’ll show you how in plain English using simple designs and multiplexing Let’s start off small: Bigger means Better: 8x8x8 is a bit more complicated, but is definitely worth the effort.

Absoulte Insanity! Did I hear someone say 1000 LEDs? Need LEDs? Outstanding RGB Liquid Mood Lamps. Incredible, Colorful RGB LED Light Strip.