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Direct Power! Why not just connect your battery straight to the LED? It seems so simple! What's the problem? Egypt judges reject role in constitution vote - Middle East The head of Egypt's Judges Club, which represents judges across the country, has said his members will not supervise a referendum on a draft constitution, amid a tense standoff between the president and the judiciary. "It has been agreed by all the judges of Egypt and the Judges Clubs outside the capital not to supervise a referendum on the draft constitution and to boycott it," Ahmed al-Zind said in a statement carried by the official MENA news agency. Earlier on Sunday, Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court shelved its work indefinitely after protests by President Mohamed Morsi's supporters outside its headquarters prevented judges from meeting.

Mattes and Masks in FCP Color Key Here is Danit sitting in the snow, which she loves, but she also loves being in the pool. Gonna' help her out. Arduino mood light I recently saw the cool mood lamp by Philips and I liked it. What I did not like was the price. I set myself to discover what the industry has to offer in terms of high-power LEDs. John Carroll - HCI Models, Theories and Frameworks HCI Models, Theories and Frameworks: Toward a Multidisciplinary Scienceby John Carroll Carroll, J. M. (Ed.) (2003). HCI Models, Theories and Frameworks: Toward a Multidisciplinary Science. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann publishers.

Blog Archive » Arduino-controlled IKEA Lamp Posted by adminon September 07, 2009Arduino, Projects This is a project I have been working on for the past 2-3 weeks. I wanted to create a night light which had to be very simple to use and with no parts that can be consumed by babies! Matrix Indexing - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks Schweiz Accessing Single Elements To reference a particular element in a matrix, specify its row and column number using the following syntax, where A is the matrix variable. Always specify the row first and column second:

How to Make a Rollover Button in Fireworks CS5 You can create interactive buttons in Adobe Fireworks Creative Suite 5 to make a rollover button — a button that changes when a mouse pointer passes over it. Create the basic art First, you need to create the basic art for the button. (For this example, the button is a rounded rectangle, but you can substitute another shape.) Follow these steps: Schematic of 8x8 Led Dot Matrix Clock using PIC16F627A The above schematic is 8x8 Led Dot Matrix clock using PIC16F627A (or PIC16F628 which is more expensive but larger memory) and a shift register 74HC595. The PIC is running with 4MHz internal oscillator so pin 15 (RA6) and 16 (RA7) are free. Therefore, the PIC16F627a can drive the 8x8 Led Drive matrix with these 2 free pins (RA6, RA7) and RB0-5, . The Timer1 (TMR1) external clock is generated by the watch crystal 32.768KHz + load capacitors 15pF and fed to RB6 and RB7. The pins are used up!.

Democracy push as Hong Kong marks handover - Asia-Pacific Tens of thousands of protesters have marched in Hong Kong to denounce the city's leaders and demand universal suffrage as the region marked 16 years since its handover to China. Organisers of the protest said on Monday about 430,000 people turned up, while police gave an estimate of 66,000, according to Reuters news agency. The rally has taken place amid concerns in the southern Chinese city that Beijing, which regained control from Britain in 1997, is increasingly meddling in its affairs. A widening income gap and soaring property prices are also among grievances, as protesters focus their anger on Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong's unpopular chief executive.

Cognitive dimensions of notations Cognitive dimensions or cognitive dimensions of notations[1][2] are design principles for notations, user interfaces and programming language design, described by researchers Thomas R.G. Green and Marian Petre. The dimensions can be used to evaluate the usability of an existing information artifact, or as heuristics to guide the design of a new one. Cognitive dimensions are designed to provide a lightweight approach to analysis of a design quality, rather than an in-depth, detailed description. They provide a common vocabulary for discussing many factors in notation, UI or programming language design. Also, cognitive dimensions help in exploring the space of possible designs through design maneuvers, changes intended to improve the design along one dimension.

LEDs, 555s, PWM, Flashers, and Light Chasers Index LEDs, 555s, PWM, Flashers, and Light Chasers by Bill Marsden, courtesy of I'm moving this article to blog format to allow me greater flexability in editing. Please, do not comment in the blog, if you do I will delete it. 10 Timeframes I recently gave the closing keynote at the 2012 MFA Interaction Design Festival, a full-day event held on Saturday, May 12, 2012, to celebrate the work of the 2012 graduating class of the Interaction Design MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I teach a course in Content Strategy there, and working with the immensely talented students has forced me, as a content-oriented individual, to think hard about a specific task that interaction designers frequently take on—namely that they themselves must make things that allow other people to make things. They define the experiences that permit other people to do their work, or play, or tweet, or post things. They make the forms that the rest of us fill out. And so I walked around New York City and thought: What could I ask of these students, how could I advocate on behalf of the creators who are their users?

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