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LED and Lightening

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10 x MP2307 3A DC to DC Step-down Power Module KIS-3R33S - Free Shipping. Gmail: Email from Google. LED calculator for single LEDs. MC34063A design tool. Direct Power! Why not just connect your battery straight to the LED?

Direct Power!

It seems so simple! What's the problem? Can I ever do it? The problem is reliability, consistency & robustness. As mentioned, the current through an LED is very sensitive to small changes in the voltage across the LED, and also to the ambient temperature of the LED, and also to the manufacturing variances of the LED.

So maybe you read all that, and you're thinking: "so what! ". Inductor Designer / Calculator. Arduino mood light. I recently saw the cool mood lamp by Philips and I liked it.

Arduino mood light

What I did not like was the price. I set myself to discover what the industry has to offer in terms of high-power LEDs. It turns out that since the old 20mA red LEDs the market has evolved in such a way that it seems the light appliances of the future might be completely LED-powered. Now there are 3W and 10W LEDs available. Either monochrome or RGB. Open Hardware MoodLamp « « Blog Archive » Arduino-controlled IKEA Lamp. Posted by adminon September 07, 2009Arduino, Projects This is a project I have been working on for the past 2-3 weeks.

I wanted to create a night light which had to be very simple to use and with no parts that can be consumed by babies! I used 20 RGB LEDs (which I got from, an old Eriksson phone charger and, of course an arduino board (actually I used an old SparkFun clone). And a push button… And an Ikea lamp (”Lampan”, currently priced at £2.59 in the UK, around $5 in the States, This is a very cheap lamp, very hackable and safe for kids too (as all the components are safely hidden away). Many projects are based around this lamp: I found that the old Eriksson charger delivers approx 6V, which is good enough for the Arduino. I did the same on the IKEA lamp – I added 9V clips on both sides of the cable. I fitted the 20 LEDs on one board. Here is the final lamp: Arduino-powered IKEA Lampan Lamp from Arkadian.Eu on Vimeo. … and here is the arduino code: Schematic of 8x8 Led Dot Matrix Clock using PIC16F627A.

The above schematic is 8x8 Led Dot Matrix clock using PIC16F627A (or PIC16F628 which is more expensive but larger memory) and a shift register 74HC595.

Schematic of 8x8 Led Dot Matrix Clock using PIC16F627A

The PIC is running with 4MHz internal oscillator so pin 15 (RA6) and 16 (RA7) are free. Therefore, the PIC16F627a can drive the 8x8 Led Drive matrix with these 2 free pins (RA6, RA7) and RB0-5, . The Timer1 (TMR1) external clock is generated by the watch crystal 32.768KHz + load capacitors 15pF and fed to RB6 and RB7. The pins are used up!. Put It to Use! 8x8 Matrix Mapping (hex,binary) Looking for: Easy to build LED driver Howto / Schematic. LEDs, 555s, PWM, Flashers, and Light Chasers Index.

LEDs, 555s, PWM, Flashers, and Light Chasers by Bill Marsden, courtesy of I'm moving this article to blog format to allow me greater flexability in editing.

LEDs, 555s, PWM, Flashers, and Light Chasers Index

Please, do not comment in the blog, if you do I will delete it. If you want to leave a comment do it here. If you want to copy this for any use feel free, but please leave my name and the forum attached. One of the most common requests at All About Circuits is various methods of flashing LEDs. Index 1....LEDs 2....Current Limiting 3....The LED / Resistor Only Bargraph 4....The 555 Integrated Circuit 5....The 555 and PWM 6....Low Power Applications 7....The Joule Thief 8....From Four, Twenty 9....Light Chasers 10.l.Transistor Drivers.......BJTs.......MOSFETs 11.l.Making Patterns 12...Special Effects........Throbbing LEDs........Fading LEDs........Flickering LEDs (Fire!)........

LED Dimmer Circuit - Lighting. Find out how to put together a simple but efficient PWM dimmer circuit for LEDs home > lighting | electronics | electric circuitIn this article we will look at how a simple circuit can be built to act as a dimmer for individual LED bulbs.

LED Dimmer Circuit - Lighting

If you arrived at this page wanting to know how to dim LED spotlights (sealed bulbs containing multiple LEDs), you will be better served visiting this article 240V LED Bulbs and Dimmer Switches, Dimmable Energy Saving Lightbulbs, Lamina Sol MR16 LED Spotlight Review (dimmable), or this Review of Megaman Energy Saving Lightbulbs (CFL rather than LED, but currently the better type of low energy bulb for dimming). LEDs (light emitting diodes) are very sensitive components - exceed their rated current or voltage and their lifespan can be slashed from 50,000+ hours to an eventful microsecond.

Highly Efficient 0-100% LED Dimmer. This webpage describes a highly efficient LED dimmer, or a dimmable LED flashlight, or a switching current source, or whatever you want to call it.

Highly Efficient 0-100% LED Dimmer

Cheap, single-IC, uses commonly available parts, easy to build. Designed to get the longest light out of a (rechargable) battery, ideal in emergency situations: some 24+ hours for a single white LED at full brightness from a cheap 9V, 200mAh battery. Works well from 4 up to at least 30 Volts; may even vary over time, while the brightness level is maintained essentially constant. Can drive as many LEDs as would normally be possible with the given supply voltage.