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ReactJs Development: Build Dynamic User Interfaces That Simplify Your Business. In What Ways VR is Modernizing the Real Estate Industry? In What Ways VR is Modernizing the Real Estate Industry? Is React Native the future of Hybrid Mobile App? Why React favors front-end development? Why Do I Need an SSL Certificate For My Website? What Is The Estimate Time and Cost to Build An App with React Native? What Is The Importance and Need of Blockchain MVP? How To Classify Front End, Back End, & Full Stack Developer? A Detailed Guideline to Install Hyperledger on Mac Os. Why Full Stack Development is a Good Option For You. Angular vs React : The Best Choice for 2018.

Steps to Participate in a Token Generation Event. An Essential Guide To Hire Skilled Blockchain Developer. Structure Your React-Redux Web Application To Unclutter Your Project and Your Life. Hire Dedicated Offshore Development Team Just Like Your In-House Team. Why to choose React JS? What is a Decentralized Application? Comparison of PHP Vs Node js: Which One Is The Best? Best UI Frameworks for ReactJS. Best UI Frameworks for ReactJS. Voice First Technology (VFT) Is The Next Big Thing For Mobile Apps.

Waht Are In In-App Browsers? Everything You Need To Know. Top 5 Benefits Of Using Chatbots to Raising a Fund in ICO. A Comprehensive Guideline to Launch an ICO 2018. Brave, a browser startup successfully raised a jaw dropping $35 million from investors in less than 30 seconds.

A Comprehensive Guideline to Launch an ICO 2018

Tenx, a fintech startup received $34 million in under 7 minutes., a messaging app for Ethereum raised $100 million in under three hours. So, what is this business model that demonstrates record-breaking capital financing confidence? Three words, ICO – initial coin offering. Land a meeting, pitch your idea to an entrepreneur and negotiate with venture capital firms for fair deals is undoubtedly a difficult path to go through. Cryptocurrency tokens and ICO’s are literally replacing stock shares and IPO’s in funding new companies. Disclaimer: This blog is not any form of legal advice. Cryptocurrency To understand the concept of ICO, first of all you are required to understand cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular forms of cryptocurrency and all the transactions are stored in a blockchain, an encrypted public ledger.

Initial Coin Offering Whitepaper: Build your own on-demand video streaming website like Netflix. 7 Strong Reasons to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer for Your Startup. VUE.JS VS REACT.JS: OPINIONS AND AN IN-DEPTH COMPARISON. Choose Right Vuejs Development Services and Consultants For Startups. React.Js VS React Native VS React VR (A Clear Difference) Although all of these three technologies share the same parents, even similar names, as well as their technology backbone, is also the same. Still, there is a huge difference between these three technologies. Here’s how!

The Basic Concept React.js is developed by Facebook and maintained by a large community of independent developers and programmers to make it south-after, dynamic and high-performing JavaScript libraries. In 2011, Jordan Walke along with his team from Facebook released the React JS library. React JS: An Eye Appealing Front-End Development To Empower Your Business. Use Ruby on Rails for your FinTech Startup.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments for Small Businesses. How much does it cost to hire ruby on rails developer. Study proves that happy programmers are better programmers and Ruby – a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language that is specifically designed with developer’s productivity in mind.

How much does it cost to hire ruby on rails developer

Ruby is the most demanding programming language; because, whatsoever your project demands, Ruby owns special expertise to give life to your ideas and makes them a reality, whether you need development speed, rapid prototyping or if you are looking for a quick way to bootstrap a project using the best industry standards or practices, Ruby is undoubtedly an outstanding choice for your software development requirements. To satiate all your development cravings, do you know how much does it cost to hire ruby on rails developer?

It all depends on the skillful expertise you require and the overall scope of your project. CUSTOM HEALTHCARE MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT. $60 Billion – the forecast for healthcare app market by 2020 Mobile app development is booming in health care and as per the recent survey by Red Hat, more than 82% of healthcare organizations have completely implemented their mobile strategy with 78% of reporting and they are achieving a favorable ROI from their mobile applications.


The numbers are dramatically growing over the past 2 years, when only 38% of healthcare organizations have adopted a fully implemented mobile strategy. Owning to the present market demand, it seems like healthcare will turn even more to mobile. As per the U.S respondent’s survey, they will increase the numbers of application they build by 56% from 9 to 14. European respondents will increase their numbers by 31% from 13 to 17. Golang is Going To Overpower Python, Here’s Why. Switching to a new language is definitely a big step, specifically when only one of your mates has prior experience with that specific language.

Golang is Going To Overpower Python, Here’s Why

These days, most of the starred/forked codes at Github various tags: [] categories seem to be written in GO language. 2 to 3 years back, it was a similar scenario with Python, but the game has changed. I am writing blog to explain some of the reasons why we switched from Python to Golang. Why We Love Ruby on Rails (And why you should, Too!) At present, we are on the verge of becoming one of the pioneers in the Ruby on Rails development platform.

Why We Love Ruby on Rails (And why you should, Too!)

We are big fans of the Ruby programming language and we prefer as well as suggest Ruby on Rails framework to develop most web applications to our clients. Bacancy Technology has inaugurated its operation in 2012 and the organization has consistently grown to around 130 employees – almost 30 of them are Ruby on rails developers. Amongst the hundreds of programming languages, we have chosen Ruby as our preferred web-application framework. Over the past half of a decade, both junior and senior skillful programmers have recognized its standards. Build Enterprises Applications USing Node.js. All these while you were busy executing the PHP codes into your server applications, let me remind you how fast the time flies by.

Build Enterprises Applications USing Node.js

Recently, there is a buzz that a backend framework has taken over the entire market and in every corner of the development world programmers are talking about it or some of have already implemented it. Yes, I am talking about Node.js. Let me get you through this universal framework and why you should take a look at it. Enterprises and product based companies both alike are in a competition to bring the product faster to the market. Numbers of companies are leveraging these contemporary technologies to improve time to market and shorten their release cycles.

For enterprises, to get succeed at the front end is not the only end goal. There are numbers of backend technologies that companies have been using to develop a product such as Node.js, Spring, Grails, Java, and many more. Know The Cost To Develop a Secure Bitcoin Exchange Wallet. Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.

Know The Cost To Develop a Secure Bitcoin Exchange Wallet

Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee About Bitcoin Exchange A Bitcoin exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can sell and buy Bitcoins using various fiat currency or altcoin. Bitcoin currency exchange work as an Intermediary Platform between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency. At the time of exchange, security is one of the primary attribute. Why Kentico Is The Best CMS For Your Business? From the available Content Management System – CMS choosing the right one is a hard nut to crack.

Why Kentico Is The Best CMS For Your Business?

Choosing a feature rich CMS can help you stand apart from the herd and it can be a perfect fit for your web platform. There are several significant factors that carefully requires to be considered such as functionality, security, scalability, support and ease of use. Once you made up your mind about choosing the right features, you get stuck at choosing the right pricing and licensing model.

At the end, you realize that the features you need does not fit into your model that is pocketfriendly. At last, undesirably you pay the additional amount for the specific features you really want to have. This is the reason, I am writing this blog to introduce you with Kentico CMS – an enterprise-ready CMS that is highly scalable. 1.

Infographic - The State Of Python In 2017. If you have spent time in the development world, you might be aware with the fact that there are active forces of programming languages.

Infographic - The State Of Python In 2017

It is next to impossible to be an expert in every programming language and it’s also hard to determine where you should devote your time in terms of acquiring new skills. Bacacy Technology - A Top App Developers Company in Ahmedabad. Cutch is a B2B research, ratings and reviews site that identifies leading IT and marketing service providers and software.

Bacacy Technology - A Top App Developers Company in Ahmedabad

Clutch evaluates companies based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, including client reviews, company experience, client list, industry recognition, and market presence. Clutch helps companies manage their online reputation through 3rd parties, verified reviews and increases their online visibility and traffic.said Eleonora, the Analyst at Clutch has developed its own research methodology factors in IT market presence, clients and their experience. The most significant components of Clutch’ researches for both clients and software houses are reviews.Clutch puts extra efforts with existing and previous clients to get their input as well as feedback. Resume Creator Application Create A Professional Looking CV or Resume In Minutes. A resume/CV is a document that provides in detail statement of a candidate prior to work experience, education and accomplishments. The resume/CV is a summary of civic, professional and philanthropic volunteer work; a list of achieved certifications and mention of any additional and relevant coursework.

If you do not have a professional or polished resume, your application might not get a second glance from any hiring manager. An average employer only spends eight to ten seconds to look at a resume, so it is indeed required to be imperative and lasts an impression. In this cut-throat competitive job market, having a professional looking resume that contains truthful information can help you stand apart from the herd and get yourself the best possible chance of getting employer’s attention. React Native Best Of All Front-End Development Worlds. Two dominant mobile application platforms – iOS and Android is accounting over 99% of the app development market. Businesses often need to make a difficult choice, when it comes to choosing an application development platform, such as iOS vs.

Android first or native vs cross platform application development. Considering all the relevant factors involved, entrepreneurs need to choose between lower cost of development and native performance. React Native: Cost-Effective Alternative To Native App Development And Far Superior To Other Hybrid Frameworks Unlike most of the cross-platform and hybrid tools, React Native is a viable alternative to the native iOS and Android application development. iOS and Android. SEO Basics For Ruby On Rails. Any individual website or web portal that works on the principle of SEO, for them it is mandatory to have plagiarism free content to get more bang for the buck. An integrated approach to SEO friendly content marketing makes it worthwhile in the long run. Gone are the days of paid linking schemes and black hat practices like keyword suffering that resulted in a bad user experience with the very low focus on the quality of content.

None of us want to have such content that does not feature appropriately in high-ranking SERPs results or is not marketed well as per the industry-oriented keywords. This is where the plugins of ROR come in. Customizable Ethereum Development Solutions. Complete Online Bitcoin API MLM Software For Multilevel Marketing. It’s obvious to be skeptical about the digital currency like Bitcoin. When for the first time I heard about Bitcoin, I suddenly come up with a question in my mind that why the heck, there is a need of digital currency in the age of stable currency?

However, if you will look into the trends, you will begin to realize that as time passes by, Bitcoin is making its way. Nowadays it is being accepted in any market. We cannot deny the fact that online payment has completely revolutionized the MLM business. MLM industry has transformed from the conventional trading base to the 21st century’s digitally applicable network. 7 Reasons To Choose Python As Your Next Web Project. We can help you build your own bitcoin wallet application. Know the cost to develop an app similar to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is considerably the most popular real-time messaging application that is available across cross-platform. With the use of this application, you can easily exchange information between iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Nokia and other mobile providers without paying any extra cost for SMS. 2017: Let Us to Re-Introduce Ruby On Rails - Infographic. Here 's strong Reason to Choose React Native.

It’s been almost a year, I am working with corporate mobile team building mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Angular2 vs React : New Comparison July 2017 - Infographic. Why You Should Consider React Native For Your Mobile App? Story Of Node.js:How It Becomes The Go-To Technology In Enterprise. Node.js is a server-side solution for JavaScript. It is one of the most trending technology that large enterprise businesses are embracing in production. At present, Node is receiving so much attention, because of its fast and scalable solution as well as real-time application development. Laravel is the Most Popular PHP Framework for Various Reason.

A Bit of Introduction Laravel is one of the most popular free open source PHP web application framework that is the first and foremost choice of several leading programmers for making rapid, robust and fully functional websites as well as applications. Laravel is PHP’s paramount framework that is based upon the MVC pattern of architecture as it let you develop easy and strategic web applications and websites in no time.

Current State of Laravel Google Trend It’s a best and versatile tool to have a look at the total search volume access, across various regions of the world with a specific keyword. React Native for Cross-Platform Application Development. A few years back, software developers used to assume that choosing cross-platform development possesses unwanted risks and the clients along with the organizations who wish to have a mobile application they clearly benefited from the development of a specific mobile platform. It was a default mindset that cross-platform product is less user friendly in terms of reliability, design and difficulty. Progressively, cross-platform development tools progressed and fortunately changed the mindset of everyone.

How Taxi App Development Company Are Churn Out More Profits? From shouting ‘taxi’ to hail a cab, the taxi business has undergone a drastic change since Uber has launched the first self-driving taxi fleet in the US the Market. Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry and has made the taxi app development business astonishing.

Can Javascript Frameworks replace Ruby On Rails? Hire Ruby on Rails Developers (100% Remote Work Possible) 5 Keys To Get Crystal Clear About NodeJS App Structure. How Much Does it Cost On Demand Delivery App ? Angular 2 vs React: what to choose in 2017? How to Build Your First Minimum Viable Product Canvas ? How taxi dispatch software benefits both customers and drivers? 7 Must-Know Reasons Why You Should Switch To Angular 4 From Angular 2. Ruby on Rails Patterns – Decorator Vs. Presenter. All the highlights From Facebook’s #F8 2017 Day 1. Kentico: An All-In-One Smart Integrated Marketing Solution. Hire React Native Developers To Get Ahead Of User Experience.

What’s New in Angular 4.0.0 & What's next? Hire ReactJS Developers To Build Kickass UIs And Interactive Web Apps. Custome Food Delivery Application Development. Accurate Taxi Dispatch Software Solution - Taxi Booking App Development. How much does It cost to develop Taxi App like Uber? Logistics Mobile Application Development Solutions- Case study. Developing a Shopping Cart Application with AngularJS, Top 7 Pros. The Technology Stack Behind The Grandeur Success Of Uber.

10 must know of Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App. 11 Top International Ruby on Rails Conferences and Events 2017. Clover: A perfect Solution for small business needs. Ruby on Rails 2016 Journey in Under 2 Minutes (Infographic) Know The Cost To Develop A Web Application Like Quora. Develop a Mobile app (iOs / Android) with a Ruby on Rails Back-End. A Real-World need for C extension in the Ruby. Paper Trail Gem: Track changes to your models' data.

Why We Love React Native And You Should, Too! Why Large Scale Enterprise Applications Are Shifting To NodeJS. Angular2 Vs. React Vs. Polymer - Which is best for me? Top 5 Sites Built with Ruby on Rails – Bacancy Technology. How much money do I have to Spend to build project in Ruby on Rails? Are You Ready to Lose Your Mobile Search Ranking Result? Magento Information & Details - Bacancy Technology. Q2 Awards for Excellent Performance and Achievement by Bacancy Technology Members. Know About iOS 9, watchOS2, Apple’s App Analytics & New iPod Touch. 4 Exceptionally Trending PHP Frameworks of 2015, You Should Opt for Your Next Web Application. Is your App Indexed in Google Search Engine? Google, to become a subsidiary company under Alphabet with the new CEO Sundar Pichai. Quick Preview about Marshmallow & Meet PrestaShop: Know the Advantage & Features of PrestaShop.