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Angular 2 vs React: what to choose in 2017? One of the most common comments that I have heard from my professional colleagues cum friends – AngularJS developers that “I enjoyed working with AngularJS, but I am shifting to React now.

Angular 2 vs React: what to choose in 2017?

The Alpha version of Angular2 has been made accessible to developers much earlier in the year of 2016, however; Angular2 came out of the beta in midyear-2016. Even before the launch of Angular 2, a tug of war has been initiated between AngularJS and React developers. How to Build Your First Minimum Viable Product Canvas ? I think there is something deeply appealing about modern-day rags-to-riches stories.The truth is not every sophomore, who builds awebsite single-handedly in his dorm-room,becomes a billionaire.

How to Build Your First Minimum Viable Product Canvas ?

There are countless cases of entrepreneurs failingmiserably after investing a considerable part of their life and losing a fortune. The failures happen more often than triumphs. The problem with those stories if I rephrase a para from ERIC RIES’s iconic book, THE LEAN STARTUP. They make success seem inevitable if you have the right team, and to build up that point, they often ignore the mundane details, the boring stuffs, and the small individual choices as if they don’t matter when in fact, they matter the most.

How taxi dispatch software benefits both customers and drivers? Uberhas literally stormed the taxi industry by launching a taxi booking application in San Francisco in 2010 and London in 2012.

How taxi dispatch software benefits both customers and drivers?

Now they are in 540 cities worldwide and gaining customers and expanding their reach every day. Doesn’t it sound very intimidating? Well I am not writing this blog to present the statistics of Uber, but how Uber’s success has become an all of a sudden synonymous of on-demand apps. At present, taxi dispatch system is the latest trend in the taxi business to serve the customers quickly and efficiently.With a tap or clicks on the mobile phone it has completely replaced the days of hailing the taxi by shouting or waving hands by the new taxi dispatch software that allows to book the taxi on the go. People from all around the world is finding it very easy and comfortable to engage a taxi via smartphones. 7 Must-Know Reasons Why You Should Switch To Angular 4 From Angular 2. Recently, I’ve shared a blog called “AngularJS Gets a Button!

7 Must-Know Reasons Why You Should Switch To Angular 4 From Angular 2

Angular 4.0.0 is Now Available” and it helped a lot to many of our readers to gain the knowledge out of it. Ruby on Rails Patterns – Decorator Vs. Presenter. In the present times, Ruby on rails programming has emerged as a full-fledged web development technology, all thanks to Ruby developers worldwide for their contribution, and donation of their valuable time.

Ruby on Rails Patterns – Decorator Vs. Presenter

Therefore if you are planning to hire Ruby on Rails developers to create engaging web experience for your business, you ought to seek technical competency of resources of specific Ruby On Rails Development Company. The framework of Rails is built on the principal of MVC (model-view-controller) at its core. We, programmers are blessed with a variety of data structures in this comprehensive Rails library including strings, numbers, date and time, arrays, hashes, files and directories.

All the highlights From Facebook’s #F8 2017 Day 1. Facebook’s annual programmer summit, #F8 2017 is up and running at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.Software developers from around the world have traveled to learn about the Facebook’s latest technology initiatives.

All the highlights From Facebook’s #F8 2017 Day 1

The conference has announced an augmented reality developer program, security, bots, group chat bots, building native games and virtual reality version of Facebook.But, that’s not at all. From the latest updates, we have got to know that Facebook has completely rewritten the React, its popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.The company hasn’t previously stated anything about the React Fiber, but the 10th annual conference seems like the right platform to talk and announce about. Kentico: An All-In-One Smart Integrated Marketing Solution. Web Farm & Windows Azure Cloud Support At present, static website are dinosaurs of the web.

Kentico: An All-In-One Smart Integrated Marketing Solution

As consumers and business people often come to the company’s website to get educated about the business and obviously a website garner the first impression. 55% of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on your website.So, a highly-available website is no longer an option, but it’s a critical business requirement. Since the inception Kentico has understood and supported web farm deployments. Kentico was the first CMS to have native support for deployment in Windows Azure. End-User Focus. Hire React Native Developers To Get Ahead Of User Experience. With its rise in popularity, there’s been quite a buzz about React Native.

Hire React Native Developers To Get Ahead Of User Experience

Being the most loved and trendiest open source community, this mobile application development framework has literally made possible to create effective and efficient mobile apps for both iOS and Android using JavaScript. That is why React Native is the future. To my surprise, when I interviewed for the iOS developer, the tech lead Dev Shan told me: working with this framework has provided me a platform that now onwards I might never write an iOS app in Swift or Objective-C again. What’s New in Angular 4.0.0 & What's next? Angular 4.0.0, the latest upgrade to the most loved and most used JavaScript framework for mobile and desktop development, was released by Google late Thursday afternoon, 23/03/2017.

What’s New in Angular 4.0.0 & What's next?

It’s a major release, Angular 4.0 follows the team’s announcement of Semantic Versioning and major improvements as well as functionalities to compatible for the previous versions with 2.x.x for the most Applications. As the team explained in December 2016 that it would be jumping from Angular 2 to Angular 4 (skipping version 3) so the routes and core Angular libraries would be versioned the same way. Angular University is very excited to share the release, as it includes some major improvements and functionality that we have been progressively working on for the past 3 months.

We’ve ethat it enables developers to run the framework on a server. New Improvements Made In Angular Version 4.0.0. • Smaller & Faster • View Engine. Hire ReactJS Developers To Build Kickass UIs And Interactive Web Apps. Yes, you have landed on the right page to leverage the knowledge about the trendiest JavaScript open source GUI library – ReactJS.

Hire ReactJS Developers To Build Kickass UIs And Interactive Web Apps

As speed of new technologies and tools have made their way easier like never before. Front end development is one of the significant part of web app development. Custome Food Delivery Application Development. Technically a person who loves to try his hands at the different foods is stated as a foodie.However, a foodie cannot be classified who just loves to dine in high-end restaurants. To me – off-the-cuff definition, a foodie is a skillful thereto, for whom eating is more than an act and regard all the facets of the dish like, preparation, texture, taste, smell, presentation and how it is being ordered.

Era of smart mobility has emerged a new category of foodie – smart foodie, who just loves to order food using a mobile app. Almost 45% of restaurants say online and mobile orderinghas increased the volume of their orders and 36% say they’ve improved their service as a result digital food ordering system.However, this influx of food orders has caused 23% of restaurant kitchens to be overloaded with orders. Digital Ordering Means Food At Your Fingertips And Delivered With Ease What Makes On-Demand Food Delivery App So Favorable? Accurate Taxi Dispatch Software Solution - Taxi Booking App Development. Hello All! Once again, it’s never too old in the world of technology. Every now and then in every single moment technology is making wonders.

The sorcerers who know well; how to spell the code they don’t miss a chance to make wonders out of it. How much does It cost to develop Taxi App like Uber? A simple idea of two youths “Single tap cab booking” has turned into million dollar idea and it has completely revolutionized the entire taxi booking industry.No one has ever expected that a smartphone application to request on demand cab service is going to change the scenario of the logistics industry.

Uber has witnessed the success, from a small startupthrough a big brand, expanding its wings and connecting different borders, languages and culture. At present,Uber is available in over 81 countries and 581 cities. The grand success of this on-demand taxi booking application is making college students with startup dreams to entrepreneurs – build their own piece of transportation app pie. Logistics Mobile Application Development Solutions- Case study. Meet Marc Logan, Marc Logan is a leading logistics provider who wanted to expand his business strength by developing a world-class system to track shipments at the point of collection. With its long involvement and in depth understanding of the logistics market, Marc wanted to develop a mobile application where his/her customers can book and track their shipments. On the other hand he also wanted a different app to manage various warehouse logistics activities.

So rather than creating two different apps, we suggested him to add different login panels like delivery management, warehouse management and real-time parcel tracking. So all the different activities of his Logistics business can be easily managed from single mobile application. Mobile App Solution For Mr. Considering Mr. Logistics Mobile App Execution. Developing a Shopping Cart Application with AngularJS, Top 7 Pros.

AngularJS is a powerful client side development technology that is best described as an open source framework, which targets the dynamic views in web applications to stay light and develop dynamic as well as highly scalable web applications. The Technology Stack Behind The Grandeur Success Of Uber. Being an ubernized, I declare Uber as the best product of the decade. 10 must know of Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App. 11 Top International Ruby on Rails Conferences and Events 2017. Clover: A perfect Solution for small business needs. Running a small business has never ever been so easy, as business managers and their owners face numbers of challenges and each of the individual business demands its own customizable advanced capabilities than ever.

Ruby on Rails 2016 Journey in Under 2 Minutes (Infographic) Know The Cost To Develop A Web Application Like Quora. Imagine a coffee hub. Develop a Mobile app (iOs / Android) with a Ruby on Rails Back-End. Internet and mobile have together bought transformation in this world – Like from completely offline world to always be connected. A Real-World need for C extension in the Ruby. Paper Trail Gem: Track changes to your models' data.

Why We Love React Native And You Should, Too! Why Large Scale Enterprise Applications Are Shifting To NodeJS. Angular2 Vs. React Vs. Polymer - Which is best for me? Top 5 Sites Built with Ruby on Rails – Bacancy Technology. How much money do I have to Spend to build project in Ruby on Rails? Are You Ready to Lose Your Mobile Search Ranking Result? Magento Information & Details - Bacancy Technology. Q2 Awards for Excellent Performance and Achievement by Bacancy Technology Members. Know About iOS 9, watchOS2, Apple’s App Analytics & New iPod Touch. 4 Exceptionally Trending PHP Frameworks of 2015, You Should Opt for Your Next Web Application. Is your App Indexed in Google Search Engine? Google, to become a subsidiary company under Alphabet with the new CEO Sundar Pichai.

Quick Preview about Marshmallow & Meet PrestaShop: Know the Advantage & Features of PrestaShop. Android Wear Now Made Alive for iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6+ Irresistible Advantages of Developing an App with AngularJS. iOS 9 is Out. Get the Complete List of What’s New in iOS9. 6 Simple Tips for SMBs/SMEs to Increase Search Engine Visibility & ROI. 6 Best Ruby On Rails Content Management Systems. 7 Highly Essential Productivity Tools for Everyone. Features to Look for Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform. Rails5: An Easy, Elegant and Fun Way to Build Web Applications. Let’s hookup with OnTime API and Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks. √ Single Web Page Application Using Angularjs is the Hottest Trend.

8 Awesome Tools To Keep Your Rails Code Clean and Organized. Clover Station: All in one Solution to Simplify your Business Performance. Hire Node.js developers to Build Awesome, Dynamic & Real-Time Experiences. Top 2016 International Ruby on Rails Conferences & Events. Cost to Build an Application using AngularJS Framework.

Spree Commerce is Necessary eCommerce Platform for Your Business. Rails 5.0.0.beta1: Let’s take a quick tour at new features and major changes. 7 Killer Web Designing Trends You Can Expect To See In 2016. Google Announcement: CSS Variables Support for Chrome. How Much Does it Cost to Build an Mobile App for Groceries. Upgrade Your Restaurant Business with Clover POS System. Ruby on Rails Usage Statistics and Market Share Analysis. All code Is not equal: Good code vs. Bad code. 6 World’s Best Ruby on Rails Projects. 11 Strong Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Web Development. Boost the bottom line of your eCommerce store by 30- 50%

Google’s Cloud Vision API take image classification and reorganization on a completely different level. FAQ: Why choose Spree commerce as your next eCommerce platform. All the Detailed Information About iPhone 5SE. Docker is all set to take us the next evolutionary phase of Continuous Delivery. Announcing Dedicated Offshore Development Center Services. First Quarter 2016 Award Ceremony To Felicitate Our Associates for Their Achievements. Why new shopping portals are using Ruby on Rails eCommerce. Beacon Helps Retailers To Improve Customer Shopping Experience. Hire Our Mobile App Developer To Experience The Movie Magic Into The Real World. ODOO ERP Implementation To Meet The Specific Needs Of Your Business. Scrum & Kanban: Two Ideal Frameworks For The Agile Software Development Process. Android N Upate: Detailed Overview Of All New, Features,Name & Release Date. Kentico: A Powerful Website Platform With The Strategic Marketing Capabilities.

AngularJS: Build Real Time Interactive Dashboard / App. The Value Of Innovative & Interactive Apps For Brand Marketing. AngularJS: For The Modern Front End.Net Development. Offshore Development Center Case Study: IT solutions. 6 Awesome Things You Can Do With Making Use Of Beacon. A Super Quick Highlights From Angular’s Ng-Conf 2016. Know the Cost Of Your Dream Mobile App Development. What Makes Node.Js Damn Exciting Web Applications Development. Things you should focus on before Developing your App By Bacancy Technology. Find Indian Angularjs Developer, Offshore Angularjs Development. Cost of Building an App like Airbnb for Hospitality Industry. Snapchat eCommerce: Shop While You Snap. Increase your Real Estate sell with Augmented Reality Specialist.

Apple’s Developer Conference 2016: A Super Quick Highlights of Everything announced at WWDC. Exception Notifier: Receive Free Emails For The Unhanded Rails Application. React VS Angular2: Comparing the incomparable. Why Choose MEAN Stack As Your Next Web Development Project? React “Javascript Library” : For Declarative, Effective & Flexible Front End User Experience. We Are Hiring IT Professionals For Our Pune Office. iOs 10 Beta 2 New Features : A Quick Look At 50+ New Features & Updates. Bacancy Technology Expands Footprint With The New Pune Office.

Hire Ruby On Rails Developers, Here’s How To Guideline. Hire Angular 2 Developer To Improve Your AngularJS Experience.