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Top 3 Data Recovery Tools for Windows. If you have experience situation where you lost your precious data due to some silly mistake or hardware or software issue, then data recovery tools can be a perfect match for you.

Top 3 Data Recovery Tools for Windows

These tools help you recover your lost data (of any type) from any device or system. These tools use advanced algorithms to provide you accurate and reliable results. Let's discuss some of these data recovery tools here. Advanced Disk Recovery: Advanced Disk Recovery is a state-of-the-art tool, designed to recover your lost data instantly and accurately. Using this tool, you can perform two type of scan i.e. Recuva: Use this tool to recover any file type from anywhere including hard drives, external drives, DVDs or CDs, thumb drives, memory cards and other devices.

Pandora Recovery: Using this tool, you can recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes. You can use these excellent data recovery tools for instant and accurate results. Top 15 Apps to Capture the Best Selfie Shot! 5 reasons your PC is running slow. – Sneha Capoor – Medium. When you get a new computer, you enjoy best productivity out of it.

5 reasons your PC is running slow. – Sneha Capoor – Medium

But by the time you notice that your computer is getting slow you cannot navigate through it as quickly as you could when it was new. What is the reason behind this? Is it the machinery inside which is getting slow or there is another reason? Let’s solve the mystery of a computer getting slow with the time. Here are some major factors which are responsible for making your computer slow. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 15 Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2017. What is the Registry and Why Do We Need to Clean the Registry? 10 Best Food Delivery Apps for iPhone and Android. 10 Fundamental Differences Between Linux and Windows - Social Positives.

Windows and Linux are two completely different operating systems where both offers a completely different user experience.

10 Fundamental Differences Between Linux and Windows - Social Positives

Where Windows contributes the largest market share and user-friendly platform, Linux has elevated itself from just “that open source operating system”. You can find numerous differences between both when it comes to user experience. Let’s discuss 10 fundamental difference between Linux and Windows in this article. Access to source code: Microsoft Windows is a series of graphical interface OS which is developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft. It does not offer public access to source code of the program. 10 Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for Mac in 2017. Manually hunting down duplicate files is, by all intents and purposes, an unrealizable assignment.

10 Best Duplicate File Finder Tools for Mac in 2017

By following standard methods to search duplicates, we can’t use anything beside iTunes to remove duplicate music. Be that as it may, but there’s nothing more annoying than searching duplicate files on your Mac. Be it photographs, audio files or documents there are many instances when mistakenly more than 2-3 copies of a single file are often saved on our Mac, consuming chunks of storage space. So, to relieve you from this overhead we have prepared a small list containing 10 best duplicate file finder for Mac to get rid of redundant data in a jiffy and restore disk space in no time. 1. Top 5 Methods to Reduce Noise in Photos. Noise in your images generate due to various reasons like high ISO settings, low light conditions, long exposure, poor camera quality etc.

Top 5 Methods to Reduce Noise in Photos

Let’s discuss few methods to reduce noise in your images. Digital noise in your image makes it look grainy and incomplete. This noise generates in your image due to various reasons like high ISO settings, long exposures, low light conditions, poor camera quality etc. About Systweak Software - What is Systweak. How To Remove Computer Virus Using CMD.

Virus is a type of malicious software program (“malware”), when executed, replicates by reproducing itself and infects other computer programs by modifying them.

How To Remove Computer Virus Using CMD

Virus can be transferred from one system to another. Some of the viruses are remain undetected even by your Antivirus and to deal with it, you have to use another method. Here, we have discussed how you can get rid of virus on your own. By using CMD(Command Prompt), you can detect and remove virus and safe the important data on your system as well. Command Prompt is a command line interpreter application available in most Windows OS. Before using Command Prompt, let us know some basic commands about the same. 15 Best VR Apps For Android 2017. Virtual Reality is the new shiny toy in town and it is very alluring due to its intoxicating features.

15 Best VR Apps For Android 2017

With half a dozen of VR headsets launched in the market, has established a concrete platform for VR to flourish. After taking a VR headset, the next step is to find the apps that could give you the best VR experience. To simplify your task, we have discussed some of the best VR apps you can find for Android. 1. Top 8 Free Windows Software. Top 5 Emergency Apps for Smartphones. Nowadays, people carry their smartphone everywhere and use it for calling, texting, taking pictures or ordering food etc.

Top 5 Emergency Apps for Smartphones

But have you ever thought, that your phone can also be useful in any emergency? Yeah, we’ve sure forgotten that smartphones could be a real life-saver in case of any dire situation we might face. An emergency is a set of circumstances that pose risk and threat to your life, heath, property and environment. Injury, heart attack, stroke, natural calamities, theft, fire, accident etc. could strike any time and we must always be prepared. There are numerous applications available on Google Play Store and App Store which will protect and guide you to deal with such situations. Top 11 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks that will Blow Your Mind – Systweak Software Blog. Microsoft has changed the experience of using Windows operating system with its Windows 10 version.

Top 11 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks that will Blow Your Mind – Systweak Software Blog

It has a range of new features and useful additions which have made the life of a common user easy. In the list of these new additions, there remain many useful functions which go unnoticed by many users. In this article, we can discuss some amazing tips and tricks of Windows 10 system. Create PDFs Easily: Converting your important files like documents, maps, and other content into PDF format can help you share it easily over email. How to Fix Heating Problem in Android - The AndroidPoint. Android devices are designed to perform numerous tasks seamlessly.

How to Fix Heating Problem in Android - The AndroidPoint

These tasks include making calls, texts, listening to music, watching videos and not to forget playing games. All these functions including heavy animations on your device cause lot of battery drain and overheating issue on your device. When your device starts overheating it gradually start diminishing performance of the device. To avoid such a situation, you can make some changes in device settings and follow some basic rules for better device performance. Let’s discuss few steps to fix the heating problem in Android device. 1. When you keep your device always on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network, it consumes a lot of system resources. Best Video Editor Apps for Android 2017 - Video Editing Android Apps. 11 Amazing Mac Tips and ricks – Systweak Software Blog.

If you are one of the Mac users, then there will be many tips and tricks about Mac which will interest you. Actually there is a lot to explore about the functions of Mac. In this article we will give you 11 amazing tips and about Mac which will help you to use your Mac more productively. Also Read: 5 Common Mac Problems & Fixes. How To Setup Outlook Email on Android App - TechBlogCorner® The outlook for Android is widely used the tool by Android users around the world. It gives you easy access to your various email accounts instantly.

It offers various safety and security features to keep your email account safe. It helps you organize your email account easily and efficiently. 10 Best Photo Scanners Apps For iPhone And Android in 2017. There was a time when you could only get hard copies of all the photos you clicked. Times have changed and how There are lots of advantages of digital photographs. You can keep them as it is forever, they can be accessed from anywhere and they do not take any physical space. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to scan these photographs of yours and then keep them with you forever. 10 Best VR Apps for iPhone 2017. Daydreaming has become a thing of past as the age of virtual reality has arrived! Now getting yourself into the exciting world of virtual reality is easier than you think. VR market has outgrown immensely, now you don’t need spend thousands of dollars to own a headset.

There are a lot of other options available online which are relatively cheaper that can allow you to give virtual reality a try. So, if you’ve got an awesome VR headset and own an iOS device then you’re unstoppable! You’ll find a bunch of VR movies, games and apps on Apple’s App Store, as well as plenty of 360-degree movies to stream on YouTube. Top 5 Fixes for Common Windows 10 Problems. Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Windows Laptop – Systweak Software Blog. Laptops are advanced then our desktops because they are portable devices we can take them anywhere we want. We can work on a laptop while travelling, while sitting in our garden and even when we are on our cozy bed. All this is only possible when we are having enough battery back up on our laptop. Without good battery backup our laptop looks useless because. Like a desktop it always requires a power supply. 14 Best Android Security Apps - Best Android Antivirus Apps 2017.

Ranging from common malware to advanced Phishing and Identify theft, Malware has surely become one of the biggest concerns in this age of tech! 5 reasons to use password managers – Systweak Software Blog. In the world of technology, we are surrounded by password protection everywhere. Top 5 Mac Problems & Solutions. 10 Best GPS Tracking Apps for your iPhone. Navigation has transformed in unconventional ways with time! Top Free Windows Software To Install Now. A new PC installation is a fresh opportunity to install some useful and effective software tools on it. As a compatible software works just fine with a new hardware, it becomes important to choose software right.

You can select software as per needs and compatibility with the hardware. 10 Best Video Calling Apps for Android. Other than talking, chatting and voice notes… your Android smartphone can do better. Top 10 Photography Apps on Android. 10 Best News Apps for Android 2017 - News Reader Apps for Android. Whether you’re a casual purveyor of daily happenings or a compulsive news addict, spending a little time knowing about the world affairs is never a harm. Our smartphones and tablets have surely changed the way we watch news now.

Not just they have given a halt to the monotonous couple fights for snatching the “TV remote” but they’re convenient and handy as well. How to Save Battery of Your Windows 10 Laptop - ABRITION. 5 Common Types of Computer Viruses to Watch Out For – Systweak Software Blog. 15 Best Free Movie Apps for Android. The Best 5 Antivirus Software for Windows – Systweak Software Blog. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 491 and 495. 7 Best Photography Apps for Android - Droidwhoop. 10 Best Disk Management Software for Windows 10/8/7/XP. 5 Key Things to Know Before You Buy a New Computer – Systweak Software Blog. How to Track Your Lost Android & iPhone. Top 5 Google Play Store Error Codes and Fixes – Systweak Software Blog. 10 Best Video Converter Software for Mac 2017. 7 Best Android Apps for Women Safety and Security.

How to Deal with Low Disk Space on Your Windows 10 PC - MustTech News. How to Increase Virtual Memory in Windows 7. Top 5 Tips to Increase Speed of Windows 8. 11 Best Voice Assistants for Android. Tips You Should Use to Increase Speed of Windows 10. 13 Best App Lock for Android in 2017. How to Fix Google Play Store Error 495. 11 Best Apple Watch Apps in 2017. How to control internet usage at home - limit bandwidth on wifi router. How to Keep Your Android Safe – Systweak Software Blog. How to Use Technology to Make Your Pictures Better. How to use the ‘Out of Office Assistant’ in Outlook. Top 5 Tips to Take a Perfect Picture from Your Android Mobile. How to Lock Your Mac When You Aren’t Around. Top 5 Online Backup Tools – Systweak Software Blog. Power Generation from Piezoelectric Crystals. Thedevline - Place of Inspiration. How to Secure your Android Devices with Pattern, PIN, or Password. Top 5 Mac Problems & Fixes. Everything You Need To Know. 15 Apps You Just Can’t Do Without on your Windows 10 Mobile.

Top 5 Tricks to Make Windows 10 Run faster – Windroidica. Can’t Transfer Android Files to Your Mac? Here’s the Fix. 5 Best Game Optimizer Software for Windows – Systweak Software Blog. Top 7 Photography Apps for Android - Advanced System Protector: Your Last Resort Against Malware. Improve Windows 10 Performance with These Tweaks. Best EXIF Data Editor for Mac: Photos Exif Editor. Top 17 Best Android Phone Tips & Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind. Emma Watson’s iCloud and McDonald’s Twitter Got Hacked. Are Your Accounts Safe?

Top 5 Tweaks that You Should Do to Improve Your Windows 10 Performance. Here’s how you can have Secret Conversations on FB Messenger. 8 Ways to Fix a Frozen Windows Desktop - WizyTechs Blog - Free Browsing, Gadget Reviews, Android Guide. A Complete Guide to Install Custom ROM on Android – Systweak Software Blog. Sony Plans to Let PC Owners Play PS4 Games Soon. Top 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Speed in Windows. Top 8 Data Recovery Software – Systweak Software Blog. Top 10 Android Apps That a Photographer Should have - OSTechNix. 9 Amazing YouTube Hacks You Never Knew Existed! Top 7 Tips to Make Your Mac Performance Better. Top 5 Tracking Apps in Android – Systweak Software Blog. Latest from Apple: iOS 10.3 beta 5 for iPhone and iPad. Keep Your PC Secure with Top 5 Internet Safety Tips – Systweak Software Blog. How to keep your files secret by hiding them on your PC. Facebook Launches 360 App – Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Top 11 Android Tips and Tricks – Systweak Software Blog. Will Windows 10 Put a Leash on their Automatic Updates? Top 5 Data Recovery Tools for Windows – Sneha Capoor – Medium. 15 Best Android Launcher Apps of 2017 - Fastest Android Launcher. Top 7 Windows Software to Make Windows Better by Sneha Capoor. How to Transfer iMessages to your new Mac. Advantages of Using a Registry Cleaner Software. 9 Best Apple Watch Games Worth your Attention. Advantages of Using a PC Cleaner Software. How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos and Videos from iPhone 5S, 6S, SE, 7. 10 Best Driver Updater Software for Windows 2017. Top 5 Android Problems and Solutions - Mobility Arena. 21 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps 2017.