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Galaxy S4 Mini – How Does It Fare Better than Rival Android Smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is one of the mid-range segment Android smartphones from the stable of Samsung Electronics, the Korean electronics giant that is one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world. In the mid-range segment, the phone holds up quite well against many of its competitors. Read on to know why and how this one fares better than many of the rival offerings.

When it comes to the measurements, the Mini has a lower weight of 0.23 pounds as opposed to rivals like iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920 and Blackberry Z10 which comes with weights of 0.24 pounds, 0.41 pounds and 0.23 pounds respectively. It measures a mere 4.90 X 2.41 inches which makes it smaller in size as compared to the same competitors. It also has a bigger display size of 4.3 inches, as compared to that of the iPhone 5 and the Blackberry Z10 which have 4-inch and 4.2-inch display size. Memory The S4 Mini has an in-built memory capacity of 8 GB, and its RAM size is of 1.5 GB. Camera Battery Features. Galaxy S Duos – What Makes It Better than Other Dual SIM Phones? Only a few years ago, there were only a handful of Dual SIM Android Phones to be found in the market. However, in a short time, these have become with customers due to the amazing specs that they come with as well as the convenience of having the powerful Android platform and the double SIM cards that they come with.

At present, all phone makers in the industry have their own Dual SIM phones at varied prices. A top electronic device manufacturer, Samsung the Korean giant, also has its own Dual SIM phones to offer to customers.The Samsung Galaxy S Duos is one of its main offerings in this segment. Design The design of this model is similar to that of the popular Samsung Galaxy S III. It has a smaller screen size, and you get actually a 4-inch capacitive display with a 480 x800 Pixels resolution. Processor The S Duos is fitted with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, which makes it more powerful than other competing Dual SIM phones that are equipped with a 1 GHz dual core processor, such as: The Top Samsung Smartphones 2015. Galaxy S5 Price – Is It Justified? by CARI BLYOR. By CARI BLYOR Reviwer The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a premium device from the house of Samsung Electronics, now also one of the largest smartphone makers in the world.

The phone has wowed buyers with its amazing looks,features and functionalities. The cost of this smartphone is in the range of Rs 23,000 – 30,000 across online stores. Cautious buyers are skeptical about the cost of the phone and are curious to know whether the pricing is justified? Display It has a big display that measures 5.1 inches and has a high resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels. Camera The standout features of the S5 are undoubtedly its high-resolution camera of 16 MP.

Features · One of the major highlights of the Samsung S5 is the fact that it is a waterproof device. . · The screen of the S5 also comes with Gorilla Glass protection, which can safeguard it against scratches and abrasions in case of rough usage or accidents. About CARI BLYOR Reviwer 0 connections, 0 recommendations, 8 honor points. Created on 2 hours ago. Comments. Galaxy S4 – How Is It Better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched sometime back and by now, many people have become proud owners of this smartphone. One of the most anticipated Android phones at one time; it is still enjoying good sales in the market. The phone has managed to win over customers with its powerful combination of technology and features. It has emerged as a better phone than the Galaxy S3 in various ways. Design & Color Although the S4 comes with basically the same design as the S3, it has a few tweaks that make it unique. Screen The Galaxy S4 also beats the S3 when it comes to the screen resolution. Camera The S3 came with an 8 MP camera whereas the Samsung S4 offers a 13 MP camera. Drama Shot, that blends burst shots into a single photo.Eraser Shot, that removes other people the photos and captures only the image of the person you wish to click.Cinema Photo, that leads to a static photo.Shot and Sound, which clicks a photo along with 9 seconds of audio accompanying it.

Processor. Samsung Galaxy Price Is Here With Some Beautiful Services. It is really very important for you to look for the right values, while checking on investing your money for smartphones. There are different companies, which are heading in this competition, but nothing can beat the importance of Samsung, when you are talking about best smartphone devices. If you are looking for the best name, within Samsung unit, you can always try and look for the galaxy option. Galaxy is a vast field, and the phones are divided under affordable and expensive option. Depending on the available features, the prices of these phones are likely to vary a lot.

Some basic spots to take There are some basic features, which you need to look for, while planning to choose the best galaxy smartphone from Samsung. . · For the first step, you need to check the size of your chosen phone’s screen. . · Apart from the screen size, you need to check the cover glass. Some other values for you · You are always asked to take a look at the camera features, for shooting some amazing pictures. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price In India Is Here To Help You With The Best Gadget.