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Binary Revolution Forum. Hack Canada. Rafay Hacking Articles. Port 7 Alliance. Zcrack. The Happy Hacker. Exploit Database. Hacking the Xbox. The Ethical Hacker Network.

Hack The World. Zone-H. DARKSIDE RG. Hacking Conference. Mac Hacking [dot] net. Hack In The Box. BackTrack Linux. 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. Hexxeh's Blog. HackQuest. Darknet. Insecure.Org. Phrack. Evilzone. Hack-World. Break the Security. iExploit.

Slave Hack. This is Legal. Hacker Spaces. Hacker Games Net. Hackerzvoice. Hacklabs. Go Hacking. Hacker Threads. Insecure. Hack PC Online. Hellbound Hackers. Secure Root. Happy Hacker. Root Secure Index. Hack This Site! InterN0T.

Chaos Computer Club. Hack a Day.