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Leen spullen van mensen in de buurt. Responsible supply chain management. Upcycling. Life Apps | The World of Apps | Reframing Rio : News & Events : tve. Around the developing world software programmers are now writing world class 'apps' (mobile phone applications) to make money and help the poor. In Brazil there are now more cellphones than people. In India, farmers in remote villages use apps to check farm prices. In Kenya, Ushahidi, a now famous app, helped track and prevent outbreaks of violence during the 2007 post-election troubles, while the iCow app is now helping to develop an organic beef market.

Other apps have been developed to allow people without bank accounts to pay bills, and enable doctors to diagnose illnesses and speedily prescribe drugs to treat them in previously inaccessible communities. Many of the world's most talented young computer programmers are now based in cities like Nairobi, Hyderabad, Rio de Janeiro or Windhoek. They live and work in 'cappuccino culture' hotspots, techie clusters -- where they gather to incubate new ideas with friends and colleagues.

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Waste-to-energy. Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs Out of Garbage. Preface: Among the many replies we received on this blog, one came from Story of Stuff’s Annie Leonard. She felt it was important that the other side of waste incineration be told, and guided The Pachamama Alliance to an organization – the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives – that is staunchly against waste incineration of any kind. For an alternate view on waste incineration, please check out their informational page here. The Pachamama Alliance would like to underscore to our readers that we seek to know multiple angles on environmental and social issues. Sweden Runs Out of Garbage Due to Sweden’s innovative waste-to-energy program and highly efficient recycling habits, the Scandinavian nation faces an interesting dilemma. Sweden’s waste management and recycling programs are second to none as only four percent of the nation’s waste ends up in landfills.

The Circle Of Energy Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future Taking a Stand Together Opening Photo by P.S.

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Shareconomy. Billboard transforms air into clean water in Peru (Video) © University of Engineering and Technology Lima At the intersection of research, education, water conservation and advertising comes this interesting project in Lima, Peru: it's a billboard that converts the region's moist air into drinking water. As a collaboration between Lima's University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) and the ad agency Mayo DraftFCB to encourage new student applications, the billboard has already produced 9450 litres of clean water for local communities in the last three months. Check out the video: According to the video, the project takes advantage of the fact that it rarely rains in Lima (it lies in a coastal desert region), yet the atmospheric humidity is also around 98 percent. It's a smart way to show off the school's engineering program, yet also gives back to communities that are sorely in need of clean water -- and gives billboards a more worthier role other than an advertising tool.

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Cradle to Cradle | Unfold pioneering sustainable communities. Brings the forest to your home... Willkommen Wir lieben den Wald. Wir lieben Design. Wir lieben Möglichkeiten. Die Natürlichkeit des Waldes fasziniert uns. Es gibt unendlich viel zu sehen, zu entdecken und am liebsten würden wir den Wald mit nach Hause nehmen. Inspiriert von dieser Idee haben wir ein einzigartiges Design entwickelt. Aus heimischer Buche schaffen wir in liebevoller Handarbeit erstklassige Möbel, die es möglich machen, den Wald mit "nach Hause" zu nehmen. Kommen Sie mit auf unseren Waldspaziergang und: Marfelieu bring´s the forest to your home! Marfelieu = französisches Design....deutsche Qualität !! Vertriebspartner gesucht! Clean Tech Media Award - Home // Deutschlands grüner Teppich. Clean Tech Media Award: Grüner Teppich für gute Ideen | Energie und Klimaschutz.

Judith Milberg. 10 Great Ways To Reuse Stuff You Might Otherwise Chuck Out. Earth Hour. Enertrag. Windkraftanlagen[Bearbeiten] Im Jahr 2012 hatte Enertrag mehr als 500 eigene Windenergieanlagen mit einer jährlichen Stromproduktion von mehr als 1,9 Mrd. kWh. Weltweit ist Enertrag durch die Konzerntochter Enertrag Service GmbH für die Betreuung und Überwachung von 1300 Windenergieanlagen zuständig. Bei der Stromdirektvermarktung nimmt Enertrag eine Pionierrolle ein. Enertrag vermarktet die Erträge von 178 Windenergieanlagen mit einer Nennleistung von mehr als 270 Megawatt direkt.

Im Jahr 2010 war Enertrag für den Betrieb von über 760 Megawatt verantwortlich, womit der Anteil der Stromdirektvermarktung bei rund 35,5 % lag. Hybridkraftwerk[Bearbeiten] Enertrag entwickelte und baute mit dem Kraftwerk Prenzlau in Brandenburg das weltweit erste Hybridkraftwerk, das Wasserstoff, Wind und Biogas zur Stromerzeugung kombiniert und damit rund um die Uhr Energie bereitstellen soll. Kraftwerk Prenzlau: Biogasanlage, Gastank und Windrad Weblinks[Bearbeiten] Einzelnachweise[Bearbeiten]