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Bitcoin for Undergrads, Wall Street’s Next Pump-and-Dump. The story was everywhere last week: MIT undergraduates will each receive $100 in Bitcoin when they arrive on campus next fall.

Bitcoin for Undergrads, Wall Street’s Next Pump-and-Dump

The gift comes thanks to an affluent donor and two precocious student entrepreneurs — one a sophomore computer science major, the other a first-year Sloan MBA student and president of the MIT Bitcoin Club. I exaggerate slightly when I say the story was everywhere. As far as I know, Foreign Affairs hasn’t yet picked it up. But the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, USA Today, Time, Vice, The Wire, Slate, the Guardian, the Independent, the Telegraph, the Christian Science Monitor, the Jewish Daily Forward, RT, public radio’s Marketplace, Reuters, and Bloomberg all did run with it, along with basically every tech blog (and there are way too many tech blogs). The coverage was predictably gee-whiz. . • Young computer prodigy: check. • Wise and wealthy mentor: check. • Elite university: check. • Faddish app-type thing: check.

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CoinMap. Fiatleak - watch the world's currencies flow into BTC in realtime. Bitcoin's Development Visualized (up to v0.9) BitLegal - Where is bitcoin legal? Bitcoin. Bitcoin: the fastest growing currency in the world - video. Bitcoin implodes, falls more than 90 percent from June peak. Bitcoin, the world's first peer-to-peer digital currency, fell below $3 on Monday.

Bitcoin implodes, falls more than 90 percent from June peak

That represents a 90 percent fall since the currency hit its peak in early June. Supporters argue that Bitcoin has fundamental advantages over conventional currencies. The system is designed to transfer funds without a central authority, freeing Bitcoin users from bank fees and government regulations. The Bitcoin protocol offers robust anonymity, and the protocol guarantees that there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins in existence, which supporters have argued would give the currency a stable value. Unfortunately, the currency's value hasn't proven stable in practice. Trading resumed in late June at around $17, and the currency's value has been steadily declining ever since. So is Bitcoin doomed? And that's Bitcoin's fundamental challenge: as far as we can tell, the volume of Bitcoin-denominated transactions is tiny.

And that's not surprising. There are also risks due to volatility. Campus in Beeld - Seizoen 3 - Afl. 13: Jouw/mijn: Studenten ruilen bijbaan. Apple Bumps Coinbase’s Bitcoin App From The App Store, Android App Lives On. Time to chalk another one up for cryptocurrency bitcoin’s reputation as a disruptor in the financial world?

Apple Bumps Coinbase’s Bitcoin App From The App Store, Android App Lives On

Today, news comes that Coinbase — the YC-incubated startup that offers a bitcoin buying and trading platform for consumers, and APIs to developers to integrate bitcoin payments into apps and websites — has had its iOS app pulled from the App Store by Apple, less than a month after it first appeared. It’s not clear why at this point: CEO and co-founder Brian Armstrong tells us that Coinbase is still trying to find out. “We’re not sure why it was taken down and we’ve reached out to Apple to request clarification,” he said. We have also reached out to Apple and will update this post with any response that we receive.

Coinbase also has an Android app, which is still live in Google Play. The news of the app’s disappearance was first reported by Bitcoin Blogger. There are some historical hints to why the app may have been taken down. "Mogelijk verband tussen Bitcoin en Silk Road" - NOS op 3. Zondag 24 nov 2013 BitcoinsAFP De Bitcoin is lang geassocieerd geweest met criminaliteit.

"Mogelijk verband tussen Bitcoin en Silk Road" - NOS op 3

Maar na het oprollen van Silk Road, de zwarte marktplaats waar alleen in Bitcoin gehandeld werd, bleef de waarde van de Bitcoin stijgen - waardoor een verband tussen de twee weer minder voor de hand lag. Maar nu denken twee Israëlische wetenschappers dat er mogelijk toch een relatie is tussen de twee. Om specifieker te zijn: tussen Silk Road-oprichter Ross William Ulbricht en Satoshi Nakamoto, de anonieme en mysterieuze oprichter van de virtuele munt.

Cypherpunks, Bitcoin & the Myth of Satoshi Nakamoto. Introduction As a movement, Cypherpunk is more nuanced, more serious and more focused than Cyberpunk.

Cypherpunks, Bitcoin & the Myth of Satoshi Nakamoto

Like all good punk movements, Cypherpunk is radical by design and fanatical in its end goal of disrupting the status-quo. If we couldn’t see Cypherpunk clearly before it was because books like Cryptonomicon were not as accessible as the pulpy and instantly attractive Neuromancer. Cypherpunk is concerned solely with hidden meaning, secrets and power that can be wielded out of sight from governments and spooks. It is embodied by discrete arrays of public/private key pairs. Cyberpunk by contrast was typified by Jaron Lanier’s clunky Virtual Reality: pixelated polygon aesthetics from the 1990s and William Gibson’s dystopian sprawl culture, but until now, we couldn’t really understand Cypherpunk’s issues as a culture, because we couldn’t imagine what Google would to do us or to our businesses. In literature, those who are lost to history are occasionally referred to as ‘ciphers’.