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Basic Astrological THEOLOGY and APPROACH

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ARACHNE THE SPIDER. ARACHNE THE SPIDERAstrological symbolThere is no accepted symbol for Arachne.


We use here the sign used by James Vogh. It is a circle enclosing a cross, the symbol used by astrologers to denote the earth. This is appropriate since the Earth would appear to be the ruling planet of Arachne. CharacteristicsAnyone born between 13 May and 9 June would be an Arachnean and have higher than average chance of having some physic abilities. Others who may also have psychic abilities would be those with other planets in the sign of Arachne, in particular Moon in Arachne and Arachne rising. AssociationsThe spider is linked throughout legend with women, weaving and the metaphorical web, tapestry or fabric of life.

What are physics abilities? Arachne is the sign of complex interrelations, networks, invisble communications and all connections that are not immediately evident. Some famous Arachneans Some speculations on planets in Arachne Moon in ArachneExtreme sensitivity to mood. Astrological Key to the Secret Doctrine. Astrological Key to the Secret Doctrine. Above and Below the Horizon. The simplest possible ‘house division’, is dual.

Above and Below the Horizon

One house above the horizon and one below. This requires little or no mathematics. If we were to judge such a chart we would consider the time of birth against the background of the basic duality of night and day, male and female. For a day birth the “1st” house or lower semicircle would be ruled by the Moon, would be female and nocturnal planets would benefit when placed there. Tools of Esoteric Astrology. Untitled Document. Numbers, Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues: Part IV. The Individual Numerals: Twelve. 12. Numbers, Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues, by W.

Numbers, Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues: Part IV. The Individual Numerals: Twelve. 12.

Wynn Westcott, [1911], at p. 102 THIS number has a perfect and notable character, and was highly esteemed by most nations of antiquity. AstroPhoebe Astrology. The zodiac circle is a matrix of creation, one of the shapes seminal to the evolution of form.

AstroPhoebe Astrology

It can be compared to the pattern of a rainbow that always manifests with the same seven colours in the same order. Experiencing Astrology. Simplified Scientific Astrology, by Max Heindel, HTML Page 1 of 4. By A Complete Textbook on the Art of Erecting a Horoscope With Philosophic Encyclopedic. Christopher Warnock on Astrology, Magic and the Occult - The Astrology Podcast. The 16th episode of the podcast features an interview with astrologer Christopher Warnock on the topic of astrology, magic, and the occult.

Christopher Warnock on Astrology, Magic and the Occult - The Astrology Podcast

Christopher is one of the leading practitioners of astrological magic in the world today, and he is well known for his work with talismans, publishing translations of magical texts such as the Picatrix, and promoting the practice of traditional astrology. You can find more information about his work at, as well as his discussion group Spiritus Mundi and Renaissance Astrology blog. Pluto : Astrological Key to the Secret Doctrine. How to Read Your Own Birth Chart – Astrology Lesson 10.

Zodiac Theories - Spiritual Findings. The Master Key to Astrology by Aleister Crowley. It has often been a source of bewilderment to the student that with such small variations in heaven, they should be so large on earth.

The Master Key to Astrology by Aleister Crowley

Everybody has just as many signs and planets as everybody else; yet one man is a nobody - in fact most men are little more - and another is more than half divine. No study of aspects as such can explain the fact. They work more or less when they are far from being exact; and on the theory of probabilities it would seem as if at least a third of the human race should be of noble calibre. As a fact, hardly one man in ten thousand leaves even a transient mark on his generation. How is this? Experiencing Astrology. Chart shapes. Chart shapes Before we consider the meanings of the individual houses, it is useful to stand back and look at the general shape of each birth chart, according to the distribution of the planets in the houses.

Chart shapes

At this stage we are looking for any kind of special emphasis - crowded areas of the chart will immediately tell us where the emphasis will lie. I would recommend Howard Sasportas' book, The Twelve Houses, in which he divides the houses into two, three, and four general realms of experience. [6] North-south hemispheres. Numbers, Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues: Part IV. The Individual Numerals: Twelve. 12. Tools of Esoteric Astrology. Patrick Mulcahy The Three Divine Currents My understanding (at this time) is that the evolutionary movement of collective Humanity is, symbolically speaking, anti-clockwise around the circle of the Tropical zodiac - from Aries to Pisces.

Tools of Esoteric Astrology

(See the article: Seed-Tree-Fruit.) This movement is given its momentum by the influence of two fundamental creative-evolutionary forces described by the divine name IHVH ALHIM (Yehovah Elohim). Articles. The Lens of Astrology / Part 2. The Lens of Astrology / Part 1. Liz Greene and I met in London on August 14, 2001, to discuss her work in astrology - and her attitudes toward it.

The Lens of Astrology / Part 1

In Part One of this interview (which appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, Dec. 2001/Jan. 2002), we talked about Liz's thoughts on the current Saturn-Pluto opposition. In Part Two, we cover her background in astrology and her conclusions concerning its nature and practice. The original article appeared in the American astrological magazine "The Mountain Astrologer" (Feb/Mar 2002). The edition is still available on their website Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Nick Campion: Liz, a fairly crucial question to start: How exactly did you get into astrology? Liz Greene: It was probably more sudden than gradual. Nick Campion: You must have been in your early twenties.

Liz Greene: I was nineteen. Nick Campion: And what were you studying at university? Liz Greene: Psychology. Nick Campion: Was that your major long-term interest? The Twelfth House, Four Leaf Clovers and The New Backlash. I was at a party the other day.

The Twelfth House, Four Leaf Clovers and The New Backlash

Not a good party, where everyone takes their shoes off and hangs out in the kitchen. One of those where you have to balance a cocktail and a couple of greasy things on a napkin while shaking hands and introducing yourself to people who talk about a lot of things you aren’t very interested in. The inevitable question comes up: What do you do? I said I was a producer, which is true, but…I said I used to be an executive in British television, also true, but…I said I was a writer. Asked what I write about, I said I sold a screenplay and am working on an historical novel, which is true, but…not once during the night did I mention that I was an astrologer. When I got home, I wondered why I kept silent. I think recent times have finally had impact on astrology itself. We’ve had a good ride recently, astrologers. But as astrologers, do we really base our work on belief? Basically, religion is about realignment with something greater than ourselves.

HEMISPHERES & QUADRANTS? Obviously have your natal chart in front of you preferably from Planets above the equator line = Objective Outward looking Will not want to talk and relate in great depth about themselves. Thus having a greater sense of social participation than one with an emphasised lower hemisphere. This person often functions better on the ONE TO MANY level. On the negative side, this individual can become too detached or removed from themselves to effectively deal with their inner needs, or even one to one relationship level. Could find this most uncomfortable and unnerving; having to relate on a deep and meaningful intercourse.

Planets below the equator line = Subjective Inward looking Will want to talk about themselves quite a lot or even exclusively. SignsOfZodiac. Through the correlation of the Tarot Keys to the Twelve signs of the Zodiac, we can gain valuable insight into both the esoteric meaning of these Zodiacal signs, and into the Hero's Journey. The Twelve stages of the Hero's Journey can be correlated to these Twelve signs and Keys. (insert diagram here) Ordinary World. Platonic.

Gnosis - Spiritual Knowledge The Healing Touch The Merkaba, Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry Platonic Solids and Plato's Theory of Everything Sacred Geometry Discovery Sacred Science of The Metatron Cube Sacred Geometry and Other Stuff The Sacred Solids. How to Evaluate and Solve Emotional Problems by Dane Rudhyar. Serena's Guide to Horary Astrology.

Twelve Nidānas. Semiosis. Introduction to theory[edit] Discussion[edit] As Above So Below Part 1. The Discovery of Chiron - Advanced Notes for Astrology Students. Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology. Biblical Insights into Astrology — Divine Inspiration Astrology with Kelly Lee Phipps. How December 25 Became Christmas. Dragon Precession - DRAGON Labyrinth 2012. Does Astrology work? The Testimonial of a Scientist. Understanding Astrology. Can astrology tests help me? Can astrology tests help me?

Yes, because you don’t want to lose any chance to see how astrology works in practice, in well determined situations, in real life. The Problem of Death. ASTROLOGERS have often been reproached with their comparatively frequent failures to predict the time of death. The usefulness of astrology. What Astrology Can Do For You. Astrotheology. Astrotheology. Astrology: The Manifesto 3/4 by Patrice Guinard. The Great Year. The Age of Aquarius (The Aquarian age) Aeon (Thelema) Twelve Nidānas. How to Generate Your Western Astrology Chart.