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Mapping History

Mapping History

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection | The Collection Animated Historical Maps The first Christian communities (1st century) This map is part of a series of 17 animated maps showing History of Christianity. 4 are currently available online Independence for India and Pakistan Clement Attlee, the Labour Prime Minister who replaced Winston Churchill in July 1945, soon realised that independence for India was inevitable, but disagreements among the Indian politicians made the negotiations very difficult. This map is part of a series of 14 animated maps showing Decolonization after 1945 The circumference of the Earth and the Route towards the West In the 3rd century BCE, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth with remarkable precision. In later centuries, other Greek geographers, including the most famous of them all Ptolemy, suggested a much lower figure for the circumference for our planet. This under-estimation was adopted by 15th century map-makers. This map is part of a series of 16 animated maps showing The Age of Discovery (Part I) Europe Plunges into War

Knowledge Quest 2013 - Globalmania Master World Geography in 7 Months or Less Looking for an Easy and Effective way for your students to learn world geography? Look no further... In an effort to rid the world of geographaphobia, we are pleased to offer our very popular ebook titled GLOBALMANIA: Master World Geography in 7 Months or Less - retail value $14.95 - free of charge. We hope that you take us up on our challenge and enjoy your learning moments together. Grade Level: 3-12 grades To speed up download times, we've broken the Globalmania ebook into two parts for easier download. For best results, especially with the continent maps, use Adobe Reader to open, view and print files. Globalmania - Part I Globalmania- Part II

Essential Web Resources - Interactive Geography Games and Maps Interactive Geography Games and Maps Google Maps Of course this site would have to be at the top of the list! Google maps can be used in any curriculum area, with any grade level. Be sure to create a Google account so that you can create your own maps that you can embed on your web site. PlaceSpotting On this site you can create geographic puzzles for your students to solve. Placefy This site doesn't allow you to create puzzles yourself, but the Placefy game is engaging, and is more of a challenger that it looks at first. National Geographic Kids - Geography Games Not a site where you create games, but it has a dozen or so different engaging games for elementary students. GeoNet THis is a geography quiz game that offers students more than just the state or country identification questions typical of most geography quizzes.