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Tidmarsh Living Observatory. This Fungus Eats Plastic – and It Could Save the Planet. Solve for X. Discussões [sobre os universos] digitais, por Silvio Meira. Um post de fim de ano, com 15 parágrafos, cada um representando uma das 15 tendências que já eram evidentes em 2015 [e antes…] e que podem se consolidar em 2016 e depois, com impactos importantes e relevantes para as pessoas, instituições, organizações, economia e sociedade. falta muita coisa aí, em especial mercados em rede, que não é mais uma tendência, mas uma certeza, e sobre os quais eu estou precisando escrever há um bom tempo. como o que eu tenho a dizer sobre eles era muito mais longo do que um parágrafo, fica pro primeiro post do ano que vem. por enquanto… lá vão as 15 pra 16..

discussões [sobre os universos] digitais, por Silvio Meira

On the exponential curve: inside Singularity University. David Rowan Editor of Wired magazine This article was taken from the May 2013 issue of Wired magazine.

On the exponential curve: inside Singularity University

Materiais compósitos na aviação. Responsible development of new technologies critical in complex, connected world. On July 31, 2012, a massive blackout swept across northeast India.

Responsible development of new technologies critical in complex, connected world

New ultrastiff, ultralight material developed. What’s the difference between the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument?

New ultrastiff, ultralight material developed

Both structures soar to impressive heights, and each was the world’s tallest building when completed. But the Washington Monument is a massive stone structure, while the Eiffel Tower achieves similar strength using a lattice of steel beams and struts that is mostly open air, gaining its strength from the geometric arrangement of those elements. Now engineers at MIT and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have devised a way to translate that airy, yet remarkably strong, structure down to the microscale — designing a system that could be fabricated from a variety of materials, such as metals or polymers, and that may set new records for stiffness for a given weight. The design is based on the use of microlattices with nanoscale features, combining great stiffness and strength with ultralow density, the authors say. A pleasant surprise MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering.

07. US company to beam free wi-fi to entire world from space. “The idea is to offer free Internet access to all people, regardless of location, bypassing filtering or other means of censorship.”

US company to beam free wi-fi to entire world from space

Source: IBN Live Washington: A US company is planning to build an ‘Outernet – a global network of cube satellites broadcasting Internet data to all the people on the planet – for free. The idea is to offer free Internet access to all people, regardless of location, bypassing filtering or other means of censorship, according to the New York based non-profit organisation, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF). MDIF proposes that hundreds of cube satellites be built and launched to create a constellation of sorts in the sky, allowing anyone with a phone or computer to access Internet data sent to the satellites by several hundred ground stations.

8 eletrônicos que podem transformar nossas vidas em breve. IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X – These Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet. A team at IBM recently developed what they call a High Concentration Photo Voltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system that is capable of concentrating the power of 2,000 suns, they are even claiming to be able to concentrate energy safely up to 5,000X, that’s huge.

IBM Solar Collector Magnifies Sun By 2000X – These Could Provide Power To The Entire Planet

The process of trapping the sunlight produces water that can be used to produce filtered drinkable water, or used for other things like air conditioning etc. Scientists envision that the HCPVT system could provide sustainable energy and fresh water to communities all around the world. Mundo Gump Cacilda! Fizeram o moto-perpétuo! - Mundo Gump. Calma.

Mundo Gump Cacilda! Fizeram o moto-perpétuo! - Mundo Gump

Quando eu começo um post falando a palavra moto-perpétuo metade dos leitores “pé no chão” arrancam seus cabelos e já preparam o dedo para por em riste na minha cara dizendo que isso é impossível. Our Technical Reality Full. Phonebloks, uma ideia revolucionária para smartphones. Hoje nossos smartphones – e eletrônicos em geral – têm um ciclo de vida relativamente curto.

Phonebloks, uma ideia revolucionária para smartphones

Muitos usuários trocam de celular em mais ou menos um ano, isso quando não são descartados antes por uma única peça defeituosa. Ônibus elétricos sem fios começam a rodar na Coreia. Um comboio de levitação magnética para andar a 600 quilómetros por hora. A operadora ferroviária nipónica Central Japan Railway anunciou o seu projecto de construção de um comboio de levitação magnética capaz de atingir os 600 quilómetros por hora e quer ter o novo transporte operacional em 2027.

Um comboio de levitação magnética para andar a 600 quilómetros por hora

A empresa, que já tinha começado os testes com os novos modelos de comboios de alta velocidade, conhecidos como “Maglev”, levitação magnética, vai começar a construção da nova linha de super alta velocidade que terá seis estações já em 2014. Na Austrália, ônibus movido a energia solar tem ar condicionado, wi-fi e não cobra tarifa. Jonathan Trent: Energia produzida em caixas flutuantes de algas. 10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going To Be Mind-Blowing. Leading the transition to a resilient world. There's No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy, growth & the future) Sealed bottle garden planted by UK man David Latimer still thriving after 40 yrs - What's On Shenzhen. Ambiente - Planeta esgota hoje sua cota natural de recursos para 2013 - 20/08.

20/08/2013 - 03h21. The Law of Accelerating Returns. An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense “intuitive linear” view.

The Law of Accelerating Returns

So we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century — it will be more like 20,000 years of progress (at today’s rate). The “returns,” such as chip speed and cost-effectiveness, also increase exponentially. There’s even exponential growth in the rate of exponential growth. Within a few decades, machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence, leading to The Singularity — technological change so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history. The implications include the merger of biological and nonbiological intelligence, immortal software-based humans, and ultra-high levels of intelligence that expand outward in the universe at the speed of light. The Greenhouse of The Future? The Earthship Greenhouse! An Earthship is a remarkable housing innovation that creates a completely off-grid and full-featured sustainable home.

Utilizing passive solar as its main source of energy, earthships also collect and treat their own water, keeps the climate warm and cool when necessary, and has the ability to grow enough food for a small family. Earthships can be built in any climate and overall the design has been becoming very popular as of late. Especially since they use a great deal of recycled materials making the cost of construction quite cheap. Interviews & Films. Home - Ellen MacArthur Foundation. iVisionnaire. The Savory Institute: Healing the World’s Grasslands, Rangelands and Savannas. 9inShare Share This is the first of a two-part interview with Allan Savory, President and Co-Founder of The Savory Institute, an organization based in Zimbabwe that works with farmers, pastoralists, and ranchers to restore degraded lands through holistic management practices.

Savory is a winner of the 2010 Buckminster Fuller Challenge, which awards recipients for innovative thinking to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Livestock production, particularly cattle, has been blamed in recent years for environmental degradation on both the local and global scales. Community Center Earthship: Flower Prototype - Malawi by Michael Reynolds. Through our technological advancements we have created a better world for many. Because of this we sometimes overlook the simple things that bless our every day lives: Running waterElectricityShelterAn abundance of food With these basic fundamentals unconditionally present in the Western world, we have eliminated the need to think about basic survival. To create this freedom for others, we asked this question: Earthship Biotecture presents a unique solution to this question.

Earthships are 100% off-the-grid structures that use modern engineering to work with the natural processes of the planet to provide automated generation of food, water and energy, all at zero cost to its inhabitants. - Exploration Architecture. Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid. Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as HHO fuel. Jinha Lee: Reach into the computer and grab a pixel.

Collaboration vs Competition. When one looks to nature, we see that competition is everywhere. Organisms must constantly compete with each other for the resources and mates necessary to ensure that their genes are passed on. Human Behaviour. A common objection to the idea of a Resource Based Economy (RBE) is the assertion that something called 'human nature' would prevent humans from being able to form a peaceful, functioning society. This is because it is supposedly in the 'nature' of humans to be violent, greedy, selfish, and lazy. It is thought that without money, humans would have no motivation to work or contribute meaningfully to society. Furthermore, it is thought that without laws, prisons, or other forms of punishment, we would not be able to cooperate with each other and society would be reduced to animalistic chaos and violence.

However, a true understanding of the mechanism of human behaviour shows that the assertion of 'human nature' is a scientific fallacy. In order to understand human nature, we must first understand some basic concepts in genetics. Genotype + Environment = Phenotype Genotype refers to the specific set of genes an individual has inherited. Waking Up forest scene.

3D Printing Projeto Ecopolo - O que são os Ecopolos ? Os Ecopolos são conceitos que pretendem ampliar o potencial do modelo das comunidades rurais, condomínios ou ecovilas. The Third Industrial Revolution. Espanhol é ameaçado de morte por inventar lâmpada que dura 100 anos.