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Breaking: Joe Biden's 152 Billion Dollar Benghazi Cover-up (Scandal) Allen Harrow Parrot, (CIA whistleblower) tells Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in Benghazi) that Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton sent Iran 152 Billion Dollars to coverup the deaths of Seal Team 6.

Breaking: Joe Biden's 152 Billion Dollar Benghazi Cover-up (Scandal)

This is the tail of blackmail and extortion at the highest level involving Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. UPDATE 10/13/20: Benghazi whistleblower Nick Noe turns over evidence of Benghazi cover-up to congress. UPDATE 10/14/20: Alan Howell Parrot releases audio tapes and physical evidence to corroborate his story of the Benghazi scandal. Please Share: Google is suppressing this article. As of 10/14 it was removed from Google News and all traffic from Google’s search engine has ceased. Charles Woods talks about how Barack Obama and Joe Biden lied about his sons (Tyrone Woods) death in Benghazi. Susan Rice lies for Obama, Biden administration regarding the Benghazi attack. Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations. Julian Assange trial: the mask of Empire has fallen.

By Pepe Escobar with permission from the author and first posted at Asia Times The concept of “History in the making” has been pushed to extremes when it comes to the extraordinary public service being performed by historian, former UK diplomat and human rights activist Craig Murray.

Julian Assange trial: the mask of Empire has fallen

Murray – literally, and on a global level – is now positioned as our man in the public gallery, as he painstakingly documents in vivid detail what could be defined as the trial of the century as far as the practice of journalism is concerned: the kangaroo court judging Julian Assange in Old Bailey, London. Let’s focus on three of Murray’s reports this week – with an emphasis on two intertwined themes: what the US is really prosecuting, and how Western corporate media is ignoring the court proceedings.

Here, Murray reports the exact moment when the mask of Empire fell, not with a bang, but a whimper: “All journalists” means every legitimate journalist, from every nationality, operating in any jurisdiction. Documents from the U.S. Espionage Den : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. This article was first published by GR in November 2009. Despite a treasure-trove of new information having emerged over the last forty-six years, there are many people who still think who killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and why are unanswerable questions.

There are others who cling to the Lee Harvey Oswald “lone-nut” explanation proffered by the Warren Commission. Both groups agree, however, that whatever the truth, it has no contemporary relevance but is old-hat, history, stuff for conspiracy-obsessed people with nothing better to do. The general thinking is that the assassination occurred almost a half-century ago, so let’s move on. ClandesTime 117 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The 9/11 Intelligence ‘Failure’ – Spy Culture. In the five years running up to 9/11 the NSA were monitoring Osama Bin Laden’s satellite phone and Al Qaeda’s communication hub, and the CIA were closely following their key operatives, including to the so-called ‘9/11 summit’ in Malaysia.

ClandesTime 117 – An Alternative History of Al Qaeda: The 9/11 Intelligence ‘Failure’ – Spy Culture

So why didn’t they prevent the attacks? This week we look at the ‘failure’ of the NSA, CIA and FBI to share important information and ask whether these intelligence failures were the result of deliberate decisions on the part of those responsible for preventing terrorist attacks. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed. RAY McGOVERN: What if Ignored Covid-19 Warnings Had Been Leaked to WikiLeaks? U.S. Army Officers - 'Mossad May Blame Arabs' Confessions Of A 911 Hitman. Hypersonic Missiles Are a Game Changer. The biggest threat from hypersonics is that they come at a time when the world’s arm control treaties are falling apart.

Hypersonic Missiles Are a Game Changer

We need a multilateral agreement to limit hypersonic arsenals and their use, but unfortunately, the United States, which would have to take the lead in orchestrating the negotiation of such an agreement, is uninterested in any deals that might tie its hands. President Trump, who declared that trade wars are easy to win, has also welcomed an arms race on the grounds that the United States would beat all comers. Congress has only rarely approved arms control treaties — and with the Senate in Republican hands, it seems scarcely likely that an agreement limiting hypersonic weapons would find favor. It’s All About Jews. Some may remember that in 2005 a major media controversy engulfed Harvard President Larry Summers over his remarks at an academic conference.

It’s All About Jews

Casually speaking off-the-record at the private gathering, Summers had gingerly raised the hypothetical possibility that on average men might be a bit better at mathematics than women, perhaps partially explaining the far larger number of males holding faculty positions in the math, science, and engineering departments. These controversial speculations were soon leaked to the press, and an enormous firestorm of protest erupted, with MIT professor Nancy Hopkins claiming that merely hearing Summers’ words at the event had left her physically ill, forcing her to quickly exit the room lest she suffer a blackout and collapse. The true story for those who followed it was actually quite a bit more complex.

Now I am hardly someone willing to defend Summers from a whole host of very serious and legitimate charges. INTERNATIONAL AVERAGE, 94.4% male Revilo P. Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad-Timeline, by Marco de Wit. The following timeline is a work in progress.

Epstein Pedoscandal Mossad-Timeline, by Marco de Wit

All additions listed below have been integrated into the timeline; however those additions are noted here so those who read the material earlier are aware of revisions to the timeline. The author expects 1-2 additions to the timeline per week. 8 September 2019 10 September 2019 12 September 2019. "The Necessity of Anti-Semitism", by Andrew Joyce. “There has always been an abyss between Europeans and Semites, since the time when Tacitus complained about the odium generis humani.”

"The Necessity of Anti-Semitism", by Andrew Joyce

Heinrich von Treitschke, Ein Wort über unser Judenthum, 1879. In the meandering speech that followed, Raphael explored the putative contents of this imaginary book, suggesting its potential arguments, and what they might say about the author and about European culture. Confirming the opinions of everyone present, Raphael offered the assurance that although this ghostly and ghastly book did not exist, such a haunting product would not be out of place on a continent where anti-Semitism is “a constant and essential working part of Europe’s somber and unreformed logic.”

For Raphael and his smug audience, “The Necessity of Anti-Semitism” lay only in its utility in salving the pathological European mind. Anti-Semitism was in fact extremely illogical and, in a moral sense, completely unnecessary. The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton Relationship. On August 10th, and for several days after, speculation swirled after it was announced that Jeffrey Epstein had been found dead in his cell.

The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton Relationship

His cause of death has officially been ruled suicide by hanging. Epstein, the billionaire pedophile and sex trafficker with a myriad of connections to the rich and powerful in the United States and several other countries, had told those close to him that he had feared for his life prior to his sudden “suicide,” the Washington Post reported, while his defense lawyers claimed that he had planned to cooperate with federal authorities. In this four-part series, “The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail,” MintPress has revealed that Epstein’s activities — a sexual blackmail operation involving minors and connected to intelligence agencies — was one of many such operations that have taken place for decades, developing from the nexus forged between the CIA, organized crime and Israeli intelligence shortly after World War II.

JFK secret service stand down. THE MURDER OF GENERAL PATTON. 12 Apr, 2012.


Dmitry Orlov on Patreon. 'Loose Change' An analysis, by Michael B. Green. Copyright Michael B.

'Loose Change' An analysis, by Michael B. Green

Green, August 3, 2005 by Michael B. Green My views on 911 are as dark and conspiratorial as most. “The Assassination of JFK, Jr. A Review by Michael Green Version 1 October 21, 2006 Summary of Evidence: John F. Kennedy, Jr. checked in with the FAA Tower at Martha’s Vineyard at 9:39 p.m. on July 16, 1999. This check-in activates two alarm systems: one if the plane thereafter descends below 100’ outside the landing area, another if the plane fails to land within five minutes. Each alert should trigger an alarm and a search, but no focused search was begun for 15+ hours. The Murder Of JFK Jr - Ten Years Later.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case. Despite his “sweetheart” deal and having seemingly evaded justice, billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was arrested earlier this month on federal charges for sex trafficking minors. Epstein’s arrest has again brought increased media attention to many of his famous friends, the current president among them. Many questions have since been asked about how much Epstein’s famous friends knew of his activities and exactly what Epstein was up to. Here’s a breakdown of the worldwide, Zionist-controlled, Pedogate control mechanism. American Empire Exposed Whereas the painful lesson from the Franklin scandal graphically demonstrates how pedophiles at the top can bury their most heinous crimes from any real consequence, the Jeffrey Epstein story reveals how agents from a foreign government can hijack and control the US government.

What will be presented here is the anatomy of a sexual blackmail operation orchestrated by Israel’s Mossad as a means of gaining and maintaining control over America’s foreign policy and top leaders so that the US Empire ultimately fights Israel’s wars for the Greater Israel Project. [i] Through AIPAC bribery and Mossad blackmail, virtually every US politician in Congress including the president is and has been a puppet of the Zionist Jewish State. [ii] The evil international cabal made up of Zionists and various Illuminati elements including the Vatican, all worship the same anti-God Lucifer, and have been misusing and abusing our children as blackmail bait for centuries. Mahatir Opens A Ukraine Political Pandora’s Box. Mahatir Opens A Ukraine Political Pandora’s Box By F. William Engdahl9 June 2019 Image License: Creative Commons Public Domain & Clinton body count - Conservapedia.

Venezuela, Iran : Trump et l'État profond, par Thierry Meyssan. La nouvelle donne de la Maison-Blanche et du Pentagone Les élections parlementaires du 6 novembre 2018 ont privé le président Trump de sa majorité à la Chambre des représentants. John Lear: False Flag Fake News Boeing Remote Hijack, Not Anti-Stall, and Zionists, are the Cause, Not a “Mistake” of the Murders of All Aboard Lion Air and Ethiopian Airways. This post was originally published on this site. Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?, by Laurent Guyénot. The Global Intelligence Files - [Analytical & Intelligence Comments] Mossad ran 9/11 Arab "hijacker" terrorist operation. On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The terrible forthcoming destruction of the « Caribbean Basin », by Thierry Meyssan. Maggie Mitchell Salem.

FDR and Pearl Harbor: The Primer for the Zionist Assault on the American Republic and the Nation of Iran. Mime attachment. How the CIA made Google – INSURGE intelligence. Julian Assange - Google Is Not What It Seems. "The Secret Team, The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World" STacknowl. STauthorsN. STpreface72. STpreface92. STpreface97. STindex. STbiblio. STappendix3. STappendix2. STappendix1. STchp23. STchp22. STchp21. STchp20. STchp19. STchp18. STchp17. STchp16. STchp15. STchp14. STchp13. STchp12. STchp11. STchp10. STchp9. STchp8. STchp7. STchp6. STchp5. STchp4. STchp3iii. STchp3ii. STchp3i. STchp2. STchp1. Why Are Countries So Terrified Of Israel? Fukureport1b. Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage – American Free Press.

Revelations on Rafik Hariri's assassination, by Thierry Meyssan. Counter-coup in Saudi Arabia played out in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 at the Mandalay Bay. Bread Crumbs - Q Clearance Patriot. View topic - Proof that Adolf Hitler was a double agent. Bell's Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox. BARCELONA: The HYPOCRISY of SORROW. You CAN’T Understand ISIS IF You DON’T KNOW History of Wahhabism in S. Arabia. SILENT WEAPONS for QUIET WARS. Putin’s Passport Proves He Is A Member Of The Tribe. Revelations from a former international financier: "I was training to become a psychopath, and I failed" MACRON CIBLE PAR LA CIA? – networkpointzero. The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies.

Why Google made the NSA – INSURGE intelligence – Medium. How the CIA made Google – INSURGE intelligence – Medium. The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency. The Daily Westerner News Network. The Deep State, Trump, and JFK - Americans for a Free Republic. Histoire des services secrets israéliens en Algérie. Nicolas Sarkozy : Espion « américain » placé à la présidence par la CIA.