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Books for Keeps No 224 May 2017. No.224 the children’s book magazine online May 2017 Authorgraph interview: Elizabeth Wein Steve Lenton Siobhan Dowd’s legacy Awards: CKG and the CLiPPA

Books for Keeps No 224 May 2017

Reading for pleasure falls after primary school years. Image copyright Getty Images Only one-third of teenage boys in the UK say they enjoy reading, a study by the National Literacy Trust suggests.

Reading for pleasure falls after primary school years

The Trust found a significant drop in boys' reading enjoyment between the ages of eight and 16 - from 72% at ages eight-to-11 to 36% at ages 14-16. Girls' pleasure in picking up a book also dropped off in the teenage years, though not quite as markedly. At ages eight-to-11, 83% of girls said they enjoyed reading, but this dropped back to 53% at ages 14-16. Director of the NLT Jonathan Douglas said: "Young people's love of reading steadily declines from the day they leave primary school to the day they leave secondary school - particularly when it comes to boys. Hello, we’re Oxford University Press. Oxford is a leading educational publisher, producing books and digital resources for UK and international schools and colleges.

Hello, we’re Oxford University Press

We publish a wide range of curriculum-based school and home learning resources for Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education. You can find out more about them here. The Wellington English 100 1994bs5. Y9 reading and preparation for the19th century novel. Ms Gutulan, Head of English has just found a really useful blog post on The English and Media Centre entitled: Preparing students for the 19th century novel – what to do at KS3?

Y9 reading and preparation for the19th century novel

Written by Kate Oliver it suggests ways of preparing Y9 students for the 19th Century novel aspect of GCSE. Books for Keeps No 224 May 2017. No.224.

Books for Keeps No 224 May 2017

Book Award Winners. Twitter. 19 Teen Books That Deal with Mental Health. Nature non-fiction booklist booklist. New reading lists! Check out these great books about #mentalhealth and #wellbeing from the library now ☀️ Books for Keeps No 223 March 2017. A Hunger for Dystopia: Critical Thinking on the Journey to Self-Discovery. I was in high school in the mid '90s when I first read George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.

A Hunger for Dystopia: Critical Thinking on the Journey to Self-Discovery

It lifted the veil of my childhood innocence, opening my eyes to the injustices of the adult world. Once I finished the chilling, final sentence of the novel, there was no going back to my naive self. New dystopian books are dominating the bestseller list. The Hunger Games trilogy has spent more than 260 consecutive weeks (more than five consecutive years to date) on The New York Times Best Seller list and has more than 65 million copies in print. For teachers and librarians — Worldquake – Dragon's Green by Scarlett Thomas. Books for Keeps No 223 March 2017. R60818. Science and Fiction: A guest post from author Christopher Edge. Children are natural-born scientists, brimming with questions and an insatiable urge to find out more about the strange and wonderful universe around them.

Science and Fiction: A guest post from author Christopher Edge

I’ve seen this first-hand as a parent, where the need to find answers to my son’s and daughter’s questions about life, the universe and everything, has led me to brilliant TV series such as Human Universe and Stargazing Live where the wonder that science can inspire is brought to life by brilliant scientists such as Professor Brian Cox. However when I think back to my experiences of science at school, I don’t recall my imagination being fired. Growing up, science lessons in my school were mostly a battle for control of the gas taps between the kids who wanted to blow up the Science block and those of us who wanted to live.

It was a different story on my paper round. There, at the bottom of a bag bulging with tomorrow’s chip papers, I discovered 2000AD. 11 children’s books that challenge gender stereotypes – OU News. Bookshops, libraries and schools are starting to rethink the merit of dividing reading sections and recommendations into books for boys and books for girls.

11 children’s books that challenge gender stereotypes – OU News

“There are some great examples of strong female characters that appeal to boys and girls in young adult fiction, especially with the recent popularity of dystopian series such as The Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies,” says Alex Hobbs, a tutor on the OU’s children’s literature course. For younger readers, and to celebrate World Book Day, here are Alex’s suggestions for picture books that don’t conform to the usual presumptions about what boys like and what girls like, or what a ‘normal’ family is… 1) Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie In this funny, touching book, Biff the dog longs to do ballet. After being told repeatedly that it’s not proper, he shows everyone that anyone can do anything, regardless of whether people approve or not. Sarah Crossan & Brian Conaghan: collaborating on 'We Come Apart' Librarians are restricting reading? – Wonders in Adventureland.

I have recently read a number of headlines and articles about pupils’ reading in secondary schools, including the headline: Pupils ‘shunning tough books at secondary school’ (National Literacy Trust, and Tough books left on shelf by secondary school children (TES, which have riled me a little.

Librarians are restricting reading? – Wonders in Adventureland

Don’t get me wrong, I love the TES and the NLT, and they are not the only reporters of this “story”, but the articles are misleading, short-sighted and based on limited information, selling students, their teachers and Librarians short, and here is why. The articles arise from a report by Professor Keith Topping titles ‘What Kids Are Reading: The Book-Reading Habits of Students in British Schools 2014′, based on data collected by Renaissance Learning from the Accelerated Reader scheme. I take issue with the findings of this report, and the ways in which these have been reported in (and to?) The media, which I would like to highlight here. Rant over? Skills Academy.

I think the fact that the programme is football-based is key to its success.

Skills Academy

It offers exciting material and grabs the attention of pupils who enjoy football but have built up barriers to reading.* Are you looking for ways to motivate your Year 7 and 8 students? Skills Academy is our brand new reading intervention for students who are struggling to reach expected levels.Built on the success of Premier League Reading Stars, we use the exciting world of freestyle football as a way to improve core reading comprehension skills.

How school librarians engage with parents. Book List View. Rainbow Reads: A LGBTQ Reading Pack. CILIP's School Libraries Group has produced another reading pack, this time on the theme of LGBTQ Fiction. The pack covers fiction ranging from picture books for primary schools up to secondary school reading. All the books are carefully chosen by our librarians to suit their audience. The pack comprises of book club questions and activities around each of the titles, and would suit book groups in any settings, not just schools. To order one of our packs simply email David Rose. The packs cost £10 each plus postage and packaging. The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards. "All the colours are in my head, whirling and spinning and clashing together, my mind a broken kaleidoscope of red and green and gold. I charge upstairs and hurtle into my room.

I tear down the posters, rip the fantasy from my ceiling and walls. Pull off silvered unicorns and pale princesses. Turreted castles fall. Elves and goblins, bright cartoon characters, things of his imagination and mine. CLPE Refugee Experience Booklist. Log In - New York Times. Totes annoying: words that should be banned. We all have a watershed word – the word that tells us it’s all over, that the internet has won, and our youth is gone for ever. For me, it was Yolo, or You Only Live Once. It was born, I used it, and rooms fell eerily silent as soon as it left my mouth. Yolo belonged to the others, the younger people; it carbon-dated me and I was envious.

You might call it snobbery but, for me, every delicious new bit of slang reminds me I’m being left behind, along with VHS cassettes, legwarmers and Lady Gaga. Susie Dent, Countdown’s resident lexicographer, tells me I should lighten up. Fine: I’m not one of the gang. This, then, is my highly subjective glossary of words that should be binned in 2017 – the most annoying, the most misused, the most broken. Because internet “A lot of purists hate this one, but I think it’s quite inventive and useful as a shortcut,” Susie Dent says.

Log In - New York Times. The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards. Books for Keeps No 221 November 2016. No.221 the children’s book magazine online Authorgraph interview: Lauren St John. SLARead80 - Photographic Competition. Home » SLARead80 - Photographic Competition 80th Birthday Competition To mark our birthday in 2017 we are holding a photographic competition Read80 to celebrate reading for pleasure and the impact school libraries have. We encourage you to take photographs that show people of any age celebrating the joy of reading and to submit them to our competition. Images can be uploaded onto Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SLARead80 – all images tagged will be entered into the competition. When submitting via Instagram please additionally add the hashtag #bookstagram.

Required reading: the books that students read in 28 countries around the world. iStock. Top 10 Graphic Novels. The White Giraffe by Lauren St John. Words for Life - Non-fiction fun. SLJ Best of 2016 LIVE STREAM! - KidLit.TV. Dyslexia-friendly Books from Lovereading4kids - Books Lovereading4kids UK. STOP PRESS - Have you heard about the new iPad eReading App from Barrington Stoke called Tints. Reading Agency. Black History Month Books booklist. BookTrust Great Books Guide 2016: age 8+ booklist. WATCH: These boys are reading books to cats... 50 motivating quotes about books and reading. The quotes about books you’ll see below are not the most famous ones. Seuss, Sendak, Willems and beyond: 29 books to read to your kids if you want them to be kind, brave, and resilient — Quartz. There is little in this universe I love more than the end of my kids’ days. No matter how frazzled I am, or what superhuman efforts they put up to resist bedtime, snuggling up with them tucked in and a pile of books beside us is the tonic we need to end our days.

Libraries raise awareness of Banned Books Week. The British Library, the Free Word Centre and Islington Libraries have come together alongside the American Library Association (ALA) to celebrate Banned Books Week in the UK for the first time. Launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries in the US, Banned Book Week aims to draw attention to the issues of censorship and free speech. What Makes a Children’s Book Good? 12 best kids' books for dyslexic and reluctant readers. 'Don’t ask what’s wrong with the reader, what's wrong with the books?': writing for readers with dyslexia. Books for Keeps. Books for Keeps No 220 September 2016.

“Cogheart” at Usborne Children’s Books. An (incomplete) List of British BAME Authors for Children & Young People. Positive Associations: A reading routine at bedtime for International Literacy Day. Books to support understanding of mental health booklist. Increased reading and literacy: how libraries deliver. Majority of Americans are still reading print books. Time to read press release 080916. Time to Read. The Reading Olympics. Over the Line 2016. Book reviews. Literacy Apps – Discover the best apps to support your child's learning and development. NEW Books for 12+ year olds in June - World Book Day.

World Book Day TV - World Book Day. Zoella book club propels young adult authors up charts - BBC Newsbeat. Survey finds 76% of children prefer print books. Society of Authors - Protecting the rights and furthering the interests of authors. Mood-boosting Books 2012 chosen by young people. “The most brilliant thing in the world of children’s books” Young people's mental health. Society of Authors - Protecting the rights and furthering the interests of authors. News - IBBY UK. Bringing children and books together. Children's Books. Michael Morpurgo. Accelerated Reader - UK, Ireland and International. Celebrate Michael Morpurgo Month. Events Archive - The Story Museum. Seven Stories. Reading Agency - Home. Books for Keeps.

Reading for pleasure empowers us to make positive life changes. A Primary School Librarian’s List Of 125 Books That A Child Might Want To Read. School Zone. Penguin. The Guardian: Children's books. Books to read before 30. Playing by the Book recommendations 2015. Devon Libraries digital magazines. Scottish Book Trust: Books v Apps. Bibliotherapy: Can Reading Make You Happier? Children's Laureate: Chris Riddell resources: Book Trust. Dyslexia: Book Trust top tips. Lost for words? How reading can teach children empathy. BiblioNasium. Marcus Alexander: reasons to read. Reading Agency: Record Breakers resources.

More pupils 'reading for pleasure' - BBC News. 19 Books To Read If You Loved The "Harry Potter" Series. OECD.