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RASTA. Sweat zippé polaire vert acide en vente sur Echarpe avec capuche en laine doublée polaire n°22. Robe swamee taille S/M verte et chocolat. Womens Capes Costume Sewing Pattern 5794 Simplicity. PatronsPDF. Envie de vous faire une petite jupe pour fêter l’arrivée des beaux jours ?

Ça tombe bien : on va justement voir comment coudre une jupe sans patron et sans fermeture compliquée. C'est la bonne vieille astuce de la jupe à élastique ! Parce-que même si la couture est un moyen agréable d’occuper son temps, on sait bien que la fierté du résultat obtenu reste une des principales motivations de se lancer. Stacked Felt Slippers. I love how sewing transforms a flat piece of fabric into something with shape and dimension and life!

Stacked Felt Slippers

One second you have a bunch of oddly shaped pieces and then with nothing more than a few seams, you have a sleeve or a stuffed animal or… a pair of cozy slippers! I made our Stacked Felt Slippers with three layers of Wollfilz’s thick and cushiony 5mm Precut Wool Felt. This extra sumptuous felt holds its shape so beautifully, it inspires a sculptural approach, just what I like! I sewed all three layers of felt together with Londonderry’s Linen Thread for stitches that feel nice and sturdy. Reversible Rivulet Scarf. Until recently, I thought reversible cables were like the Loch Ness monster: mythical, much-talked-about, but probably non-existent.

Reversible Rivulet Scarf

After making many cabled scarves and always failing to feel satisfied with both sides, I went in quest of this mythical beast. It turns out that, unlike the Loch Ness monster, reversible cables really do exist! Surprisingly, a ribbed stitch pattern, rather than plain stockinette, is all it takes to bring cables into the three-dimensional world. Purl Soho’s Alpaca Pure, with its depth of color and clear stitch definition, casts my Reversible Rivulet Scarf in a glowing light. Each beautifully defined cable looks like a spiraling, rippling river, minus the monster! Materials. Cobblestone Scarf.

Walking down Broadway towards Purl Soho, past the glittering flagship stores, it’s hard to imagine that the neighborhood streets were once tiled entirely in cobblestones.

Cobblestone Scarf

But turn onto an ankle-twisting street like Mercer or Wooster and we meet the vivid evidence of Soho’s complex past. The beauty of New York City’s remaining cobblestones inspired my knubbly, knobbily Cobblestone Scarf. Brioche Scarf. Meeting a new yarn is as layered and complex as meeting a new person.

Brioche Scarf

First you size up the yarn, inspecting how it looks in the skein; then you shake hands, observing how the fiber behaves in your fingers; and finally, you talk, discovering how this new yarn feels as a finished fabric and new friend. After making the acquaintance of Purl Soho’s newest yarn, Line Weight, I must say that it could not be more aptly named. The richness of the merino and its creamy, smooth spin look and feel like Line Weight was drawn by a freshly sharpened number 2 pencil. Line Weight lures your eyes along its path, celebrating each stitch, from simple stockinette fabric to lavish lace work. Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf. I've written several books with the words "Last-Minute" in the title, so you can imagine that I occasionally relish the exact opposite!

Diagonal Pinstripe Scarf

Especially in the depths of winter, I love to sink my teeth into a project whose gratification may not be immediate but whose pleasure is deeply satisfying. Colorblock Hand Warmers. The sweet spot of knitting, for me, is when it starts to feel a lot like painting.

Colorblock Hand Warmers

When the form is fluid and mutable and when the palette is supple and free, then I feel that knitting really hits its creative stride. Creating these Colorblock Hand Warmers delivers just that kind of deeply satisfying experience. The idea behind these simple mitts was to give free rein to the gorgeous colors of Madeline Tosh Merino Light, to allow the spectacularly hand dyed palette to speak its own story and to create its own beauty: from moonlight gray to buttery yellow to bronzed apricot to blazing tangerine. Follow your own color whimsy or take a page from our book! Prewrapped Wrap. I can think of nothing more elegant than a wrap to protect from air conditioner blasts and chilly nights, but the reality of wearing an ungainly rectangle can be a struggle.

Prewrapped Wrap

I have tried to arrange many a wrap so that it won’t slip off my shoulders or get tangled in the straps of my purse, and every time I think to myself, there must be a better way! My Prewrapped Wrap was born from this conundrum. A simple rectangle shape with two corners removed, I then sewed two seams to create surprisingly flattering armholes. The effect is loose and versatile, like a wrap, but organized and simple, like a cardigan! Schéma du modèle. Reversible Cowl. Here’s how I battle arctic winds and wintry mixes: two supremely cozy layers of Purl Soho’s Line Weight merino around my neck!

Reversible Cowl

It’s a toasty solution, as well as a beautiful one. Our Reversible Cowl is a conspiracy of a few thoughtful details, elegant simplicity and two gorgeous colors. The gorgeous colors in this case are the mysterious and sultry Black Green paired with its inner wild child, Green Turquoise. Green Turquoise is an incredibly saturated gemstone of a color, a wonderful secret to have tucked inside on serious days and, flipped to the outside, a bold pop of color to let loose on not-so-serious days! Our Reversible Cowl was inspired by our Reversible Hat and is constructed in much the same way: You knit a gently shaped tube with one color, continue on with the second color (reversing the shaping), fold the second color inside the first and graft their ends together.

Quilted Keyhole Scarf. Having spent the last two weeks in my native state of Minnesota, I was reminded of just how cold, cold can be, so cold, in fact, that I was inspired to design the ultimate of neck warmers, this Quilted Keyhole Scarf!

Quilted Keyhole Scarf

Made in layers of Lanecardate’s incredible Lana Cotta Canberra and Quilter’s Dream’s lofty Dream Wool batting, my Quilted Keyhole Scarf is warm enough to withstand the coldest of cold days (even by Minnesota standards!) And cozy enough that you’ll look for reasons to wear it… and maybe never take it off! Wrapping up in this scarf is like cuddling into a soft, fluffy duvet, making me ready for any weather that Minnesota sends east! Make Your Own Rope Rug. Soooo, remember when I shared this woven rag rug tutorial with you and I gave my solemn vow to hunt down other good rug projects? Well, I can hold my head up high because as of today I have kept that promise. No applause, please. You're all welcome. Braided Cable Cowl. Last week I was lucky enough to be hiking through the Yucatecan jungle. There, I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the foliage: palm fronds the size of blankets, rubber plants that incomprehensibly grew out of giant rocks, and mossy tree trunks twisting around each other as if they were plaited by Goliath hands.

Elfin Hats for Adults. This week’s snowfall in New York City may not have been historic, but in the early hours of Tuesday morning it did have us all behaving like little hibernal elves, sneaking around the empty streets, hoping to disturb neither the silence nor the pristine, powdery snow. If only we’d all had Elfin Hats to don! All winter explorations are made more magical with this cute and whimsical, soft and lofty hat, knit up in a Purl Soho’s most cuddly yarn, Super Soft Merino. Le bonnet à oreilles... [tuto] - Caudissou. Fiche couture : Robe d’été sexy. Cowl neck top pattern (free!) and tutorial - Nicole at Home.

Cowl_neck_top.pdf. Pattern by Nicole at Home Questions? Email me at Pattern Description. T-shirt à col tunique, Patron couture gratuit. TOUS les PATRONS et tutos GRATUITS DIY du blog Joline 103 idées = DIY. Ce blog est un bazar !!. J'ai donc essayé de classer les patrons et tutos, voici donc la liste par catégorie (cliquer sur la catégorie pour tout voir )et la liste par modèle avec les liens qui correspondent aux modèles pour lesquels j'ai mis en ligne des explications et/ou des liens vers des fichiers. Ces modèles ne représentent qu'une petite partie de ce qui se trouve sur ce blog, pour tout voir en photo: allez sur les albums photos (pas encore fini de ranger non plus !!

Réalisation d'un mini cabas - Idées et conseils Couture. Préparation préalable avant le montage Découpez votre coupon de tissus de dimension de 45 cm par 55 cm en deux partie :- Une pièce de 42 cm par 55 cm pour le corps- Une pièce de 3 cm par 55 cm pour les anses. Une gigoteuse faite maison (de préma, 0 à 36 mois et taille poupée) – Tuto et patrons gratuits. Donc dans le billet précédent je vous ai montré mes deux gigoteuses récemment faites et je vous promettais le patron et le tuto, le voici ! DIY Couture : Pochette de voyage pour brosse à dents - Idées et conseils Couture. Une gigoteuse faite maison (de préma, 0 à 36 mois et taille poupée) – Tuto et patrons gratuits. Free pattern / Patron gratuit – La poupée de chiffon à sentiments / The feelings rag doll. Un gros coussin Totoro ! A big Totoro cushion ! – Free pattern. Un porte-bébé maison – Tuto pour faire un Meï-Taï.

Ce n’est une surprise pour personne je suis accro au portage. DIY Gift Tutorial: Lip Balm Holder. I saw a picture of a lip balm holder on Pinterest, but there weren’t any instructions. I always lose my lip balm in the bottom of my purse! I thought it was a great idea to use up fabric scraps and a cute little something to include with other gifts for Christmas, so I decided to figure out how to make my own. It’s super simple, and you could easily do the sewing by hand without a sewing machine. Update: After making several, I’ve made some adjustments to this tutorial. Mon snood et son tuto - DDou et Cie.

Super Soft Merino Fluted Cowl. Our Fluted Cowl combines two of our very favorite things: elegant drama and Super Soft Merino! If you haven't heard, Super Soft Merino is Purl Soho's new, very own yarn, and we couldn't be happier about it! A loosley spun single ply of 100% Peruvian merino, Super Soft Merino is beautiful, decadent and yes, super soft. For cozy warmth and cuddly comfort, it makes the consummate neck wrapper! This Fluted Cowl is the perfect expression of everything we love about Super Soft Merino. It is lush and wonderfully indulgent, easy and versatile; it is why we knit! Ma veste masculine. Fournitures ? Northern Lights Capelet. I knit this Northern Lights Capelet in the spirit of the earliest knitters, to bring light and warmth into the darker, colder months.

Quick Sew Ties. Rien que des TUTOS (de couture évidemment) ;-) pour Bébé et Enfant - BLOG. Les sites pour apprendre à coudre / patrons de couture gratuits. Patrons gratuits à télécharger. Création recyclage vetements. Self Tissus : Je fais moi-même. Le sac de deux Taie d'oreiller - un Tutoriel. Porte clef chat. COUTURE : Un portefeuille fleuri pour le Printemps. Sewing School. Faire un sac à main en cuir sur mesure.

Les patrons gratuits: couture - tout faire à son enfant. Des "couture facile" Mirage antique ou le col bénitier facile. Les manches. Patrons Archives. Cols et encolures. Siège caddie pour bébé, mon patron... - May et Cie. Made in Pacotilles...: Protège caddie (avec patron)

La Maison Victor. La jupe imitation Z*dig et son tuto - Emma et Noah, de la Caledonie à Paris. Cadeau! 1ère Planche de patrons RDC à télécharger - République du ChiffonRépublique du Chiffon. Deer&Doe ● Jolis patrons de couture. Tuto de la trousse doublée, zippée et à jolis angles. Making reversible bag. Free pattern sewing : obi apron par Prudence Rabbit. McCalls Patterns. Sewing Patterns. Simplicity Patterns UK. Butterick Patterns. Patronsdecouture : Patrons, français, Burda, Butterick, Vogue, Simplicity, McCalls, NewLook, Jalie.

Des patrons de couture gratuits - Des patrons expliqués pas-à-pas. La couture gratuite ! Tutos vêtements Femme - BLOG. Patrons gratuits à télécharger. Liste des patrons. Blog - HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Welcome to Modern Sewing Patterns. Couture. Patron à télécharger. Patrons couture 100 idées à télécharger. Patron couture gratuit. Modèles de couture. Patron du sweat manches raglans - bouts de tissus. Patrons Couture. Patrons Couture. Molly’s Sketchbook: Felt Baby Shoes. Patron et tuto du top en jersey velours très simple - Les p'tits trucs de Miss Loulou.

DIY : un Sac cabas Bi-matière. - Ma petite Mercerie, le blog.


Tuto. POURQUOI MDM ? How To’s Day: Boxy Dress Tutorial. Patrons de Couture. #Sureau Sew-Along# Réduire le dos.