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Coffeemakers. CHEMEX offers four ways to brew the perfect cup of coffee.


How to Build Unscaleable Relationships. Writing - Grammar. Present perfect. Periodic Table of Storytelling. Tagul - Word Cloud Art. The Future of Thinking. Action mapping: Design lively elearning and training. Evolution of Language Takes Unexpected Turn. It’s widely thought that human language evolved in universally similar ways, following trajectories common across place and culture, and possibly reflecting common linguistic structures in our brains.

Evolution of Language Takes Unexpected Turn

But a massive, millennium-spanning analysis of humanity’s major language families suggests otherwise. Instead, language seems to have evolved along varied, complicated paths, guided less by neurological settings than cultural circumstance. If our minds do shape the evolution of language, it’s likely at levels deeper and more nuanced than many researchers anticipated. “It’s terribly important to understand human cognition, and how the human mind is put together,” said Michael Dunn, an evolutionary linguist at Germany’s Max Planck Institute and co-author of the new study, published April 14 in Nature. Every language evolved from 'single prehistoric mother tongue first spoken in Africa' By David Derbyshire Updated: 00:25 GMT, 17 April 2011 500 languages traced back to Stone Age dialectThe further away from Africa a language is spoken, the fewer distinct sounds it hasEnglish has around 46 sounds, while the San bushmen of South Africa use a staggering 200Study finds speech evolved 'at least 100,000 years ago' Every language in the world - from English to Mandarin - evolved from a prehistoric 'mother tongue' first spoken in Africa tens of thousands of years ago, a new study reveals.

Every language evolved from 'single prehistoric mother tongue first spoken in Africa'

After analysing more than 500 languages, Dr Quentin Atkinson found compelling evidence that they can be traced back to a long-forgotten dialect spoken by our Stone Age ancestors. The findings don't just pinpoint the origin of language to Africa - they also show that speech evolved at least 100,000 years ago, far earlier than previously thought. Lexicity.

Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before. This map uses data from 'Ethnologue: Languages of the World', and shows the number of languages considered indigenous to each country that are still spoken there.

Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before

Due to issues of language identification (see technical notes), it is possible to dispute the data used here, and a review of Ethnologue by Campbell and Grondona (2008) does just that; they claim "... the number of indigenous ('living') languages of different countries is inflated ... ". However, the map presents a good picture of linguistic diversity.

Papua New Guinea has nearly 10% (820) of the world's indigenous living languages, so that there are only an average of 7000 speakers per language living there. Maps And Mapping. An Illustrated Guide to Space Maps. Nebra Sky Disc, Germany, 1600 BC.

An Illustrated Guide to Space Maps

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)... The Paradox of Flow. It's a Sunday afternoon and I'm on my computer.

The Paradox of Flow

I've spent and hour sketching things out and now I'm editing the drawings to create a video. The self-doubt that I felt in my first sketchy video is no longer there. Incas. Curio - Note Taking, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Task Management for Mac OS X. The Real World You have work projects and home projects, school classes to manage and book reports to research, vacations to plan and novels to write, web sites to design and lab results to organize.

Curio - Note Taking, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Task Management for Mac OS X

You currently use a collection of notebooks, your office whiteboard, scraps of sticky notes, oodles of browser bookmarks, and multiple documents scattered around your hard disk. You’re juggling it all, but organizing this information should be easier. Forbes Welcome. Saya no Uta. About issuu. iExplorer - iPhone, iPad Music & File Transfer App for Mac & PC. Drivemill. iPad POS Stand. WALD HI·LO - Dark Plum – FELTMARK. Team 1st Technologies. Team 1st Technologies is changing the way teachers teach and how students learn with technology.

Team 1st Technologies

We have taken our 30 plus years of experience in education and added audio visual integration to find ways to improve the educational environment for K12, Higher Education, adult learning, training, business, and government. Our education focused audio visual integration and interactive technologies sales team is made up of former educators with more than 30 years of experience.

They provide solution based sales that result from their understanding of the educational environment including elementary, junior high and high school and Higher Education. Our highly awarded professional development training manager is a 30 year educational veteran. Trisha has received the Presidential award of teaching excellence in math, she has a Golden Apple Award, Intel teach to the future, Christa Mc Auliffe award and many other certifications in pedagogy based learning using technology. The Crossword Solver. Privacy Policy Generator - TermsFeed. Senior tutorials and skills. WiseMapping - Visual Thinking Evolution. Research: Iterative Decision-Making Improves Critical Thinking. Research: Iterative Decision-Making Improves Critical Thinking By Dian Schaffhauser08/19/15 Want to help your students improve their critical thinking?

Research: Iterative Decision-Making Improves Critical Thinking

Then give them opportunities to make decisions during your lab exercises. According to a research project at Stanford University and the University of British Columbia, students who make decisions about how to improve their data gathering abilities, even in the simplest of experiments, gain skills of decision-making that will help them in more advanced science courses. The research team that undertook this study followed first-year students attending an introductory physics lab course at the Canadian university.

For one such experiment, students swung a pendulum and used a stopwatch to time the duration between the two angles of amplitude. Then the researchers modified the course. Spread the word! Rainmereu. The Nostalgia Machine. Acorn 5 - The Image Editor for Humans. Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database. Noiseless. Swivl. Product. Zencastr. Storyspace: chum. Reviewed by Jeanie C.

Storyspace: chum

Crain, Missouri Western State College. How to help someone use a computer. Sources of Grants and Funding for Closed Captioning of Online Video. Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching. Take charge of your online teaching evaluations Until recently, teachers and students faced each other in the same classroom at the same time. The increase of online courses has changed that model dramatically, affecting how teachers are evaluated in profound ways. How to Build Unscaleable Relationships. Free people search and contact details for Scott R Gerber. Scott Gerber.

Timothy Falb – Websites & Ebooks. Timothy Falb. Login and registration. Free Non-Disclosure Form (US) Nondisclosure Agreements. Nondisclosure agreements are one of the best ways to protect trade secrets -- valuable confidential information that businesses want to keep under wraps. That information could be a sales plan, a list of customers, a manufacturing process or a formula for a soft drink. By using a nondisclosure agreement, you can ensure that your secrets stay secret -- or have legal recourse if they are misused or disclosed to the wrong parties.

A nondisclosure agreement -- also called an NDA or a confidentiality agreement -- is a contract in which the parties promise to protect the confidentiality of secret information that is disclosed during employment or another type of business transaction. The use of nondisclosure agreements is widespread in the high-tech field, particularly for Internet and computer companies.

Timothy Falb – Websites & Ebooks. Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching.