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Connecting LED Light Strip (NeoPixels) to Max - MaxMSP Forum. Hi there, I'm just trying to control the rgb levels of the pixels on my strip (i am just using 4 pixels).

Connecting LED Light Strip (NeoPixels) to Max - MaxMSP Forum

Nothing fancy required, just want to be able to set them using sliders or number boxes . Have downloaded both patches, and followed the instructions from these posts (see below) - from Dec 6... Upload to arduino worked fine - and first pixel lights up as directed from code. Nothing changes on the LED's when I hit the BANG, It just stays on the original colour uploaded to the 1st pixel. (68) Arduino + Led RGB + Maxuino. Kinect2 with Max7 on OSX - MaxMSP Forum. DMX with ENTTEC USB PRO Mk2 - MaxMSP Forum. - Sharing - Using the Twitter Stream API with Max/MSP and Python - Misc Forum. Twitter streaming API in Max/MSP. Topic: How: Live video buffer + looping. Hi there, I’m Lizzy, a photographer who recently discovered a passion for Max MSP!

Topic: How: Live video buffer + looping

Dale Phurrough. Kinect 1 and Kinect 2 now supported in Max with dp.kinect and dp.kinect2 objects - Cycling '74 Forums. ReWire Essentials 1: From Max/MSP to Your Host - Cycling 74 Makers of Max Visual Programming Software for Artists, Musicians & Performers. In our tutorial, we will show connections to two major software packages: Ableton Live and Digital Performer.

ReWire Essentials 1: From Max/MSP to Your Host - Cycling 74 Makers of Max Visual Programming Software for Artists, Musicians & Performers

However, if you use a different application, you should check the documentation to learn more about its ReWire implementation. CycliC Step Sequencer. CycliC, is a software-based step sequencer,developed in collaboration with Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments.

CycliC Step Sequencer

It is based on a very straightforward concept: up to 6 independent “subsequences” traverse through a 32 step note array. Each of these subsequences can send MIDI information to a unique MIDI device and/or channel. Active notes within the note array can be selected at random, as can the note values themselves. Notes can also be constrained to musical scales if desired (thanks to VJ Manzo’s Modal Object Library!). The sequencer can run off of an internal clock, or via MIDI clock, and its presets can be selected via MIDI program change messages. In new version 1.5 of the software, VST plugin instruments are now supported, and per-step velocity and gate parameters are added, as well as two continuous controller (CC) messages that can also be sent on a per-step basis.

The bottom line is that in many ways, this sequencer is quite simple, but incredibly powerful. Dmxusbpro - DMX 512 externals for Max. Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 1 - Cycling 74 Makers of Max Visual Programming Software for Artists, Musicians & Performers. DMX, or more accurately, DMX 512, is a network protocol most commonly used for the control of stage lighting and effects.

Working with Hardware: DMX, Part 1 - Cycling 74 Makers of Max Visual Programming Software for Artists, Musicians & Performers

It is easily programmed in Max, using techniques similar to those used to program MIDI. With your Max skills, you can replace and extend the functionality of dedicated DMX controller/mixer hardware boxes with patches. This is the first article of three in which we shall explore the world of programming DMX with Max. Over the course of these articles, we will present some basic DMX concepts and an introduction to some DMX hardware options that are usable with Max. The second article will feature interviews with Max programmers that have experience with DMX in professional environments. LittleBits and Max - Cycling 74 Makers of Max Visual Programming Software for Artists, Musicians & Performers.

Topic: Random sample player « Cycling 74. Standalones. Boys Will Be Boys by Teresa Tudury. Tristan Jehan's Home Page. Max Objects Database. Use MaxURL to Create a Realtime Instagram Collage. New with Max 6.1.7, the maxurl object gives you the ability to easily connect Max with the web using HTTP messages.

Use MaxURL to Create a Realtime Instagram Collage

If you’ve been thinking about creating a crowd-sourced multimedia patch or a data-driven interactive work, now is a good time to give it a shot. To demonstrate one possible direction, in this tutorial we’ll look at creating a Jitter collage with Instagram photos. If you haven’t looked inside the maxurl help patch, I recommend you start there and familiarize yourself with the different tabs. There’s a lot there and lots of practical examples that will give you an idea of how to use this object in a Max patch.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using the Javascript version of the object, XMLHttpRequest (should be familar to anyone doing Web development). Since we’re using the Instagram API to run this, you will need to visit the Instagram developer site to get your own API client ID. Composite Video Input Devices for OSX. You can use the Pinnacle Dazzle RCA/Composite / USB 2.0 adaptor which gives you uncompressed NTSC/PAL over USB 2.0.

Composite Video Input Devices for OSX

Daystar XTraview, also uncompressed NTSC/PAL over USB 2.0 Aditionally you can use similar and cheaper devices that work with the Video Glide Driver (IIRC the Xtraview comes with a license of VideoGlide driver). All the video glide devices are Uncompressed, USB 2.0. Here is an image of the capture devices for size.

Note, the Diamond Multimedia device shows up in the driver list, but I’ve not gotten it to work. Aka.objects. Aka.leapmotion Interfacing with The Leap Motion controller input device.Download aka.leapmotion 0.2 (Max 5/6 for Mac, The Leap 0.7.0)Download aka.leapmotion 0.1 (Max 5/6 for Mac, The Leap 0.6.6)Source code at GitHub Max external objects for OS X by Masayuki Akamatsu I can’t offer support for them but you can use them under the license below.


These softwares are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Dehumaniser. Dehumaniser is a prototype application that transforms voice into monster sounds in real time.


It has already been used by acknowledged sound professionals in the film and video game industry. There are several presets, which create different creature sound effects that are applied to the voice. Additionally the user can create new presets. By pressing record the program records the output and the input at the same time with the name of the chosen preset inside the program, the user can record the dry signal of the voice and use it again as an input. There are several parameters that affect the sound and two modes for controlling these parameters, a simple mode and an advanced mode. Need Help Turning Image into Sound. Max 5 Tutorials: Table of Contents. Jitter Tutorials: Table of Contents. Max Data Tutorial 2: Data Scaling. What is a Matrix? Gesture Follower - ftm. From ftm What is the gesture follower ?

Gesture Follower - ftm

The gesture follower is a ensemble of Max/MSP modules to perform gesture recognition and following in real-time. It is integrated in the toolbox MnM of the library FTM (see dowload). The general idea behind it is to get parameters from the comparison between a performance and an set of prerecorded examples. How to make exponential data curves?