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David Oliveira, lo scultore portoghese che dipinge l'aria. More Than 6,000 Wallpaper Designs Digitized. This English wallpaper dates between 1890 and 1930.

More Than 6,000 Wallpaper Designs Digitized

It features scenes from nursery rhymes including “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” It was made using an engraved roller-print with oil colors on light tan ground. (All images courtesy of Historic New England) Paradise Lost: The Hippie Refugee Camp. Let me tell you about a place called Taylor Camp, a tropical ocean-front utopia without rules, politics or bills to pay.

Paradise Lost: The Hippie Refugee Camp

Anti-establishment all the way, clothing was optional and decisions were made according to the “vibes”. It was the ultimate hippie fantasy. Taylor Camp began in the Spring of 1969, with thirteen hippies seeking refuge from the ongoing campus riots in America and police brutality. Scritto sul corpo - Jeanette Winterson. T-Rex Trying and Trying… Jonathan Kröll - Illustration. The Best Hacks From the Fan Site Ikea Doesn't Want You To See. DAN SLAVINSKY. Queste immagini spiegano il significato di 30 parole intraducibili. Each Week, Two Anonymous Students Named Dangerdust Create This Amazing Chalkboard Art. At the Columbus College of Art and Design, two rogue college students are creating quite a stir… but not by any normal means.

Each Week, Two Anonymous Students Named Dangerdust Create This Amazing Chalkboard Art

They aren’t cheating or stealing, they are causing a creative riot. The anonymous duo, who go by the name Dangerdust, sneak into a classroom each week and create a masterpiece out of nothing but chalk. The pair are both seniors in Advertising & Graphic Design, and they are probably busy with a larger than life course-load, but they still remain passionate about their weekly chalk art. These two create some of the most beautiful (and inspiring) art you’ll ever see. On Sunday or Monday nights, the magic happens. Chantelle Harlow, la modella con la vitiligine che conquista le passerelle - Spettacoli. Breaking the Ground Between Art and Architecture.

In recent years, the connections between architecture, art, and design have, in many cases, become inextricably bound to another in a kind of symbiotic relationship.

Breaking the Ground Between Art and Architecture

For some observers, architecture appears relevant to the twenty-first century only when it emulates an abstract sculptural presence. But for architecture to unite with sculpture in this way, the balance between its respective function and non-functional components requires the formative clarification of design. Bruce Gueswel - Sculptor. The Endless Interior: Calgary’s Plus 15 Skywalk System. Cargo - Gallery. Geometrie da ritratto. 20 Insanely Talented GIF Illustrators You Should Follow.

Magazine on Editorial Design Served. Type Connection. FOTO Wonderlust, amanti nudi ritratti nell'atto sessuale. Il fotoprogetto di Sarah Anne Johnson. Anche è il sesso è arte.

FOTO Wonderlust, amanti nudi ritratti nell'atto sessuale. Il fotoprogetto di Sarah Anne Johnson

Così la pensa l'artista canadese Sarah Anne Johnson che nelle sue opere cattura l'immagine di coppie di amanti nei loro momenti più intimi: inquadrature che non lasciano spazio all'immaginazione e ritraggono l'incrocio dei corpi nell'atto sessuale. Ma la violazione dell'intimità è mitigata di volta in volta da macchie di inchiostro, glitter e sfumature che confondo e coprono i volti e la penetrazione. Burnt, 2013, © Sarah Anne Johnson / Courtesy of Julie Saul Gallery, New York and Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto. Shout works. Fields of Black Paper Flowers Create a Striking Landscape.

My Modern Metropolis Fields of Black Paper Flowers Create a Striking Landscape In Lauren Fensterstock's installation work, oceans of black grass flow from room to room and ebony flowers thrive in an unnatural lushness.

Fields of Black Paper Flowers Create a Striking Landscape

Big Active - art direction, graphic design, creative consultancy and representation +44 (0)20 7739 5601. Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама. Os animais humanizados de Kim Nguyen. A artista vietnamita Kim Nguyen tem uma fixação por animais e isso pode ser visto em todas as suas obras.

Os animais humanizados de Kim Nguyen

Porém, os animais criados por Kim não são tão normais assim, isso porque eles seguram armas, tacos de basebol e guitarras. Confira os animais humanizados dessa grande artista. #8: ANDREY SVETOV a.k.a. SV.A (Master Tattoo Studio, Kaliningrad, RU) Andrey Svetov wychował się w Kaliningradzie, portowym mieście, w którym tatuaże były od zawsze zjawiskiem powszechnym.

#8: ANDREY SVETOV a.k.a. SV.A (Master Tattoo Studio, Kaliningrad, RU)

Może to właśnie dlatego jego prace wyglądają jak pradawne ryciny nie tylko na papierze. Cut by Yumi Endo - urban inspired jewelry / products. 40 Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography. As one of the core design principles, typography can really make or break a website design.

40 Web Designs with Beautiful Creative Typography

Despite recent advances in web type technology we’re still fairly limited when it comes to creative typography layouts, meaning image replacement techniques are still common, but these days we have massive choice when it comes to selecting fonts for our designs. This post showcases 40 website designs that all feature beautiful typography in a creative way, this might be through elegant typographic layouts or perfectly typeset combinations of styles to create visually pleasing pages. Malika Favre. The British Library's Photostream. Noisli - background noise and color generator for working and relaxing. Cluster Magazine – X-Ray Cartoon – I personaggi dei cartoni visti ai raggi X. L’illustratore francese Chris Panda ha realizzato una serie di disegni dove i personaggi dei cartoni animati come Sailor Moon, Iron Man, Paperino e tanti altri, vengono disegnati con il loro scheletro, come se fosse visto ai raggi x.

Cluster Magazine – X-Ray Cartoon – I personaggi dei cartoni visti ai raggi X

Dei disegni realizzati con grande bravura e originalità. Comments comments. Οι εκπληκτικές μινιατούρες του Isaac Cordal. Ο μικρόκοσμος των μεγαλουπόλεων Ο Ισπανός καλλιτέχνης Isaac Cordal τοποθετεί τις τσιμεντένιες μινιατούρες του σε διάφορες πόλεις ανα την Ευρώπη. Mathieu Briand. Home page. Lingerie di Moda: Intimo Femminile e Completini Sexy online. Visual Editions — Welcome. Il Colore del Melograno. Magazine quotidiano di informazione e cultura del fumetto. Annie.

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Siiiii viaggiare « onalim, blog su Milano al contrario. Mark manders: mind study installation. Jun 02, 2013 mark manders: mind study installation in venice ‘mind study’ by mark manders, venice, italyimage © designboom image © designboom ‘I don’t often show my work in the public domain, rather in museums where people choose to go to see art. but since 1991 I always test a work that I’ve just finished in a supermarket. I just imagine a new work there and I check if it can survive where it doesn’t have the label of an artwork. it is just a thing that someone placed in a supermarket. now I am sure that all of my works can stand in that environment.’ The Liquid Light of Diego Garcia by Viktor Westerdahl. Bartlett School of Architecture graduate Viktor Westerdahl has devised a fantasy scenario where the discovery of a new liquid energy cues construction of a remote city in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Viktor Westerdahl completed the project as part of the Bartlett's Unit 10, which asked students to imagine a fictional future and assess the impact it could have on architecture and communities. "I've based my speculation on the impossibility that, rather than honey, bees would collect liquid light, a clean and green energy source that is similar to solar power and has an efficiency of 96 percent," he told Dezeen.

"What if this energy all existed on one island? The community would have to become the beekeepers of a new ecology. "


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