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Program Ideas and Resources for Teen Librarians

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Booktalking Tips from Pikes Peak Library District. What is a Booktalk?

Booktalking Tips from Pikes Peak Library District

A booktalk is NOT a review or a book "report. " A book report tells somebody you read the book, a booktalk tries to convince the person to read the book. The key to booktalking is to "sell, don't tell. " Thus, a booktalk is more of an advertisement or a commercial. Multiple Title Booktalk Example from Lexington County Public Library. Quick Start Guide - Book Discussion Groups. For possible questions to start discussion on specific books, check the back of the book, particularly if the title is a popular book club choice, or the publisher's website.

Quick Start Guide - Book Discussion Groups

Or use a search including "reading guide" to find information on the various book group sites. For classics or newer books, there may not be such guides, so here are some generic questions. For Fiction How did you experience the book? Single Title Booktalk Example from Fresno Public Library. YASLA's 2021 Best Fiction for Young Adults. 2021 Best Fiction for Young Adults The members of the Best Fiction for Young Adults Blogging Team are: Coordinator, Allie Stevens, Calhoun County Library, Hampton, AR; Heather Christensen, Portales High School Library, Portales, NM; Michael Fleming, Juanita High School Library, Kirkland, WA; Laura Giunta, Garden City Public Library, Garden City, NY; Stephanie Johnson, Union County Public Library, Monroe, NC; Amanda Kordeliski, Norman Public Schools, Norman, OK; Lisa Krok, Morley Library, Cleveland, OH; Jodi Kruse, R.A.

YASLA's 2021 Best Fiction for Young Adults

Long High School Library, Longview, WA; Shelbie Marks, Del City Library (Metropolitan Library System), Oklahoma City, OK; Kali Olson, The Blake School, Minneapolis, MN; Karen Stevens, Somerville Public Library, Somerville, MA; Andrea Vernola, Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo, MI; and Emily Walker, Lisle Library District, Lisle, IL. The list consists of 85 titles selected from 124 official nominations, which were posted and discussed in blog posts on The Hub. Activities for Writing Groups – The Writing Center. Exploratorium - Science Activities. Game On: Games in Libraries. Makerspaces are Awesome! - Rockwood Library Makerspace Video. Makerspace and Digital Media Lab Resources. STAR Library Network – Science-Technology Activities & Resources for Libraries. Adults in the Youth Room?: Welcoming Adults with Developmental Disabilities in the Library.

Are we walking a line between ageism and ableism?

Adults in the Youth Room?: Welcoming Adults with Developmental Disabilities in the Library

Have we unintentionally excluded someone while welcoming another? And so a pressing conversation began at our recent meeting of the Special Needs Services Roundtable (SNSR), a group of youth, teen, and adult services librarians in Michigan working with patrons who have disabilities. Fresno Public Library's "Fandom Forecast" Monthly Series. Seattle Public Library's College Prep Programs. A – Z Program List. Quistory Lesson with Sarah Prager!

A – Z Program List

, A Zombie Food Sculptures and a Programming Guideline: “No, We can do that at home” Recorded Webinar: 60 Teen Programs in 60 Minutes. TPiB (Programs) - Teen Librarian Toolbox. Teen programming is an important part of what we do as teen librarians.

TPiB (Programs) - Teen Librarian Toolbox

It can also be a time consuming part of what we do, it takes a little bit of time, love and tenderness (wait, is that a song?) To find and put a program together for our teens (and tweens). One of the regular features here at TLT is TPiB. Bringing Book Clubs Online. Libraries support countless book clubs, both formal and informal.

Bringing Book Clubs Online

With increasing digital engagement, digital lending models for ebooks and audiobooks offer opportunities for book clubs to expand, and online platforms can bring together community members who couldn’t otherwise participate. These three companies offer resources and products to help libraries engage readers with digital book clubs. OverDrive Digital Book Clubs Libraries that have digital collections from OverDrive are automatically part of the company’s global ebook club, the Big Library Read, which makes select titles available for unlimited checkouts for a limited period three times a year.

Create A Virtual Escape Room with Google Forms Video Tutorial. Evaluating Your Virtual Programs. Evaluating programs' success is an important part of a programming librarian's work.

Evaluating Your Virtual Programs

Knowing what worked — and having information to back up your claims — can help you explain your successes to bosses and board members, apply for grants, and plan programs that serve your community even better in the future. Virtual programming is no exception. Collecting information before, during and after each virtual program is important to ensuring that library staff can evaluate its success. "Upping Your Virtual Programming Game" Presentation. Virtual Art Show. Be prepared with a vision for your show.

Virtual Art Show

You can make it so all of the works submitted reflect on that vision. The vision/goal of our show is "to show the power of art to lift our spirits and renew hope. " We do not have a library art policy because exhibits are new for us. Having a vision statement meant my director did not worry about submissions that would be deemed inappropriate for sharing publicly.