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Romersk og græsk undervisning

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ABOUT - Ancient Language Institute. Katherine L.

ABOUT - Ancient Language Institute

Bradshaw, our Greek & Latin Fellow, has an irrepressible enthusiasm for connecting students with enduring ideas from the ancient past. That passion drives her teaching of Latin, ancient Greek, and Classics, whether the setting is a public school in Washington, DC, a classical Christian school in Virginia, a classroom at a university, ancient Roman ruins in Italy, or a video conference in cyberspace. The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10. Which Language Uses the Most Sounds? Click 5 Times for the Answer. With five distinct kinds of clicks, multiple tones and strident vowels — vocalized with a quick choking sound — the Taa language, spoken by a few thousand people in Botswana and Namibia, is believed by most linguists to have the largest sound inventory of any tongue in the world.

Which Language Uses the Most Sounds? Click 5 Times for the Answer

The exact count differs among scholars. Studies commonly cite more than 100 consonants, and some say there are as many as 164 consonants and 44 vowels. English, by comparison, has about 45 sounds at its disposal, total. ‘Special and Beautiful’ Whistled Language Echoes Around This Island. Two whistlers might struggle to understand each other, particularly during their first encounters — and need to ask each other to repeat sentences — like strangers who speak the same language with different accents.

‘Special and Beautiful’ Whistled Language Echoes Around This Island

But “after whistling together for a while, their communication becomes as easy as if speaking Spanish,” Mr. Correa said. As is the case in many languages, whether whistled or not, there is a generation gap on La Gomera. Ciro Mesa Niebla, a 46-year-old farmer, said he struggled to whistle with a younger generation trained at school because, he said, “I’m a mountain guy who learned at home to whistle the words our family used to farm, but I don’t have the vocabulary of these kids who learn salon whistling, which is a bit too fancy for me.”

‘Astonishing’ dig reveals domestic life in the iron age. When archaeologists began excavating land near the iron age hillfort at Wittenham Clumps, a famous Oxfordshire landmark, they were hopeful of unearthing something of interest because the area has been occupied for more than 3,000 years.

‘Astonishing’ dig reveals domestic life in the iron age

But nothing prepared them for the excitement of discovering an extended iron age settlement, with the remains of more than a dozen roundhouses dating from 400BC to 100BC – as well as an enormous Roman villa built in the late third to early fourth century. The structures would have remained buried beneath the sprawling green landscape if not for a decision by Earth Trust, the environmental charity that cares for it, to redevelop its visitor centre. The Mancave Movie Review Podcast (Sword and Sandals)

Boudica's Rebellion, Part One - The British History Podcast. Chapter One - From Tundras to the Withdrawal of Rome – The British History Podcast. This chapter covers the period from the end of the last Ice Age through to about 410 CE, and you will meet figures such as Julius Caesar, Boudica, and Magnus Maximus.

Chapter One - From Tundras to the Withdrawal of Rome – The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast1 – A History of Britain 1 – A History of BritainThe British History Podcast Transcript2 – Invasion of Giant Deer, Cannibals, and Celts! Copy and paste this code to your site to embed. He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive? Over the next 40 minutes, there were speeches, votes, broken promises and bloody conflicts.

He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive?

Several people were assassinated. Eventually it seemed as though two factions were coalescing, and a count was called. The young man in the football shirt won the empire by seven votes, and Padilla returned to the lectern. “What I want to be thinking about in the next few weeks,” he told them, “is how we can be telling the story of the early Roman Empire not just through a variety of sources but through a variety of persons.” BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. The Battle of Teutoburg Forest. UNDER CONSTRUCTION "The result of this disaster was that the empire, which had not stopped on the shores of the Ocean, was checked on the banks of the Rhine.

The Battle of Teutoburg Forest

" Florus, Epitome of Roman History (II.30) Marcus Didius Falco Series by Lindsey Davis. (1) Imperium: Augustus (2003)- Part 1/12. Timetoast timeline maker. Make a timeline, tell a story. Ancient World Magazine - Your online portal to the ancient world. BBC - Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit - Episode 3. Take a Virtual Tour of the World's Largest Circular Tomb, Augustus' Mausoleum. Latin. Salvēte omnēs!


Latin is a beautiful, complex and ancient language, and there is a consistent desire for online learning resources. It is an Indo-European language which was spoken in Ancient Rome and eventually evolved into the Romance languages spoken today. It was widely used for academic and scientific discourse well into the nineteenth century and forms an essential part of the specialized terminology in the fields of law and medicine.

It is still used in some ecclesiastical contexts. Latin/Christmas Carols. Salvēte omnēs!

Latin/Christmas Carols

A little break from the work of studying Latin this time, but of course if you want to review any of the previous lessons, you can reach them on the right. For a Christmas lesson Latin has it covered with some of the most beautiful music in the world. Some of the carols are quite familiar, and some not. We won’t give translations here, but the first two have been translated into English and are commonly available. And we have a Youtube link for each one so you can link to versions of each song. Adeste Fideles[edit | edit source] Adeste Fideles on Youtube. Thesaurus lexicorum Latinorum – Schola Humanistica. Have you ever wondered whether there was a way to easily access all major Latin dictionaries in one place?

Thesaurus lexicorum Latinorum – Schola Humanistica

Schola Humanistica has taken on the task by compiling this material scattered widely across the mare magnum into an indispensable resource. You will now no longer need to spend much more time than turning to this single page in search of the location for the chief dictionaries for Classical Latin, Medieval Latin, and Neo-Latin; this is the largest compilation of its kind for the study of Latin.

For each of these indispensable tools of the trade we have also created a summary which will help in determining which dictionary is best suited to your needs. The only task that remains is now to let your colleagues and students know about this resource! Index lexicorum 1. Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes? - BBC Bitesize. 40+ FREE digital escape rooms (plus a step by step guide for creating your own) - Ditch That Textbook.

Escape rooms are a fun adventure where you solve puzzles to escape from the room in a short amount of time. I love creating physical escape rooms in my classroom. They are fun and they get the students up and moving in the classroom. However, there are a few drawbacks to physical escape rooms. I have large classes, so usually I need two sets running at the same time. Even with two escape room sets, not everyone will solve every clue. My solution: digital escape rooms! Barbarians - Is This Netflix Show Historically Accurate? Barbarians - How is the Latin? Is it any good? Latin Pronunciation Guide (Netflix Barbarians) Classroom Vocabulary Games That Can Be Used For Any Word List. Do you love playing classroom vocabulary games with your students? I LOVE it!

I love using games to review our vocabulary words. Games are a great way to help with vocabulary development. Here are three classroom vocabulary games you can use with any word list. The one thing you want to remember though is that no one should be “out” during the game. Fun Vocabulary Game. The Food of Ancient Rome. Today Ketchup and Parsley are Ubiquitous but 2000 Years Ago It Was Garum and Silphium. Neo-Latin Lexicon. Dorkly Effective Latin. Latin Noun Declension File Folder Games & Cues {Printables} : Half a Hundred Acre Wood. This post may contain affiliate links that provide a commission to us if you make a purchase.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. What's This? Nightmare Before Christmas in Latin! Quid Est? (lyrics: Stefano Vittori) AP Latin Podcast. - Zombies. Session 04 - Stranger Things. Fantasy in Antiquity in Historiography and Reception [Online 2020] Ancient Spookiness II: Werewolves – HISTORIAI. Content note: Child death, cannibalism, animal death If vampire stories were few and far between in the ancient world, werewolves are pretty much everywhere. It was clear a pretty strong belief among the ancient Greeks and Romans that there were human beings who could transform themselves into wolves and prey on livestock and even other humans. Latin word walls, backgrounds, slides—templates & tutorials. Noun -Adjective Agreement: Your Mother is a Bald Hairy  Turnip - Latina Hilara. One of the first things, I teach students is that adjectives match the nouns.

5 Simple Ways to Include Grammar Practice in Your Classroom. Getting Your Students to Think and Respond with Depth and Complexity. Using Active Review Games in the Classroom. Designing Beautiful Google Docs – Ladybug's Teacher Files. Texting in the Classroom - The Brown Bag Teacher. 107-Gamify your Next Lesson…Starring Stephanie Howell. In Episode 68, I demonstrated a zero-tech method of including two classic board games into your instruction. In this episode, Stephanie Howell will take gamification to a whole new level. Cato On Agriculture — Sections 74‑90. 74 1 Recipe for kneaded bread: Wash your hands and a bowl thoroughly. The school of Salernum; Regimen sanitatis salernitanum : Harington, John, Sir, 1560-1612 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming. Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum - A Salernitan Regimen of Health. Apicius — De Re Coquinaria. The Story of Fascism: Rick Steves' Documentary Helps Us Learn from the Hard Lessons of the 20th Century.

History Summarized: Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Republic. A day in the life of a Roman soldier - Robert Garland. Romana Cena - Bombax Press. Eddie Izzard on Latin. The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or...Which Was It?: Crash Course World History #10. The Greeks and Romans - Pantheons Part 3: Crash Course World Mythology #9. Comprehension Matters: Rethinking Translation in Latin Reading Courses. Totum Cor Meum (“All My Loving” in Latin) Varulven. In Angulo CL. Nocturnal Nature - Latin. Pear Deck for Google Slides. World Famous from The Teacher's Corner. Word Search Maker. World Famous from The Teacher's Corner. Free Word Cube Download — Debbie Gonzales. 10 Spanish Vocabulary Games for the Language Classroom. Icebreakers for High School and Middle School Spanish Classrooms.

Middle School Classroom Games: 3 Structures, Same Content — Amy Skillicorn. (1) Pinterest. Free Ancient Greece Printables for Your Homeschool History Curriculum - Blessed Beyond A Doubt. Roman History Printable Resources - Amy's Wandering. Phlegon of Tralles' Book of Marvels - Phlegon (of Tralles.), Phlegon of Tralles, Phlégon de Tralles - Google Books. The Story of Machetes and Philinnion, from Phlegon of Tralles. An Ancient Ghost Story: Philinnion & Machates. Phlegon of Tralles – The American Eldritch Society for the Preservation of Hearsay and Rumor.