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Library Digital Escape Room. Minecraft Escape Room. 25+ Free Digital Escape Rooms {Free!} - Mama Teaches. Share with your friends!

25+ Free Digital Escape Rooms {Free!} - Mama Teaches

Board games, card games, and coloring are all super fun, but can certainly run their course for kids of any age. Not to mention, with the global pandemic we are in, keeping your kids entertained at home 24/7 may be proving difficult. (Even if you are reading this post-pandemic, it can still be hard to find engaging entertainment for your little ones). Load one of these FREE Digital Escape Rooms to bring some well-deserved amusement to your home or classroom! Your immediate thought might be, “What in the world is a Digital Escape Room?” Stranger Things Escape Room! Go West! - Copy. A Special Series of Unfortunate Events Digital Escape Room. Marvel's Avengers: Escape from the Hydra Base! Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. Dog Man Digital Escape Room.

Pennsylvania Library Creates a Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. If you’re the bookish friend in your social network, you might have noticed an uptick in people asking you for engaging and distracting books to read during self-isolation.

Pennsylvania Library Creates a Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Same. And honestly, part of me just wants to tell people that now is a great time to re-read something like Harry Potter that will whisk you away, and also provide the comfort of familiarity and nostalgia. As I’m thinking this very thought about escapist reads, Book Riot came across the news that a library in Pennsylvania has created a Hogwarts Digital Escape Room — what a perfect distraction! Like most public libraries across the United States, the Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania is closed to the public, but still making an effort to serve their constituents. HPDigitalBreakoutEDU — EdTech Field Guide. Sandbox - Breakout EDU Digital. Read Across America Day Digital Breakout. Read Across America Day Digital Breakout. Creating a Digital Breakout for Library Orientation. Last year I used Google forms to create my first digital breakout for a lesson on finding copyright free images.

Creating a Digital Breakout for Library Orientation

I had wanted to blog about it but never had a chance to do so. I decided to start off the new year with another digital breakout for my annual library orientation with 6th and 7th graders. I think that this could easily be adapted for younger or older students. It was a great success and so easy because I did not have to drag out boxes and locks that needed to be set up for each class. All the students needed was an iPad.

I gave my usual introduction to the library with a slide presentation. Each question in the breakout related to something that I discussed in my slide presentation. For the first question, I ask the students what time the library opens in the morning. This was an interesting question. Escape This: Group Brainstorming. The Incredibly True Adventures of an EdTech Trailblazer: Escape The JCHS Library: A Library Orientation Tale. A Library Orientation Tale Over Winter Break we rearranged the JCHS Library.

The Incredibly True Adventures of an EdTech Trailblazer: Escape The JCHS Library: A Library Orientation Tale

I mean....really rearranged the library. The only things that were not moved are literally bolted to the floor or walls. Thus, when we were getting ready for the second semester 9th Grade Library Orientation I realized the entire lesson plan had to be scrapped as well. Inspired by Breakout EDU games created by librarians, Melanie Thompson (Locked In the Library), Amy Williams (Breakout From Mr. My main goal for the Library Orientation activity was to make sure students knew about some of the unique features the JCHS Library has available for students. We began the orientation in the Harvard Room where Ms. My awesome Student Library Aides helped with the game by overseeing the Green Screen Room and the MakerSpace. Once all teams had collected their four clue cards we meet back in the Harvard Room.

Hyperdoc Library. Falling for Digital Breakouts. The days are cooling down, the leaves are turning beautiful colors, and football season has kicked off.

Falling for Digital Breakouts

Fall is here, even though the thermometer has hit 98º as I write this. But officially, the calendar does state that fall has arrived. Instead of heading for the goal line or intercepting the football, how about grabbing an apple cider and tackling a digital breakout? The Game Plan (What is a digital breakout?) A digital breakout does not require a physical box and locks. Opening Digital Locks Here is one process for finding the answer for a digital lock. Do be aware that there are “red herrings” in most digital breakouts that will distract players and could lead them on a wild goose chase. Use Fliphunts to Create an Engaging Lesson for Your Class. Regardless of what you teach, your students will most likely respond well to an adventure of some kind as opposed to worksheets or traditional whole-group learning.

Use Fliphunts to Create an Engaging Lesson for Your Class

So a fliphunt is perfect for your classroom. But, you might be asking yourself, “What is a fliphunt?” Designed by Kathi Kersznowski (@kerszi), a fliphunt is a scavenger hunt using Flipgrid. It is a fun way of having your students get out of their seats, participate in the learning, and demonstrate their understanding and application. Organizing Your Fliphunts Start by creating a grid in Flipgrid to contain all your fliphunts. Falling for Digital Breakouts. Banned Books Week 2018. Copy of Breakout From Mr. Lemoncello's Library. The 50 States Digital Breakout.