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Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) Innovation : Une prothèse redonne le sens du toucher à un patient amputé d’un bras - News Vaud & Régions: Lausanne & Région. Innovation Un volontaire danois a porté pendant un mois un prototype de main bionique coréalisée par l’EPFL restituant des sensations en temps réel. 1/6 Un bras bionique qui redonne le sens du toucherEPFL Signaler une erreur Vous avez vu une erreur?

Innovation : Une prothèse redonne le sens du toucher à un patient amputé d’un bras - News Vaud & Régions: Lausanne & Région

Merci de nous en informer. Veuillez SVP entrez une adresse e-mail valide Partager & Commenter Votre email a été envoyé. Kinetic Wind-Powered Sculptures by Anthony Howe. Anthony Howe is an American artist that has been making suspended and freestanding kinetic sculptures for the last 17 years.

Kinetic Wind-Powered Sculptures by Anthony Howe

Howe’s artwork is designed to respond to the exterior natural environment of wind and light. In his artist statement, Howe explains: “I attempt, with an economy of means, to construct objects whose visual references range from lo-tech sci-fi paraphernalia to microbiological or astronomical models. Utilizing primarily stainless steel armatures that are driven either by hammered curvilinear shapes or flat fiberglass covered discs, I hope the pieces assume a spare, linear elegance when conditions are still, mutating to raucous animation when the wind picks up. Multiple axis finely balanced forms, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, conspire to create a visually satisfying three-dimensional harmony.

You can find many more examples of Howe’s fascinating work on his official website HOWEART.NET. A Guy Filmed His Friend Walking Toward the Camera at Different Places Around the World . . . Then Ed - 99.9 Radio USA America's Best Country. Crazy rooms. CNN Hero Narayanan Krishnan. The Lost Choir - Mad World. National Geographic Live! - Bonus: Free Soloing with Alex Honnold. Callum Cooper. Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word. How to go to the drive thru without arms. J S10E08 XL. Meghalayas Living Bridge. Two men + two Tesla coils + special suits = ELECTRICITY FIGHT! Вред курения. 400 сигарет (HD видео) Internet of food: Arduino-based, urban aquaponics in Oakland. How It's Made, Decorative Candles. Finn & Jake Pencil Carving.

Squatty Potty-Toilet Stool: squatting for proper toilet posture. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die. Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs? - Live flight tracker! Le Temple des Tigres. Le Temple des Tigres « Le monastère n’est pas seulement pour l’homme mais aussi pour tous les animaux qui cherchent la tranquillité ».

En 1999, le temple recueille un bébé tigre orphelin. Dans les mois qui suivent, les villageois et la police amènent au temple huit autres tigres dont la mère a été tuée par des braconniers. Le Temple Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasamoanno gagne alors son nom de Temple des Tigres. Depuis, les tigres ne cessent d’affluer et le monastère a ouvert ses portes au public avec pour objectif de construire avec le fruit des recettes « Tiger Island », une réserve pour les tigres. Intérêt: Localisation en Thaïlande A 40km au nord-est de Kanchanaburi La visite Comptez environ 1h30 à 2h pour une visite « classique ». A peine passé l’entrée, on se rend compte que le Temple des Tigres n’héberge pas que des tigres. L’attraction principale est le canyon des tigres. Tarifs Entrée du parc : 500฿ Les photos avec les tigres « classiques » sont gratuites.

S'y rendre. Kite surfer Redington beach 6-24-12. Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods) Mobile tactile tech gets physical. Custom Namiki Falcon Resin Fountain Pen HD. How High Can We Build? Tattoo Removal Before and After - Half Sleeve Laser Tattoo Removal - Houston, Texas. Mesmerizing Pendulum Waves. 9-year-old's DIY cardboard arcade gets flashmobbed. Nirvan says: "I just finished this short film about a 9-year-old boy's elaborate DIY cardboard arcade.

9-year-old's DIY cardboard arcade gets flashmobbed

Caine made his arcade using boxes from his dad's used auto parts store. He hadn't had many customers, so we set up a fun flashmob to make his day, and filmed his response. I hope it brings a smile to your day. P.S. Caine's Arcade is in East LA. Carolina Camera: The Sling Shot Man. LFTR in 5 minutes. Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy. This Amazing Device Just Made Wheelchairs Obsolete for Paraplegics.

Wilkinson Residence. WRECKING CREW ORCHESTRA 20120208EL. Phoenix Suns Half Time Show - Human Dunk. Man Moves Huge Blocks! James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change. FREE GAS FOR EVER!!!! TELL EVERYONE!! Circonvolution improbable... Alexandre Lane Roue Cyr - Cyr wheel ImproCirque 9 juillet 2011. Application: Quand les touristes s'effacent de vos photos de vacances - News High-Tech: Hard-/Software.

Application Le vieux rêve des photographes amateurs est sur le point de se réaliser: effacer sans souci personnes et véhicules qui s’invitent par surprise sur les clichés. Un petit clic pour la photographie, mais un bond de géant pour le photographe. Le problème est aussi vieux que la photographie elle-même: Tout est prêt pour le cliché, sujet cadré, lumière ajustée, et voilà que quelqu’un surgit au dernier moment dans le champ, ruinant la prise de vue. Le souci est certes devenu relatif à l’âge des appareils numériques, qui permettent de multiplier les essais. Il reste néanmoins difficile de dégager le terrain devant un monument connu ou un paysage fameux. La situation pourrait bien changer. Caméscope intelligent Cette invention, baptisée Remove, pourrait être intégrée aux prochains appareils de photo et être disponible sous forme d’App pour les smartphones. Le concept est simple. Le site engadget a testé l’application Android avec un Galaxy Nexus et un Galaxy S2.

Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. Split Screen Bohemian Rhapsody - Richie Castellano. Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China? 2012. Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee. (click images for detail) For the better part of three decades multidisciplinary artist Guy Laramee has worked as a stage writer, director, composer, a fabricator of musical instruments, a singer, sculptor, painter and writer.

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

Among his sculptural works are two incredible series of carved book landscapes and structures entitled Biblios and The Great Wall, where the dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. Of these works he says: So I carve landscapes out of books and I paint Romantic landscapes. Mountains of disused knowledge return to what they really are: mountains. Zen Table by Simon Hallam. Imagine a Japanese Zen Garden built into a beautifully-crafted, glass-topped table.

Zen Table by Simon Hallam

The body of the table encapsulates electronics and robotics, that sculpt geometric patterns and images into a field of microscopic silicone beads beneath a glass top. BBC Nature - Chimp solves memory test 'faster than blink of an eye' Humpback Whale Shows AMAZING Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets. First 3D printed jaw transplant: 83-year-old woman sets world record (Video)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 First 3D printed jaw transplant: 83-year-old woman sets world record (Video) LEUVEN, Belgium--Scientists at the University of Hasselt BIOMED Research Institute in Belgium developed a custom made lower jaw transplant, using a prosthetic jaw made by LayerWise on a 3D printer; an 83 year-old Belgian woman has become the first-ever person to receive a transplant jawbone tailor-made for her face; the surgery took place at the Orbis Medisch Centrum in Sittard-Geleen , setting the world record for the First 3D printed jaw transplant, according to World Record Academy ( Photo: (enlarge photo) The Guinness world record for the earliest successful full face transplant was performed by a team of doctors from the Vall d''Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain.

An 83-year-old Belgian woman underwent the operation last June, after suffering from an infection that rapidly ate away her jaw. (enlarge photo) Dr. ir. MakerBot Industries.