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Culture. Newspaper Map. Colleges Are Buying Stuff They Can’t Afford and Making Students Pay For It. Share Low Memorial Library at Columbia University (AP Photo/John Minchillo) With tuition costs more than doubling over the past generation, and student debt now exceeding $1 trillion, everyone knows the cost of college is too damn high.

Colleges Are Buying Stuff They Can’t Afford and Making Students Pay For It

About 40 million people nationwide are weighed down by education debts that often reach into the tens of thousands. But those numbers are just a sliver of the bleak shadow that Wall Street casts over higher education. A new study on debt across the higher education system reveals that the massive debts borne by both students and their institutions has climbed to about $45 billion per year.

Even among graduates of public colleges, the average debt burden has more than doubled between 2001 and 2009, from about $9,440 to $21,100, mirroring the debt trendlines for graduates of private non-profit institutions. Should we care that our college experiences are being funded by borrowed money? Please support our journalism. Debt And Society from Dog Park on Vimeo.

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Alternative News and Information. Smart, Fearless Journalism. The Onion - America's Finest News Source. Time4English. A German woman in Darmstadt found a wallet containing €1000.


She refused to give it back to the owner unless she was given a €120 reward. She got the reward, but the pensioner who owned it tipped off the police and the woman was arrested. Police said: "It was a bit stupid. She could have just kept the wallet. " tipped off - told Volunteers were cleaning rubbish from the top of Britain's highest mountain when they found a piano. Puzzled = don't know how as to = about instrument = piano ended up at = got to German police are stunned by the theft of an entire roller-coaster. Stunned - very surprised Big Dipper - name of a kind of roller-coaster Six-year-old Maximiliano Arellano, from Mexico City, has been studying medicine on his own at home. Maximiliano Arellano = boy's name on his own = alone / by himself prodigy = child genius / child who is many years ahead of other children his/her age enable = allow. Behind the News.

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