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Wait! Don't Get Married Unless You've Asked Your Partner These 15 Questions. Marriage is a big step and a bit commitment in your partnership.

Wait! Don't Get Married Unless You've Asked Your Partner These 15 Questions

If you're thinking about popping the question, you might want to be extra clear on these 15 questions. 1) If we have kids, who will be the primary caregiver? Will it be split evenly between us? 2) Are we clear on each others financial obligations and goals? Parents must take back control from kids, psychologist says. NEW YORK — Dr.

Parents must take back control from kids, psychologist says

Leonard Sax has been a family physician and psychologist for 27 years, conducting workshops around the world for parents, teachers, social workers, counsellors, school psychologists and juvenile justice professionals. He’s also a dad, and it’s from all those perspectives that he took on his fourth book, an alarm bell of sorts titled The Collapse of Parenting, out recently from Basic Books. Sax, who lives in Exton, Pennsylvania, argues that families are facing a crisis of authority, where the kids are in charge, out of shape emotionally and physically, and suffering because of it. How to grow the fuck up - Gay Heathen. HOW TO ADULT - LISTEN UP YOUTH AND PEOPLE WHO JUST DON’T KNOW.

These Travel Hacks Will Make Your Trip So Much Easier. Withings Home $199.95 Watch what's happening at home from anywhere in the world.

These Travel Hacks Will Make Your Trip So Much Easier

The device is a discreet HD camera that works with a phone app to allow travelers to connect with family through Wi-Fi. Use the 24-hour playback to keep a tab on kids and pets, or the two-way microphone to do a free video chat. Sleevey Wonders $42-$51 Expands your wardrobe in seconds. Sleevey Wonders are made to wear under sleeveless and strapless garments as an added layer, but give the illusion of being part of your outfit. They are dressy, slimming and help you adapt to changing temperatures. Sleevey Wonders come in an array of styles, colors and fabrications, including lace, jersey, mesh, leopard, fishnet, shirred and more. Altitude V Waterproof by Hi-Tec Footwear $99.99 These versatile, rugged and waterproof ankle boots are perfect for those hiking trips.

Asexual Sex Worker — Strong words to use on a Resume. Letting Go of Sunk Costs. What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong? Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD. Adoption Council of Canada. Q – What is Adoption?

Adoption Council of Canada

A – Adoption is the legal and permanent transfer of parental rights from a person or couple to another person or couple. Adoptive parents have the same responsibilities and legal rights as biological parents. 33 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding. 6 Rules to Live By When You Discipline Your Child  Anyone can tell you that discipline is a messy business.

6 Rules to Live By When You Discipline Your Child 

Not even the best of parents could possibly get it right all the time. However, part of what complicates the process of teaching our kids to behave is that parents bring a lot of their own baggage to the table. Kids can be a big trigger of feelings from your childhood, feelings you aren't even aware of anymore. 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks. Fuck yeah sex education. Fuck yeah sex education. Fuck yeah sex education. 5 Insider Tips for Not Getting Screwed by Car Salesmen. Fuck yeah sex education. 5 Big Fat Lies About Parenthood. Looking back over my 13 years of parenting so far, I see many common “truths” about parenthood that have proven to be more fiction than fact.

5 Big Fat Lies About Parenthood

And dishonesty sucks. As someone who prizes truth, especially regarding parenting, I thought I’d shed my own personal light on some of these beliefs. Here are the five biggest lies about parenthood I was told… 5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting Is in Crisis, According to a British Nanny  I generally am quite an optimistic person.

5 Reasons Modern-Day Parenting Is in Crisis, According to a British Nanny 

I tend to believe that everything will work out for the best unless the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary, and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not prone to drama. That's why when I say that modern parenting is in serious trouble -- crisis, even -- I hope you'll listen, and listen carefully. Fluff rice with a fork, never stir it with a... Hostvsparasite: psychofactz: More Facts on... Hostvsparasite: psychofactz: More Facts on Psychofacts :) This is true!

hostvsparasite: psychofactz: More Facts on...

We’re using some ASL with Viva, and her little hands are always going! Oh! I Stole It With The President, I know you are currently dealing with apartment things so hopefully this won't stress you out, but any advice/suggestions on renting an apt? I'm hoping to move into my own place soon, but I've only ever lived with my parents.

The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number. 10 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Freeze - 50 Ways to Get a Job. 71 Things You Child Needs to Know Before Kindergarten. Castielsunderpants: castielsunderpants: ... - Gay Heathen. Let Me Tell You A Story (kukiexsiren: coldlikedeath: ...) What To Buy Every Month. Cute birds and sad nerds. 60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life. One small step for girls, one giant leap for womankind.

60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life

Download a banking app.Drink more herbal tea. How To Build A 400 Square Foot Solar Powered Cabin For $2000. How to build a nice small cabin powered by solar panels.

How To Build A 400 Square Foot Solar Powered Cabin For $2000

Lamar Alexander built this cute little 400 square foot cabin for approximately $2000, and powers it with a 570 watt solar and wind power system. The whole system is very inexpensive, and the best part is he is mortgage free. Very cool little cabin. How To Build a $50 Greenhouse- Free Plans. Teaching Children to Calm Themselves.

How To Store Produce Without Plastic. We don’t use plastic to store any of our vegetables or fruits. For example, we store carrots, whole or cut, immersed in containers of water. They will stay crisp in the refrigerator for weeks. (Make sure to change the water frequently.) Celery works the same way. The Berkeley Farmers Market has put together a huge list of ways to store produce without plastic. How to Store Vegetables Without Plastic. 45 Ultimate Tips For Men. Number 40 Will Help You Go Far In Life. Parenting Through Tantrums 101.

Opening A Bakery with The Sweet Side. 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home. Becoming an adult cheat sheet!!! Fuck yeah sex education. Babies Breastfed 6 Months Or Longer Linked To Better Developmental Skills (STUDY) BY SHEREEN JEGTVIG NEW YORK Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:00am EST (Reuters Health) - Children who were breastfed for more than six months scored the highest on cognitive, language and motor development tests as toddlers, in a new study from Greece. Earlier research tied breastfeeding to better thinking and memory skills. But how it's related to language skills and movement and coordination had been less clear.

The new study doesn't prove breastfeeding is responsible for better development, but it shows a strong association, researchers said. Most evidence "pretty clearly shows there are significant medical benefits of breast-feeding," Dr. Christakis is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington and director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children's Research Institute. For their report, Dr. Fuck yeah sex education. The Natural Health Page. 6 Great Ways To Help Your Toddler Move Through Their Emotions (Works For Grown Ups Too!) By Morgan Shanahan | Living with a toddler is kind of like living with an emotional time bomb.

Like, imagine if you expressed every emotion you felt at the exact moment you felt it and acted on every impulse all the time, and that’s pretty much Toddlerhood in a nutshell. (In other words, AWESOME.) 9 Subtle Lies We All Tell Ourselves. Doing an Internship in France. How to Adult. How to Adult. The Graduation Speech I Wish I Could Have Made. How to Answer the Top 35 Interview Questions. This infographic (from Sample Questionaire) lists the top 35 most asked interview questions, and how to answer them! 30 More Simple Ideas that are Borderline Genius. Copperbadge: EVERYONE PARTY, it's time for Sam's Guide to Job Hunting! I Do Not Speak Tumblr, sabra-n replied to your photo: Oh Otto. I know...

How to Adult - Paying Off Student Loans (in brief) MY DRUNK KITCHEN. The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson. Secular parenting. 6 Important Things Nobody Tells You About Grad School. Summer! The courses are complete, the exams are over, and the students emerge from educational cocoons to blink in the harsh light of the real world. Many dive straight back under the downy duvet of postgraduate education, and every single one of them is reading this, because screwing around on the Internet is what postgraduates do instead of ever leaving the building. John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images"Haha, I'm sitting quietly at my desk reading NON-work-related material! In your face, The Man! " I’m curious why you decided to home school your kids and how long you plan on continuing to do so.

Colin Stokes: How movies teach manhood. Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning. What is Attachment Parenting? Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD. How to Trick Your Brain for Happiness. This month, we feature videos of a Greater Good presentation by Rick Hanson, the best-selling author and trailblazing psychologist. RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms. TeachThemHowToThink — How do you start the conversations about religion with your children? TeachThemHowToThink — ialways-dreamed answered your question: Well hello...

16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School. I am 28 now.