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Your horse is not a car: a guide to writing about horses in historical fiction - The History Quill. Unless your historical novel is set in a single location, your characters are going to need to travel.

Your horse is not a car: a guide to writing about horses in historical fiction - The History Quill

And that means horses. Till the turn of the century, the horse dominated the way we travelled, and in rural areas, that continued right up to the start of WW2.

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Artists To Keep Track Of. Copyright Law. Fonts. Image Sources. Kickstarter Stuff. Letterlocking. RPG Writing Stuff. Story Structure. Word Fun. What's the Point of Writing If You're Not Going to Succeed? — A Visual #Fashion Guide For Women - Necklines,... Pitch Wars. Book Printing – OneBookShelf Publisher Service. Using GREP to Make a Character Lowercase - : InDesignSecrets. David Blatner June 26, 2007.

Using GREP to Make a Character Lowercase - : InDesignSecrets

Custom Archival Storage Boxes & Enclosures. TALAS is proud to offer a wide selection of custom archival storage boxes all made in house in Brooklyn, New York.

Custom Archival Storage Boxes & Enclosures

Custom doesn't have to mean long lead times, and we typically ship custom orders in 1-3 business days. No minimum quantities and no maximum dimensions. 4.5 Protecting Books with Custom-Fitted Boxes — NEDCC. Boxes provide books with structural support and protection from dust, dirt, light, and mechanical damage.

4.5 Protecting Books with Custom-Fitted Boxes — NEDCC

We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research) It is difficult to overstate the importance of headlines.

We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research)

A good headline can entice and engage your audience to click, to read, and to share your content. In many cases headlines are the thing that is shared rather than the article. A Beautifully Illustrated Glossary Of Typographic Terms You Should Know. The world of typography often seems like it has its very own language, full of serifs, strokes, and swashes.

A Beautifully Illustrated Glossary Of Typographic Terms You Should Know

Sorting out all those terms can be confusing in itself, so we’ve compiled a visual glossary that will guide you through the lingo — whether you’re an aspiring typeface designer or just a general typography enthusiast. Learning the building blocks of typography will help you better understand how to pick a suitable font and apply it effectively within your design projects. The Basics: Typefaces Categories & Styles 01. Font/Typeface: Back in the days of metal type and printing presses, fonts and typefaces were two different things — the typeface was the specific design of the letters, say Times New Roman or Baskerville; while the font referred to the particular size or style of that typeface, say 10 point regular or 24 point italic (each created as its own collection of cast metal letters and other characters).

Customize menus and keyboard shortcuts in InDesign. Join Viddyoze - Limited Time Offer. BookBaby $19 Printing. Maybe you just want to print one proof copy of your own book to see how good our book printing is. Or maybe you just want to know how good it feels to hold your very own printed book in your hands. Whatever the reason, thanks to this special single book offer, you can print a book extremely affordably. Printing a single copy of your book to proof in person before you buy, isn’t just a possibility, it’s an incredibly easy reality. BookBaby makes it easy to print your own book. Our $39 single book proof lets you see the exact finished product before you commit to a full order. Any trim size, any binding... full-color inside... you name it. Foreign Service Institute Language Difficulty Rankings. The Wood Database. My Ultimate Character Background Questionnaire. (I built this from several questionnaires I found online.

My Ultimate Character Background Questionnaire

Books and Plays for the New WorldFalstaff Books. Placing Literature. DIY Coptic Stitch Binding (How to Make) Handbound Books and Journals. Labyrinth. Aeon Timeline: Outlining Made Easy. Aeon Timeline is a great way to plan a novel.

Aeon Timeline: Outlining Made Easy

I broke down and bought Aeon Timeline. It was $39.99 in the AppStore, but so far it has been worth every penny. Even though there is currently not a Windows version, I have found the program to be probably one of the greatest tools for planning out multiple story arcs, keeping track of character relationships and viewing all of the subtle nuances of my novel at a glance.

A Writer's Guide to Horses. An Equestrian Writer’s Guide.

A Writer's Guide to Horses

ISBNs. How Publishers Make Decisions About What to Publish: The Book P&L. Photo by gonzalo_ar / via Flickr Note from Jane: Last year, I wrote and published the following article in Scratch magazine.

How Publishers Make Decisions About What to Publish: The Book P&L

The Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative: A Preview - The Authors Guild. On May 28 we announced the Authors Guild Fair Contract Initiative. Its goal is to shine a bright light on the one-sided contract terms that publishers typically offer authors and to spur publishers to offer more equitable deals. This is not an abstract issue: today’s contracts directly affect authors’ livelihoods and ability to control their works. As standard terms have become less favorable to authors in recent years, their ability to make a living has become more precarious. Authors are among our more vulnerable classes of workers. James Mathe – Entrepreneur, Designer, Publisher.

I run a Facebook group with over 5000 designers and run several prototype events throughout the year at , , and major conventions like GenCon and BGG.CON – I also run this blog about game design and publishing. As such, I have the ears of many up and coming game designers and publishers. Guardbridge Books. Independent publisher of quality Speculative Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction books and e-books. Guardbridge Books is a small company that produces high quality books.

Our specialities are innovative speculative fiction and rigorously researched but accessible non-fiction. As a small company we can give individual attention to all our authors and their books, and personally attend to customers' needs. Listed here are the open calls we are currently reviewing. Short-Run Printing, Publishing & On-Demand Printing.

Das Keyboard Model S Professional. Some Sad Puppy Data Analysis. Image from Flickr user Bill Lile. Click for link to original. Why Puppies are sad, and always will be  Inbound Marketing for #Authors. I've been applying for jobs recently and as most of my marketing knowledge comes from experience rather than an academic degree, I've had to do some research on industry jargon. One such topic is Inbound Marketing. The Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Book Recommendations and Reviews. Input Tools. DAW. BrightFX. Custom Packaging Made Simple. Swan Tower - The Absence of Women. 02:00 pm - The Absence of Women. Horror Author Submission Resource. Robot Cowgirl Press. Submissions « Evil Girlfriend Media Evil Girlfriend Media. PFM ~ Special Calls.

46 Sexual Fetishes You've Never Heard Of. 10 Geeky Debates That Had To Be Settled By Federal Courts. "But, fans were not mollified, including Chuck Austen, who, one year earlier, had become the writer of the 'Uncanny X-Men' comics. Dimensions Of A Paper Sizes - A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 - In Inches & mm. A Paper Sizes - Quick Lookup Select the standard paper size from the 'Size' selector and the unit from the 'Unit' selector - the dimensions will be shown in the dimensions box. Self Publishing, Book Publishers, Book Printing, How to Publish a Book. 20 Marketing Questions Self-Published Authors Must Answer. If you’re a self-published novelist, your line of books is your small business. Codex Writers' Group. GenCon Writer's Symposium. OneBookShelf Pricing Data. Paperblanks Blank Books.

Word count. Word Count Definitions. Blocked - The New Yorker. Train Simple - Adobe Online Training. Typewriter-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard – QWERKYWRITER. Datamancer Keyboards. Category:Lists of place names. Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop - Improving Science Literacy through Words and Media. TypeIt - Type accent marks, diacritics and foreign letters online.