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Join Viddyoze - Limited Time Offer

Join Viddyoze - Limited Time Offer
Viddyoze usually costs $197/month. But to celebrate the launch of v2.0, for a very limited amount of time, you can secure a lifetime licence for a one-time price. People who miss this launch offer will need to subscribe and pay the full $197/month to get access to the exact same offer you have now. The same templates, the same technology, the same service and the same usage rights—but a BIG monthly commitment. Right now, you can lock in your chance to have all your videos look incredible. While everyone else is slaving over After Effects or paying $80 every time they need a logo sting, you’ll be firing up Viddyoze and creating something truly beautiful. Maybe you’ll even be the guy everyone else is giving $80 to. And the best bit is... You can test out Viddyoze with no financial risk at all. Try out Viddyoze today while the opportunity to lock in lifetime access for a fraction of the public price is still available. Test Viddyoze out for 30 days.

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BookBaby $19 Printing Maybe you just want to print one proof copy of your own book to see how good our book printing is. Or maybe you just want to know how good it feels to hold your very own printed book in your hands. Whatever the reason, thanks to this special single book offer, you can print a book extremely affordably. Printing a single copy of your book to proof in person before you buy, isn’t just a possibility, it’s an incredibly easy reality. BookBaby makes it easy to print your own book. Our $39 single book proof lets you see the exact finished product before you commit to a full order.

Looking Back to Look Forward: Illustration Styles of the Past 30 Years Modernist art and the Modernism movement had a significant and far-reaching impact on illustration and design. Starting in around 1908 and lasting through the 1930s, Modernism included a series of distinct movements, including Constructivism, Surrealism, and the Bauhaus. These movements shared a rejection of historical styles, a minimalist design approach, and an original and experimental use of shapes, colors, lines, and layout.

Tiny, Live-Streaming Wearable Camera Wirelessly Connects To Your Phone - PSFK Lightbox is a smartphone extension that lets users take hands-free photos and videos. Lightbox, created by New York-based startup CA7CH, is a small wearable camera that lets users take photos and stream videos with their smartphone completely hands-free. CA7CH Lightbox claims to be the smallest live-streaming wireless wearable camera. The small square-shaped camera acts as a smartphone extension and comes with a corresponding app that’s packed with features. The camera measures 1.5 inches on each side and has a shiny waterproof aluminum body that weighs about 30 grams. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an 8 MP lens with a sapphire lens protector, and a -35 dB microphone.

A Beautifully Illustrated Glossary Of Typographic Terms You Should Know The world of typography often seems like it has its very own language, full of serifs, strokes, and swashes. Sorting out all those terms can be confusing in itself, so we’ve compiled a visual glossary that will guide you through the lingo — whether you’re an aspiring typeface designer or just a general typography enthusiast. Learning the building blocks of typography will help you better understand how to pick a suitable font and apply it effectively within your design projects. The Basics: Typefaces Categories & Styles 01. Fast Drawing for Everyone If you’re interested in learning more about the magic behind AutoDraw, check out “Quick, Draw!” (one of our A.I. Experiments). AutoDraw’s suggestion tool uses the same technology to guess what you’re trying to draw. Big thanks to the artists, designers, illustrators and friends of Google who created original drawings for AutoDraw. HAWRAF, Design StudioErin Butner, DesignerJulia Melograna, IllustratorPei Liew, DesignerSimone Noronha, DesignerTori Hinn, DesignerSelman Design, Creative Studio

Perfect short film story structure. - Lift-Off Global Network Story structure for the short film narrative “These creatures are among us, although morphologically they do not differ from us; we must not posit a difference of essence, but a difference of behaviour.” – Phillip K. Dick Short film story structure is a difficult point in terms of education. We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research) It is difficult to overstate the importance of headlines. A good headline can entice and engage your audience to click, to read, and to share your content. In many cases headlines are the thing that is shared rather than the article. So you knew that.

22 PEN DELUXE SET The 22-Pen Deluxe Set is the feature pack of the Chameleon Color Tones Product Line, giving you the full range of markers, plus a Detail and Toning pen. The easy to read deluxe instructions, with useful hints, tips 4 Ways Documentary Filmmaking Can Capture Real-Life Drama By Sheila Curran Bernard Documentary filmmakers, no less than dramatic screenwriters, strive to tell strong, often character-driven stories that have a beginning, middle and end, with something at stake, rising tension, and a narrative arc that keeps viewers actively engaged. Unlike dramatists, however, nonfiction filmmakers can't invent characters and plot points, but must instead find them in the raw material of real life. "The documentarist has a passion for what he finds in images and sounds - which always seem to him more meaningful than anything he can invent," wrote media historian Erik Barnouw. "It is in selecting and arranging his findings that he expresses himself." At the same time, if the film is to be documentary and not propaganda, this creative arrangement must result in work that adheres not only to standards of good storytelling, but also good journalism.