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How To Make Glow In The Dark Paint. How to make an amazing decor for kids rooms ?

How To Make Glow In The Dark Paint

It’s easy, because Rust-Oleum Specialty Glow In The Dark glows for up to 2 hours. Apply to wood, metal, plaster, masonry or unglazed ceramic. Washes with soap and water. Great for kids rooms, school projects and holiday decor. Wax & Water Color. If you have been loving the watercolor and ombre trend recently, you are going to LOVE this amazing DIY Sarah is bringing us today!

Wax & Water Color

She is sharing a sweet way to ask your bridesmaids if they will stand by your side on your wedding day. This DIY is so adorable and super easy! It is even more awesome because this technique can be applied to so many elements in your wedding (hello, fabulous escort cards and favor tags!) It’s DIY time again, lovely readers! This time I have a super “artsy” project for you! Materials Watercolor paper cut into 9″x6.25″ rectangles, folded into cards(size A6: 4.5″x6.25″), 1 per bridesmaidWatercolor paints (the cheap Crayola one will work just fine!) Helpful hints: Using a bone folder to fold the paper is very helpful, since watercolor paper tends to be thicker than printer or scrapbooking paper. Step 1: Cut all of the paper (watercolor and scrapbook) to the sizes indicated above. Imprinted Easter Eggs.

Every Easter, as long as I can remember, my Grandma dyed the prettiest leaf and floral imprinted Easter eggs!

Imprinted Easter Eggs

They were so natural and lovely, but produced with nothing more than an easily concocted natural dyestock and little bits of flora. We lost my Grandma last year and for the first time, Jaydin and I recreated her dye with spanish onion skins, water and a few tablespoons of vinegar. We also purchased a few pair of cheap panty hose and elastic hair bands. Jaydin went on a walk and came back with some leaves and flower petals for our imprints – we also used some herbs in the refrigerator.

We first skinned about 10 spanish onions and placed the skins into a medium sauce pan along with about 4.5 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. We placed our leaf and/or flower petals onto the raw eggs and wrapped them tightly in a small piece of nylon securing both ends with elastic pony tails. We removed them to reveal our pretty natural looking eggs. Bubble Art. Hand me a paintbrush and a piece of paper, and I’ll start to hyperventilate.

Bubble Art

It’s not the paper that does it. It’s the paintbrush. This means I’ll try just about anything to create original paper/art images using just about anything BUT a paintbrush. This latest experiment involved a bottle of bubbles and black ink. Check it out: Here’s the complete list of what I used to make my bubble paper: No Carve Stamps. By Jeromina Juan Ever wonder about the possibilities of designing your own stamps without having to carve anything?

No Carve Stamps

There is a simple way! You’ll need one ordinary household object – silicone caulking. Yes, the one you use on your bathtub, sinks, and windows! With no carving to do at all, this task cannot be simpler. And the result? Materials 1/8″-thick acrylic plexiglass; can be found at hardware storesX-Acto knife Metal ruler Silicone rubber caulking (clear); can be found at hardware storesWater-based paint BrayerNote: You can cut plexiglass to size by scoring a straight line several times using an X-Acto knife and metal ruler, and then placing the plexiglass on a table with the score line over the edge and snapping it in one quick motion. Directions Step 1: Sketch your designs on paper. Step 2: Hold the caulk tube vertical and tap it against a flat surface 8-10 times to remove any air bubbles.

Step 3: Let the caulking cure for 24 hours, and then your stamp is ready. About the Author: Stamps. Eraser Stamp. Faux Stone Concrete. Polka Dot Template. Water Colors. By Michelle Vackar of Hi Mamma With all of the daily activities of running your business it can be difficult at times to relax, decompress and enjoy life.

Water Colors

Some people will find their escape in cooking, walking, yoga, reading a good book …really the list can go on and on because we each enjoy different forms of relaxation. Back in my mid-to late twenties, I was working at an advertising/public relations agency and putting in an average of 50-60 hour work weeks. I was not married, no children and my career was my life, but one thing was missing: a time where I pampered myself, doing something that I enjoyed.

As a birthday gift, my parents surprised me with a watercolor class at our local art center. So I was rather quite excited to take the class, although I must admit, at first, it seemed a little odd to be leaving work at 6 p.m. to go take a watercolor class, when I was so much in the habit of working late or taking work home to do. Instructions. Moss Paint. Sakura Flower Tree.