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Pixuffle - Shuffle pixels to create unique compositions!

Pixuffle - Shuffle pixels to create unique compositions!

15 Best Places for Designers to Get Free Stock Photos Online I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a look at the prices on some non-stock photography sites (pictures of Gummy bears for $769.00 anyone?), but they reach far beyond the budget of the typical designer/developer. However, many places online allow you to obtain high-quality stock photos for free, giving the average starving artist a chance to create wonderful works of art/design without having to use next month’s rent on stock photos. In this article, we review the 15 best places to free stock photos online for designers. Note: Although these sites feature free stock photos, you should read the terms, limitations, and licensing of each work that you use; read the fine print! Dedicated free stock photo sites 1. stock.xchng stock.xchng is all free, all the time. one of the most popular paid stock photo sites – iStockphoto, sponsors them. Aimed at: Web designers and web developers, illustrators, print designers 2. A small team of in-house professional photographers supplies the photos in the site.

room Lobby - the real online drawing chat with your friends! Blog Headers For Free Download - Smashing Magazine CSS Drive: Image to Colors Palette Generator Notes: - Max file size: 1 MB. - Supported image types:.png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg images. - Photoshop swatches and CSS styles also generated. Light Color Palette #909b86 #a0a68f #adb39b #bdb682 #b8bca2 #c2c6b3 #dad295 Medium Color Palette #21360d #404d1f #5a6636 #7b6c05 #858d66 #b4a42b Dark Color Palette #0d1505 #191e0c #312b02 #2d301b Complete Color Palette #3b4e17 #39461b #3b4b1c #3e5521 #43582f #475a22 #555f2a #52602b #636b38 #707d48 #d1d7b1 #fade11 #555a24 #57642c #bfbe9f #c5c9a8 #3d4e18 #81713d #edc70a #605f27 #c2a91b #374a12 #483f04 #394c14 #5e7433 #35420c #8b6d0d #43541d #b5b994 #d0b712 #4b5e27 #2c4213 #495d20 #3a4719 Save as CSS stylesheet (.css file) Save as Photoshop swatches (.aco file) Notes: - Max file size: 1 MB. - Supported image types:.png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg images. - Photoshop swatches and CSS styles also generated. Light Color Palette #909b86 #a0a68f #adb39b #bdb682 #b8bca2 #c2c6b3 #dad295 Medium Color Palette #21360d #404d1f #5a6636 #7b6c05 #858d66 #b4a42b Dark Color Palette #0d1505 #191e0c #312b02 #2d301b Complete Color Palette #3b4e17 #39461b

Royalty Free Stock Photos at Fotolia - Affordable Royalty Free Stock Photos My Cart Buy Images! How To Buy Buy Credits Subscribe Wire Transfer Purchases Images Standard Collection Infinite Collection Best Sellers Newest Uploads Free Images Categories Seasonal Galleries Featured Galleries Vectors Videos Logos Featured Country France United Kingdom Germany Spain Italy Portugal Brazil Japan Europe Poland Russia China Turkey Korea Australia Argentina Chile Mexico Colombia 4th of July 96 contents View Gallery 4th of July - Videos 13 contents African American 180 contents Asian 102 contents avant 119 contents Back to School 110 contents Background & Textures 95 contents Beautiful Trees 160 contents 19 contents Bikinis 62 contents Blossoms 29 contents BLUE world 124 contents Business 157 contents Christmas 379 contents Christmas Videos 108 contents Computers/Software 226 contents Couples 27 contents Dads 98 contents Next 6 5 4 3 2 1 Fotolia About Us Media Center Careers Contact Us Partners User Guide Information Agreements File Sizes and Usage Credits Subscription Plans Search Galleries New Files Tools Community

The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in ghosts, there are some places in which none of us would want to spend a night. These places have well earned their reputations as being so creepy, tragic or mysterious (or all three) that they definitely qualify as "haunted." Places like... Aokigahara is a woodland at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan that makes The Blair Witch Project forest look like Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood. What Niagara Falls is to weddings, Aokigahara is to suicide. More than 500 fucking people have taken their own lives in Aokigahara since the 1950s. The trend has supposedly started after Seicho Matsumoto published his novel Kuroi Kaiju (Black Sea of Trees) where two of his characters commit suicide there. Also skulls. Besides bodies and homemade nooses, the area is littered with signs displaying such uplifting messages like "Life is a precious thing! "If you commit suicide here, bears will poop on your corpse." Winchester Mystery House Oh, bitch...!

Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color - Smashing Magazine Beautiful web-based timeline software 10 Photography Apps for Android 10 Photography Apps for Android Giveaway Tuesdays has officially ended! But don't sweat it, WonderHowTo has another World that's taken its place. Every Tuesday, Phone Snap! invites you to show off your cell phone photography skills. Submit your best shot to our weekly competition for a chance to win an awesome prize. I'll be the first to admit we owe Android a little love here on Giveaway Tuesdays. Once you've chosen, get shooting, and don't forget to submit to this week's challenge for a chance to get your photo framed in a Hatchcraft Boo Box. (P.S. 1. FxCamera is a basic, free app with the following available filters: ToyCam, Polandroid, Fisheye, SymmetriCam, Warhol and Normal. Cost: Free 2. A favorite among Android users, Vignette currently offers 84 effects and 59 frames. Cost: $4.07 (Free demo version available here) 3. AndroPan allows Android users to take and view panoramic pictures. Cost: (Appears to be) free 4. Cost: Free (Retro Camera Plus available for $2.99) 5. Cost: Free 6. 7.

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