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Will Cotton

Will Cotton

SARAH ILLENBERGER Francoise Nielly New from our favorite French artist - Francoise Nielly Alyssa Monks Brennan & Griffin :: Exhibitions : current Kris Knight Eli Horn on the Behance Network A Conversation with Ursula von Rydingsvard I first heard of Ursula von Rydingsvard from my friend Jane Rosen. "She's a great artist," she told me. "You should interview her." But Ursula lives in New York and I had my hands full in the Bay Area. Richard Whittaker: To start, I thought I’d ask if there was anything you might be thinking about currently which you might want to reflect on. Ursula von Rydingsvard: The thing I’m thinking about now is something I’ve thought about for the past number of years: that is, trying harder to break up the givens that I know, but to break them up in a way so that they have meaning—so that the process of breaking up is a kind of groping to figure out where I want to go. RW: You’ve been making art for many years. UvR: Yes. RW: So you’ve found certain directions are beginning to become fixed? UvR: Yes. RW: So there’s the search for some life—to use a big, general word. UvR: I think that’s really one of the most important things in any work, the life that one imbues it with. UvR: That’s a lot. RW: No.

Art21 . Ursula von Rydingsvard Marina Abramović was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1946. A pioneer of performance as a visual art form, Abramović has used her body as both subject and medium of her performances to test her... Robert Adams was born in Orange, New Jersey, in 1937. His refined black-and-white photographs document scenes of the American West of the past four decades, revealing the impact of human activity on... Ai Weiwei was born in Beijing, China in 1957. Laylah Ali was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1968, and lives and works in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Jennifer Allora was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1974. David Altmejd was born in Montreal, Canada in 1974. El Anatsui was born in Anyanko, Ghana in 1944. Laurie Anderson was born in Chicago in 1947. Eleanor Antin was born in New York City in 1935. Janine Antoni was born in Freeport, Bahamas, in 1964. Ida Applebroog was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1929, and lives and works in New York. Charles Atlas was born in St.

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