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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Summary scenes & acts. Romeo and Juliet-Zeffirelli-The balcony scene - vidéo Dailymotion. Romeo and Juliet (The really short version) The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare - BrainPOP. Shakespeare's Influence on the English Language. Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath. The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company is a music theatre production company founded by MOBO-award winning hip-hop artist Kingslee “Akala” Daley, 25.

Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath

Based in London, THSC offers young people a different view of the arts and ultimately themselves. Through our education programmes, live music events and music theatre productions we engage young people, particularly those who are considered “hard to reach” and push them toward artistic excellence. The Life of William Shakespeare. Words and Phrases Coined by Shakespeare. Words and Phrases Coined by Shakespeare NOTE: This list (including some of the errors I originally made) is found in several other places online.

Words and Phrases Coined by Shakespeare

That's fine, but I've asked that folks who want this on their own sites mention that I am the original compiler. For many English-speakers, the following phrases are familiar enough to be considered common expressions, proverbs, and/or clichés. All of them originated with or were popularized by Shakespeare. I compiled these from multiple sources online in 2003. How many of these are true coinages by "the Bard", and how many are simply the earliest written attestations of a word or words already in use, I can't tell you. A few words are first attested in Shakespeare and seem to have caused extra problems for the typesetters.

The popular book Coined by Shakespeare acknowledges that it is presenting first attestations rather than certain inventions. Words like "anchovy", "bandit", and "zany" are just first attestations of loan-words. Back to Ed's. Drama - 60 Second Shakespeare - Homepage. Shakespeare's Globe. Globe Theatre Links | Home (picture credit: Utrecht University Library) The sketch at left is perhaps one of the most important in theatrical history.

Shakespeare's Globe

In 1596, a Dutch student by the name of Johannes de Witt attended a play in London at the Swan Theatre. While there, de Witt made a drawing of the theatre's interior. A friend, Arend van Buchell, copied this drawing—van Buchell's copy is the sketch rendered here—and in doing so contributed greatly to posterity. Globe Theater Documentary.

Plot Summary: Video. Romeo and Juliet Comic. [Grammarman Home]

Romeo and Juliet Comic

Romeo and Juliet Character Map. Romeo and Juliet Analysis: ERIC. Excellent Video Analysis of Romeo & Juliet. Shakespeare: Original pronunciation. Romeo and Juliet: Romeo and Juliet Play Summary & Study Guide. Elizabethan Theater - Shakespeare Fun Facts. Acting was not a highly paid or highly respected profession.

Elizabethan Theater - Shakespeare Fun Facts

Actors were seen as vagrant troublemakers who promoted hard living and sin. In the 16th century, actors traveled from town to town on a cart, looking for audiences to pay to watch them perform. Playhouses were not constructed in London until 1576. Because acting was not a respected profession, women were not allowed to act until after 1660. Teenage boys who hadn't gone through puberty would play the roles of women, Going to the theater was not considered to be a fancy affair. Poor people called the groundlings, or penny knaves, were famous their love of plays. Going to a play was a lively event. Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" compared with Shakespeare's Original Work. Baz Luhrmann’s kaleidoscopic film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, while often leaving much to be desired from the two main actors in the way of delivery, presents a fascinating modern interpretation of the 16th century drama.

Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet" compared with Shakespeare's Original Work

David Ansen, film critic, describes it as “alternately enrapturing and exhausting, brilliant and glib…a "Romeo and Juliet" more for the eyes than the ears” (Newsweek). Sir Philip Sidney states in his Apology for Poetry that poetry should both delight and teach, and both the text and the film serve this purpose well—each suited to the time in which they were presented. Shakespeare incorporated jokes of the time, mentions of royalty, and allusions to historical events in his plays. Luhrmann does this as well, pulling in numerous references to recent pop culture. Both Shakespeare and Luhrmann endeavored to delight their audiences with beautiful costumes and familiar music, and to teach them with the basic moral precepts inherent in the story. Ansen, David. Romeo and Juliet" Jeopardy Game. X Folger Digital Texts use the text of Shakespeare's plays from the Folger Shakespeare Library editions.

The editions contain the work of Shakespeare on the right-hand pages, and notes, glosses, and illustrations on the left. Folger Digital Texts use the same page numbers as the Folger editions. In the editions, the text of the play appears only on the right-hand, odd-numbered pages, so page numbers here are all odd numbers, too. FTLN stands for Folger Through Line Number. With Folger Through Line Numbers, all of the lines in a play are numbered sequentially, from the first line of a play to the last.

Folger Digital Texts is designed to be a mirror of our popular print series, right down to the layout - so no matter whether readers are using Folger Digital Texts, Simon and Schuster’s ebook, or a good old-fashioned print book, everyone can be “on the same page.” Folger Digital Texts is pleased to present the first sixteen plays in our series. Romeo and Juliet Downloadable Audio. Romeo and Juliet Streaming Audio.