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How to handle immutable strings in java - Coding Security. A string is a collection of characters.

How to handle immutable strings in java - Coding Security

In Java, strings can be created using three predefined classes namely String, StringBuffer and StringBuilderwhich are available in java.lang package. Why did Java designers provide three classes for creating strings? This Simple Text Will Break The Messages App - Latest Hacking News. A new hack, discovered by hacker Vincedes3, can crash and disable the Messages app on any device running iOS 8 through to iOS 10.

This Simple Text Will Break The Messages App - Latest Hacking News

The revelation was made popular by YouTuber EverythingApplePro, who uploaded a video presenting the exploit’s destructive impacts. Additionally, Vincedes3 has documented the exploit on his own channel. The exploit works by overloading a vCard – typically used to exchange contact information between devices – with thousands of lines of code to such an extent that the Messages app freezes and cannot process any further information.

Messages subsequently crashes. Vincedes3 has reportedly included 14,281 lines of code in the vCard file, working out at roughly 70 times the amount of code found in the average vCard. FossBytes Academy. Spend 5 Minutes a Day Doing These 5 Exercises and Watch Your Eyesight Improve - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY. Our eyesight is one of our most valuable senses.

Spend 5 Minutes a Day Doing These 5 Exercises and Watch Your Eyesight Improve - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY

It gives us the ability and pleasure to observe the world around us in vivid color and high definition. It gives us freedom to explore our surroundings at free will but whether we like or not, our eyesight can worsen over our lifetimes. Physicists say they've manipulated 'pure nothingness' and observed the fallout. According to quantum mechanics, a vacuum isn't empty at all.

Physicists say they've manipulated 'pure nothingness' and observed the fallout

It's actually filled with quantum energy and particles that blink in and out of existence for a fleeting moment - strange signals that are known as quantum fluctuations. For decades, there had only ever been indirect evidence of these fluctuations, but back in 2015, researchers claimed to have detected the theoretical fluctuations directly. And now the same team says they've gone a step further, having manipulated the vacuum itself, and detecting the changes in these strange signals in the void. We're entering the territory of high-level physics here, but what's really important in this experiment is that, if these results are confirmed, the researchers might have just unlocked a way to observe, probe, and test the quantum realm without interfering with it. Star Trek-style force-field armour being developed by military scientists.

The idea is similar to the force fields portrayed in science fiction movies which produce an invisible protective shell around a vehicle or object.

Star Trek-style force-field armour being developed by military scientists

Professor Bryn James, head of Dstl's armour and protection science and technology centre, said the electric armour had the potential to dramatically decrease the weight of military vehicles and tanks. Currently few tanks are able to carry enough armour needed to resist impacts from RPG rounds, which produce jets of molten copper capable of punching through more than foot of solid steel upon impact. Force field - Wikipedia. Clever Homemade 3D Router Table. “Suso,” doing business as Paoson Luthier, is an instrument maker and woodworker in Galiza, Spain.

Clever Homemade 3D Router Table

Besides being known for his impressive instrument-making skills, he’s also known for making the cleverly-designed router tables, table saws, and belt sanders that he uses in his woodworking. Paoson Luthier’s most recent project is a handmade wooden 3D router table. Suso writes of his motivation behind the build: The idea arose after dealing with the difficulties and loss of time in preparing for certain CNC jobs. The Moonstone - Wikipedia. Etymology[edit] Plot outline[edit] Plot summary[edit]

The Moonstone - Wikipedia

1000+ ideas about Build Your Own Cabin on Pinterest. ‘Damn Simple' Tiny House Costs Just $1,200 To Build Yourself. (Photo Credit: Relaxshacks) If you thought you could never live in a tiny house, think again.

‘Damn Simple' Tiny House Costs Just $1,200 To Build Yourself

This tiny A-frame cabin is just 80 square feet at its base, but it packs a totally livable punch. Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL Linux desktop environment now available for x86 PCs. In a rather curious turn, the Raspberry Pi foundation has released an x86 PC port of its PIXEL+Debian Linux desktop environment.

Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL Linux desktop environment now available for x86 PCs

PIXEL (which is a clunky backronym for Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight) is an extensively modified version of the LXDE X11 desktop environment. It was originally released in September for use with Raspberry Pi single-board computers, but now it has also been packaged up for x86 PCs. You can boot your Windows or Mac PC into the PIXEL desktop environment right now, if you so wish. In the words of Eben Upton, founder of the foundation, PIXEL is "our best guess as to what the majority of users are looking for in a desktop environment [...]

Descriptive-analytics-part-0-data-exploration. Difficulty level: 2.02/5 (30 votes) Descriptive Analytics is the examination of data or content, usually manually performed, to answer the question “What happened?”.


This is the first set of exercise of a series of exercises that aims to provide a descriptive analytics solution to the ‘2008’ data set from here. Download it and save it as a csv file. This data set which contains the arrival and departure information for all domestic flights in the US from 2008 has become the “iris” data set for Big Data. In the exercises below we cover the basics of data exploration. Descriptive Analytics – Part 0 : data exploration – solution. Hubble Kept Its Camera Pointed THERE For Over 4 Months, What It Discovered Will BLOW YOUR MIND! A couple of years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope began pointing its camera at a small area in the night sky.

The area, about a tenth the size of the full moon, appeared to be complete blackness with no stars visible to the naked eye. Hubble kept its camera pointed there for over 4 months, taking in all the light it could. Australian climate politics in 2017: a guide for the perplexed. If you thought the climate debate has been ugly, you haven’t seen anything yet. In 2017 Australia will review its climate policies, and the process is not off to a good start. To recap: with the release of the climate review’s terms of reference at the end of 2016, the federal environment and energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, appeared to place on the table an emissions intensity scheme (a widely supported form of carbon pricing).

Turnbull was right in 2009: ruling out emissions trading is 'bullshit' Malcolm Turnbull’s climate policy stance is “bullshit” according to his own searing assessment when Tony Abbott advanced similar ideas. That was back in the days when Turnbull let facts interfere with his decisions. In 2009, just after he was dumped from the Liberal leadership, Turnbull wrote a blog in which he provided some frank and forceful thoughts about the climate change position of the man who had beaten him. What is RiboCeine & Why it is so effective at enhancing Glutathione production? Leading the way in Glutathione Research Our cells are continually exposed to harmful factors in our environment, including pollution, poor diet, physical exertion and more, that raise the amount of free radicals in our bodies.

These free radicals increase the risk of damage to our bodies. Worst of all, this is a risk that increases as we age. Glutathione is your body's natural defense against toxins, pollution, and more. Glutathione is produced naturally in every cell of your body. Windows 10 preview 15002 Comes With Tons Of New Features. Quantum Computing Is Real, and D-Wave Just Open-Sourced It. Quantum computing is real. But it’s also hard. So hard that only a few developers, usually trained in quantum physics, advanced mathematics, or most likely both, can actually work with the few quantum computers that exist. Now D-Wave, the Canadian company behind the quantum computer that Google and NASA have been testing since 2013, wants to make quantum computing a bit easier through the power of open source software.

Traditional computers store information in “bits,” which can represent either a “1” or a “0.” Alan Turing's First Ever Computer-Generated Music Recovered By Researchers. This Amazing Google Project Is So Futuristic You Won't Be Able To Understand It. Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals · The Mind Unleashed.