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(7) Pierde el miedo a comunicarte con gráficos. Tips de Pensamiento Visual. Ideas for adapting group lessons to working on Zoom. As has happened in much of Europe, Poland has now closed schools, universities and other places where people might gather in the hope of reducing the spread of coronavirus.

Ideas for adapting group lessons to working on Zoom

Our school had its last normal lessons on Wednesday, with Thursday and Friday dedicated to training our teachers how to use Zoom. We start teaching on Monday 16th, so my total experience with Zoom so far has been in the training process. However, I wanted to share what we’ve done and some of the ideas we’ve had for our adapting our standard EFL face-to-face lessons, in the hope that others will be able to build on this. Useful links International House World arranged a live session run by Shaun Wilden on Tuesday 10th, in which he introduced us to Zoom. I’d also recommend Ceri Jones’s posts on the Cambridge University Press blog: Other useful posts: There’s a very active hashtag on Twitter called #coronavirusteaching, which you can view without having a Twitter account.

I posted this tweet: Technical arrangements Chat box. Good Enough Is Good Enough. Published 19 March 2020 Philip Kerr has a message to all teachers who have made the transition from teaching in the classroom to online: If this is the end of the (teaching) week for you, well done – you’ve made it.

Good Enough Is Good Enough

I’ll keep this short! You may be busy… Switching classes to online In a language school that I work with, my colleagues have spent the last ten days frantically figuring out how to switch their classes online. I have to say that my colleagues have been doing an incredible job. Looking for practical help If you’re looking for practical help, keep following the posts here on the Supporting Every Teacher blog series. But, if I have one piece of advice, it is to try to keep things in perspective. It’s worth bearing in mind, too, what many of your students will be going through.

But right now… The week is almost over and hoping that you don’t have to teach this weekend. If you would like to read more blog articles from the Supporting Every Teacher series, click here. But right now… Teaching Your Adult English Class Online. Published 19 March 2020 Our blog series continues to help English teachers move their classes online in view of many institutions being closed due to the Covid-19 virus.

Teaching Your Adult English Class Online

Today’s post is by Carol Rainbow, who offers suggestions for teaching your adult English class online. The virtual learning environment When teaching groups of adults online, planning for learning is slightly different to what you may have prepared for face to face class work. Ideally you need a virtual learning environment (VLE) such as the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS). The VLE will offer an opportunity for the tutor to add tasks or activities to be completed by the learners. Most VLEs offer forum opportunities where learners and tutors can have asynchronous discussions, share ideas, post responses to tasks or just socialise.

Tip – Remember the language that you are preparing the VLE in is not the learner’s native language, so keep it clear, simple and as straightforward as possible! Teaching Children Online. Published 18 March 2020 Are you a primary English teacher who is about to teach online for the first time?

Teaching Children Online

Or, are you a primary teacher facing the dual challenge of teaching children online and preparing them for English exams? Or, maybe you already teach English online and are looking for extra ready-to-use ideas to engage and motivate children? David Valente shares advice on ways of teaching children online, keeping them engaged and focused on the task in hand. When primary teachers start teaching English online, they can sometimes go too far down the entertainment route with the aim of keeping children engaged. Moving your classes online #2. Published 13 March 2020 This is a follow up post from Ceri Jones who continues to share advice on how teachers can feel prepared with teaching students and moving classes online.

Moving your classes online #2

Ceri Jones is a teacher, trainer and materials writer based in Spain. She is part of the author team for our courses Eyes Open and Evolve as well as an online tutor for The Consultants-E. 1. Moving Your Classes Online #1. Published 13 March 2020 To help support all teachers who now have to teach from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have created a series of blog posts with expert advice on how to move your classes online.

Moving Your Classes Online #1

To begin, here’s a message from Eric Baber, Director of Professional Learning and Development, introducing the blog series. Video Conference Platform For Teaching Online. Published 16 March 2020 Carol Rainbow is an online tutor for The Consultants-E.

Video Conference Platform For Teaching Online

She has been a teacher for over 40 years and has been teaching online since 2008. Carol shares advice on using video conference platforms for teaching online. In this blog, she explains how video conference platform Zoom can be used to recreate the classroom environment. When delivering online teaching there are two main forms: synchronous (live) and asynchronous (using e-mail, downloads and a variety of platforms). 10 Ways to Increase Student Engagement Online. The Flipped Classroom I had the pleasure this morning of joining a webinar, 'The Flipped Model - ensuring excellence in the VLE' as part of Eaqual's webinar series where Julie Wallis presented a model for best practice using the flipped classroom to enhance online learning.

10 Ways to Increase Student Engagement Online

I came away thinking 'this is flippin' it'. … May 12, 2020 In "flipped classroom" Tech tools: Managing class interaction in online learning. By Dan Humm Soriano By using a variety of interaction patterns, online learning can become much more dynamic.

Tech tools: Managing class interaction in online learning

This article lists the advantages and tips of a key part of online learning: breakout rooms. Demo Online Lesson Upper Intermediate - Grammar.

Blended Learning

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