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Free Shapes & objects for PowerPoint and Google Slides - Showeet. Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen. Top 15 Instructional Design Programs for 2021 (Free and Paid) Top 15 Instructional Design Programs for 2021 (Free and Paid) Paraphasing worksheet. Lesson Plans – Practice Makes Perfect. The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Practice makes perfect competition run between 26th January 2018 and 30th June 2018.

Lesson Plans – Practice Makes Perfect

By taking part in this competition you agree to the Terms and Conditions below. This competition is run by the Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University of Cambridge acting through its departments Cambridge English Language Assessment at 1 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU, UK and Cambridge University Press at University Printing House, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2 8BS, UK (collectively ‘Cambridge’). This competition is open to all teachers using Cambridge’s practice tests. In order to enter the competition, entrants must leave their name, contact details and their tip on how to make the best use of the practice tests in the classroom in the space provided at Incomplete entries will not be accepted. L1 in the L2 classroom: from a sin to a possibility. As most people trained in the mid-80´s, I used to completely avoid using or referring to L1 in the L2 classroom.

L1 in the L2 classroom: from a sin to a possibility

After all, as Scott Thornbury (2010) reminds us, the arguments against it are that: translation encourages a dependence on the L1, at the expense of the learner constructing an independent L2 system; translation encourages the notion of equivalence between languages, yet no two languages are exactly alike (although languages from the same language family may be similar in lots of respects);the L1 system interferes with the development of the L2 system;translation is the “easy” approach to conveying meaning, and is therefore less memorable than approaches that require more mental effort, such as working out meaning from context;the “natural” way of acquiring a language is through direct experience and exposure, not through translation. Even so, my understanding of the debate about the role of L1 in the L2 classroom was still very pragmatic and “apolitical”.

And you? References. L1 in the L2 classroom: from a sin to a possibility. Life Checklist. Initiative. Teaching: A Path to L&D. 12 Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom. Teaching Global Citizenship in the Classroom. Our world is becoming increasingly complex and intricate—humans have never been more connected or interdependent.

Teaching Global Citizenship in the Classroom

These changes have brought life to the concept of Global Citizenship, or the idea that we are one global community, and therefore our choices and actions may affect people and communities locally, nationally or even internationally. Global citizenship nurtures respect and tolerance for others, global awareness and empathy. Even if your classroom or district is not extremely diverse, there are ways to bring in a global perspective and demonstrate global citizenship.

Use the following tactics to make your students global citizens: Empower your students as leaders and teachers. L1 in the L2 classroom: from a sin to a possibility. Bring Excitement Into Any Lesson. There is a marked distinction between teachers who seek merely to entertain and those who actually engage, just as there is a difference between teachers who cater to rather than captivate kids. Our ultimate goal as facilitators is for our students to be fully committed to academic pursuits that mean something to them personally and move them profoundly. By adding one or more of the following engagement techniques—the 10 Cs, I call them—teachers of all grade levels and subject areas can refashion any lesson into an exciting, enriching educational experience for all. Best of all, infusing your classroom with both wonder and worth always enhances your quality and depth of instruction. Cultivating student involvement doesn’t entail compromise or invite complacency, so use these strategies liberally and often.

Engagement Through Empowerment. 12 Ways to Support English Learners in the Mainstream Classroom. 8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers. In the 1950s, psychologists Jacob Kounin and Paul Gump discovered a curious side effect of discipline: If a student was being disruptive and the teacher responded with strict disciplinary measures, the student might stop—but other students would start exhibiting the same misbehavior.

8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers

Kounin and Gump called this the “ripple effect,” and it demonstrated that efforts to control a classroom can backfire. “The teacher who is interested in controlling ripple effects can generally do so best by giving clear instructions to the child rather than by exerting pressure on him,” Kounin and Gump wrote. Decades later, classroom management is still a thorny issue for teachers. 11 Questions You’ll Be Asked at a Teaching Interview. Congratulations!

11 Questions You’ll Be Asked at a Teaching Interview

You’ve landed an interview appointment for a teaching position at a new school, or for a different position at your current school. This is an important first step, but there will likely be a number of qualified candidates vying for the same spot—how can you distinguish yourself from the pack and land the job? Your résumé, references, and professional portfolio will help, of course, but it’ll always be the impression you make during your face-to-face interview that’ll get you hired. Luckily, there are only a few types of questions a teacher can be asked, so it’s completely possible to enter a teaching interview confident and prepared. Kialo Edu. August 2021 - Home. PTEA Teacher Preparation Pathway. Illlustrations - open source illustrations kit. World Builder Lesson Plan.

This ESL lesson is designed around a short film by Bruce Branit called World Builder.

World Builder Lesson Plan

Students learn collocations with ‘build’, speak and write about a perfect world, watch a short film, predict the end of a short film, answer comprehension questions, discuss a short film and reflect on the lesson. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper-intermediate (B2) Home - TeachersXchange. A Complete Guide To Schema Theory And Its Role In Education. You’ve probably come across schemas and schema theory if you’ve researched any evidence based learning theories or maybe you’ve just nodded and smiled as you sat bleary-eyed through a professional development session, not wanting others know you don’t have a clue what’s going on.

A Complete Guide To Schema Theory And Its Role In Education

If you’re anything like me, you know what I mean. However, in this article, we will go through exactly what schema theory is, how it can benefit students (and yourself) and how you can apply it to your teaching. How to use Jamboard in the classroom: 20+ tips and ideas. Whiteboards and chalkboards have been a fixture in classrooms for ages.

How to use Jamboard in the classroom: 20+ tips and ideas

They're great for gathering ideas and making thinking visible. But there are drawbacks ... Having to write "DON'T ERASE! " next to important stuffTaking pictures of the whiteboard with your cell phoneMarkers drying up or running out of inkHaving only so much whiteboard space in your classroom. Choice Boards and Games Archives. EFL Magazine. Teachers - Learn English Academy. Valeri My name is Valeri, but you can call me Val.

Teachers - Learn English Academy

I am a Bachelor of Tourism and management and an online teacher for one and a half-year. I had the honor to teach people of different ages and levels, from basic to advance, and no matter of their age, my dedication is the same, and our classes are always fun, well-organized and detailed. Teacher Resources Landing Page - Teacher Landing Page. Events Information. MapFight - compare country size. Saloon. Wakelet – Save, organize and share content. Vol. 8, No 2, 2020. How to Create Your Own Online Board Game. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while probably know that Flippity is one of my go-to recommendations for anyone looking to make games, flashcards, and timelines with Google Sheets.

How to Create Your Own Online Board Game

Recently, Flippity introduced a new template for making your own online board game through Google Sheets. With Flippity's new board game template you can create a game that includes up to eight players, has up to three dice to roll, and interactive game squares. How to Build a Personal Brand (Complete Guide to Personal Branding) For freelancers and entrepreneurs, building a personal brand has never been more important than it is today. Anyone with access to the internet and social media can build an audience, position themselves as an expert, and start attracting clients for their business. And that’s exactly what a lot of people are doing. A recent study by Upwork revealed that the freelance workforce is growing at a rate 3x faster than the overall workforce in the U.S. Pandemic Pivots: Edtech Edition. Necessity begets ingenuity, and for many businesses no test of survival has been tougher than the current one wrought by a global pandemic.

Many have adapted to provide existing services while limiting human contact. Others are expanding into areas unexpected. Index. 19 Successful Online English Teachers Share Their Tips and Resources for Planning Online Lessons. Thanks to everyone who contributed! I receive A LOT of emails from online teachers (and online teachers to be) about planning; namely, what they should include in their lessons and what resources they should use. As there are many areas of English and different teaching methods, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What I do and what I use might not work for you and your learners.

World of Better Learning. How to Teach English Online and One-on-One Like a Pro – The Busy Teacher Store. Tips and tricks you need to translate your ESL class teaching skills into online and one-on-one lessons, for success in these new ESL fields. Two things are changing the educational landscape drastically and quickly Those two things are the integration of the Internet in learning and the desire for one-on-one lessons. Online classes make learning English more accessible for students and one-on-one lessons allow students to learn in an environment that meets their needs.

But traditional ESL teaching methods and lesson plans aren’t designed for these situations, so what do you do? You rely on BusyTeacher, since we only publish books filled with tips that have been tried and found effective by teachers just like you, working in situations like the one you’re facing. Teaching Online by Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clandfield. By Jamie Keddie Lessons - Film English – by Kieran Donaghy. TEFL tips and ideas from a developing teacher. A critique of ELT teacher trainers. Oxford University Press - English Language Teaching Global Blog. Technologically and linguistically adventurous EFL teacher, trainer, writer and manager.

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. Niche finding strategies for online teachers. English dictations : Pre-Intermediate : 1 Listen for gist. Online Dictation - Intermediate. Dictation in English Online: 14 Unique Resources You Won't Get Tired Of. Английский Диктант. Four Excellent Sites for Online Dictations. Databases and Useful free resources - in English. The Importance of Metacognition in Learning. How to Engage Students: 20 of the Best Active Learning Strategies.

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