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10 reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained For Ministry - Eugene Cho. In light of some recent intense posts - Ultimate Fighting Jesus and Conversation with Rob Bell (re: women in ministry), this list is too funny not to share. Portrait of a young pastor, Andrejs Zavadskis / But the brutal fact is that the matter of gender violence isn’t all that funny either. Statistics about gender inequality via UN and UNICEF are even more discouraging. Regardless where you sit, stand, or wrestle with the issue of women in church leadership, I thought this satirical list was worth sharing for both laughter and even reflection because that’s what good satire forces us to do.

And for what it’s worth, I’d encourage you to read some of my thoughts about why I believe women should be included in all levels of church leadership. Here are… 10 reasons Why Men Should Not Be Ordained For Ministry. I’m personally very convicted about #5 – I am sorry for being such a stumbling block. How about you? 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. The Great Wall of Vagina - Jamie McCartney (x) Never False Your Breath. Don’t be slutty, don’t have sex. But be sexy. If. Trim. Où est la cavalière? Here’s what I’ll admit: many boys have a really... Periodic Table of Periods (larger pdf) ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Periodic Table of Periods (larger pdf) share it 2,226 notes.

G R I M E S. Eight questions Palestinian queers are tired of hearing. You might think that the main goal of a group of queer activists in Palestine like us in Al-Qaws should be the seemingly endless task of dismantling sexual and gender hierarchy in one’s own society. It is. But you might think otherwise, judging from the repetitive questions we get during our lectures and events, or from inquiries we receive from media and other international organizations.

We intend to end this once and for all. Educating people about their own privilege is not our burden. 1. Of course it does: the apartheid wall has sparkly pink doors lining it, ready to admit those who strike a fabulous pose. But seriously: “Israel” creates refugees; it does not shelter refugees. If some people manage to cross the wall and end up in Tel Aviv, they are considered “illegal.” 2. Are all Americans homophobic? That being said, Palestinians are living under a decades-long military occupation. However, homophobia is not the way we contextualize our struggle. 3. Oh, we have a main enemy now? I'm a half-arsed, accidental feminist – like many other young women | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. I am a half-arsed, accidental feminist. I said it. It's a relief to get it off my chest. By half-arsed, I don't mean that I don't care deeply about the feminist cause; I do, I just only engage with it about half the time.

The rest of the time, I'm doing other stuff, "problematic" stuff, stuff that might not even be that feminist: reading Mail Online, doing drunken twerking in the kitchen, having friends. Oh, and the diet. It's difficult being a half-arsed feminist in a movement that seems to demand both your innards and your soul, but I think I've been pulling it off with panache. When my friend Holly Baxter and I set up a satirical blog called the Vagenda two years ago, along with a group of our university friends, we never saw ourselves as part of the feminist movement.

Part of our work with the Vagenda has involved visiting schools and universities to chat to young women about just what it is about feminism they find so distasteful. Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly / publicity still for Gus... Your Vagina Isn't Just Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy—It's Also Too Brown. Melancholie² Où est la cavalière? Revolvver. Aviswolf: denicedenice: Martin Bauendahl. Angryseawitch: liberal feminists: “no no... Men dream of women - Women dream of themselves... ABOUT ARCHIVE FOLLOW Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ Ads Via The Deck Men dream of women - Women dream of themselves being dreamt of. share it Hi-res 890 notes.

Howitzerliterarysociety: vajoochie: how do. Antisemitism hasn't gone away. We must find a way to talk about it | Keith Kahn-Harris. The release of the report of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, "Discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU member states: experiences and perceptions of antisemitism", should be the occasion for some careful reflection among anyone who cares about the fight against prejudice.

The report, based on a survey of Jews in eight EU member states, offers the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on Jews' experiences of antisemitism in Europe. The headline figures are worrying enough: 66% of respondents consider antisemitism to be a major problem and 76% said the situation had deteriorated over the last five years. In the 12 months preceding the survey, 21% had experienced an antisemitism incident. That only 2% of respondents had been physically assaulted does not take away the harm that verbal insults, threats and harassment can cause. The extent of antisemitism varies markedly between countries. Such figures should not be dismissed lightly. I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored. Thigh gap. She may have modelled for Ralph Lauren and appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia, but when a photo of Robyn Lawley wearing a corset appeared on Facebook the responses were far from complimentary.

"Pig", "hefty" and "too fat" were some of the ways in which commenters described the 24-year-old. Her crime? Her thighs were touching. Lawley had failed to achieve a "thigh gap". The model, who has her own swimwear line and has won numerous awards for her work, responded vehemently below the line: "You sit behind a computer screen objectifying my body, judging it and insulting it, without even knowing it.

" She also went on to pen a thoughtful rallying cry for the Daily Beast last week against those who attacked her, saying their words were "just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body". The response to her article was electric and Lawley was invited to speak about thigh-gap prejudice on America's NBC Today. Not even Jane Austen is safe from the reach of the airbrush | Tanya Gold. You can win the war and lose the peace. This summer the activist Caroline Criado-Perez argued for a female to grace a banknote, as Elizabeth Fry was fired from the £5 note (did she get pregnant, is the obvious question) to be replaced by Winston Churchill, a man so garlanded with tributes I wonder his statues do not crack into alpha male dust. She did this – and it seems odd to type this in a room of one's own, where it is quiet – at great threat to her personal safety, as she was chased across the internet, and we saw the rise of rape threat as comment.

The Bank of England relented and chose Jane Austen (not a woman to inspire terror in conservatives, but she passed for a revolutionary in 1812 due to her ability to hold a pen) for the new £10 note. Not until 2017, it is true, but institutions turn slowly to the good. And that, I thought, was that; except there is a sequel. Women's Institute's new wave crafts its own politics in crochet and patchwork.

'It's always been a feminist organisation, but I think maybe when it started it was stealth feminism. " Caroline Brooks, 34, is a member of the Sewing Bee, which is a sub-group of the Shoreditch Sisters, which is at the vanguard of the Women's Institute new wave. They meet near Haggerston and they were established in 2007 by Jazz Domino Holly, who founded Sew Out of Control (a website where crafts meet rock'n'roll) and (the following information is not relevant to the WI) is the daughter of Joe Strummer.

It all sounds a bit cool. "I'm sick of us being labelled as being cool, because we're really not," Caroline says. "And I don't like the look on people's faces when they meet us and realise that," Madeline Colborn, 26, adds. They sew, but they also knit (at Knit and Natter), and cycle (with Radiant Riders), and taste beer (Swig for Victory). They have a radio show on Hoxton Radio. "I met the Shoreditch Sisters at an event," says Martha. "I'm anti-consumerist, not pro-thrift. I'm a woman who models men's clothes. But this isn't about gender | Casey Legler. I am a model. I model men's clothes. The biological roulette made me female. I was the first woman to be signed to the men's board at Ford Models. I was invited earlier this week to speak at a conference for business executives at a "trend school" – the topic: gender.

I declined – not for lack of desire to share my experience, strength and hope in some helpful way. But I was rather offended by the notion of being so removed from reality as to require a school for trends, and repulsed at the blatant attempt to co-opt and commodify culture for business profit over participation and engagement with it. I also knew that there would be no room for me to break the news: this is not about gender. So, corporate America, this article is for you. The contemporary cultural landscape supports a larger interpretation than the one we currently have, of female-masculinity and masculine-femininity. And why should you care about this? This is about making space, making room and making things better. Migrants for whom the Sahara proved a graveyard started out in hope | Nadifa Mohamed. Ninety-two corpses have been found in the Niger desert; mothers with braided hair and infants strapped to their backs, children with Qur'anic boards tucked under their arms, old men in prayer caps and long robes.

They died sometime in October but their remains have only been discovered now, threading the route to a well that some were only a short distance from reaching. They had been buried already, in the sand, far from the villages in which they had names and their personalities were known. The desert that always encircled their world has finally consumed their dreams and their bodies. Some say they were trying to reach Algeria to beg on city streets, others that Europe was their destination. What can be said is that their desire to leave Niger was strong enough to force them into the Sahara without adequate supplies or any way to call for help.

The migrants I know also have a courage that I lack, born from having life offer you nothing but what you take yourself. When a woman says she's not feminist, we can do better than shout her down | Ruby Tandoh. "Absolutely not: I definitely wouldn't call myself a feminist," began Angela Epstein on Newsnight on Tuesday. Answering a question from presenter Emily Maitlis about whether she'd describe herself as a feminist, the journalist and broadcaster offered up a wistful eulogy to the ghosts of feminism past and bemoaned the deterioration of the movement. Apparently one woman under the king's horse was more than enough to secure feminist victory for all time. Women, she reminded us, now have the vote! Some women have even got the vote, a career and shiny hair. This is great news, but someone really ought to pass it on to the "grumpy women in bad clothes" who, according to Epstein, have bastardised feminism and committed the even graver offence of being poorly coiffed in the process.

There's no need to defend feminism from tired arguments such as this. Germany is the first European country to recognize a third gender. Is lesbian sex real sex? Photo by Sergey Sukhorukov/iStock/Thinkstock Heterosexuals are simultaneously fascinated by and clueless about lesbian sex. “So, what do you do, exactly?” At some point in her life, pretty much any lesbian will be asked this question. Lurking behind this query is a host of assumptions about what constitutes “real sex” and what a “real woman” sexually desires. Sexual agency—the ability to make decisions about what you like to do sexually and then act upon them—has historically been denied to women.

There are many ways people, including straight people, have and enjoy sex. This very limited definition of sex prevents people from recognizing lesbian sex as real sex. The problem here is not pornography or television. Confusing pornography—or any depictions of sex in entertainment— with reality can lead straight as well as LGBT people to have unrealistic expectations of what sex looks like and feels like.

This “innocuous” violence is embedded in the idea of virginity. Morelikebabedylan: superseventies: 'Disco... STUCK IN THE GREY - On language: A note to the media | Archer Magazine. Guest blogger Teddy Cook was invited by Archer to blog on the media’s use of language. THE TRANS* EXPERIENCE is as diverse as the population it represents. Remember this: we aren’t all ‘trapped in the wrong body’, we aren’t all desperate for diagnosis and surgery and hormones. We aren’t all connected to your ideal of what the world needs to look like in order to be ‘normal’.

Identity is a thread that can draw us together or pull us apart, like a tug-o-war. A popular idea of being trans* is that we are in a state of movement. I have always been diverse in my gender. Oh how I tried, but oh how I failed. A quick aside, my gender and my sexuality are not part of the same thing. So I didn’t move from one place to another place.

Now, a man, apparently. Yet my friends who know that this medical intervention isn’t for them – I honour their space and hold them as my brothers and sisters. On the notion of ‘passing’. So for my people who don’t, won’t or can’t… what about them? Why Instagram Censored My Body | Petra Collins. I wasn't shocked at the reaction I received from my t-shirt. I'm used to being told by society that I must regulate my body to fit the norm. I'm used to the fact that images of unaltered women are seen as unacceptable. I've taught myself to ignore it (as much as I can) and through the Internet (via sites like ROOKIE) and social media platforms (like Instagram and Facebook) I've been able to freely share images and start discussions about these issues. Recently, I had my Instagram account deleted. I did nothing that violated the terms of use.

I'm used to seeing female bodies perfected and aspects concealed in the media (i.e., in hair removal ads for women, hair is NEVER shown). I'm used to seeing cover after cover featuring stories about a popular celebrity being fat-shamed during pregnancy. If the Internet mimics real life, then there is no doubt that real life can mimic it. Petra Collins is a Toronto-born artist, photographer and writer. This piece first appeared on Religion and sexuality shouldn't compete against each other | Senthorun Raj. Never False Your Breath, Then I do not want to be a feminist. Lads' mags: I've been part of the problem – let me be part of the solution.

STUCK IN THE GREY. Bravenewwhatever: The aesthetics not of... Romantic Pornography | genitalsanxiety: - Thatmogarguy: Chris Traeger arrives at an. Queer tone. If you're a feminist you'll be called a man-hater. You don't need rebranding | Laurie Penny. (about female superheroes) Toymakers will tell you. (about female superheroes) Toymakers will tell you. The Other Club: An Exclusive Club For Women (Well Men Can Come Too, But Only If Escorted) Men who want to be feminists do not need to be. You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed. Sarah Lucas at the Whitechapel: more than the sum of her parts | Art and design. Heard the one about the Saudi cleric who said driving damages ovaries? | Naomi McAuliffe.

So David Cameron is not a feminist. Well, knock me down with a feather | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. The 'white widow': a Muslim convert 'rebel in search of a cause'? | Khadija Magardie. Queer tone. The Five Main Issues Facing Modern Feminism. You went through a phase where every film you were. The 10 best books about women | Culture | The Observer. The 10 best books about women | Culture | The Observer. STUCK IN THE GREY. Où est la cavalière? Never False Your Breath — I am surprised by how much sex I have had in my... Never False Your Breath — I want my radical queer and trans communities to... Headgear. The AAUW Gender Studies Symposium. The Female Brain | The Happy Womb. The Female Brain | The Happy Womb. Never False Your Breath. Poesiegrenadine. Blurred Lines: The Astigmatism Remix. Slightly-austin-tatious: disney calling out your.

STUCK IN THE GREY. Joli-en-rose: uhm, yes…? I’ve been thinking... Marin Alsop, conductor of Last Night of the Proms, on sexism in classical music. M.good. What Does Feminist Porn Look Like? Cliteracy 101: Artist Sophia Wallace Wants You To Know The Truth About The Clitoris. Où est la cavalière? OPEN CALL: ARCHIVIO QUEER ITALIA | CUNTemporary. Never False Your Breath. The man who made Femen: New film outs Victor Svyatski as the mastermind behind the protest group and its breast-baring stunts - News - Films. Addicted to misogyny? Music videos still don't get what women really want. Never False Your Breath - knowledge equals black power: Ablesplaining is:

Never False Your Breath - 30 Terms Mixed Folks Should Know (and everybody else too) Poesiegrenadine. Où est la cavalière? TEDs Controversy – 3 Threatening Talks They Tried to Censor. Où est la cavalière? Unscuppered things - tru d@ of course. Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women... To BE or To Be Looked At? Losing Virginity for Good. What the 'Mixed Kids Are Always So Beautiful' Meme Really Means | Marcia Dawkins. Cadence - Stop telling women that we should find ourselves...

Suheir Hammad, Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic. Faggotini: Badass chicks from the 1950s British... Cadence - A recent realization: Feminism never made me hate men. The reaction to... Podium Kiss Between Kseniya Ryzhova And Tatyana Firova Is 'Protest' At Russian Anti-Gay Laws. The trouble with male feminism | Ally Fogg. Women and sex: the myth-buster.