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Zirtual - Virtual Assistants for Busy Startups.

Zirtual - Virtual Assistants for Busy Startups.
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HassleMe TaskRabbit | Your tasks, done. BodeTree University Meet Donna, Your Mobile Personal Assistant From Khosla-Backed Startup Incredible Labs Don’t have a “custom-designed, one-of-a-kind bespoke app… to communicate and collaborate” with your assistant through? Hell, don’t even have a personal assistant? Well, that’s all about to change, thanks to a wonderful new mobile application called Donna. Donna is a mobile-based personal assistant from a funky little startup called Incredible Labs. Life without Donna My first-ever meeting with Kevin, about a year ago, was a total mess. If only I had Donna way back then. In a chat over coffee last weekend — one which wasn’t delayed by all of the miscommunication of our previous meeting — Kevin told me that before getting down to the serious work of building Donna, the team first interviewed a bunch of personal assistants to determine which traits were most essential to their jobs, in order to incorporate them into the app. What’s in a name? The West Wing’s Donna Moss It’s that anticipatory nature that helped get Donna its her name, and helped define what Incredible Labs ended up building.

Read fast - Speed Reading Extension Alpha BRAIN™ | Onnit Onnit™ Flow Blend (L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oatstraw [Avena sativa], L-Leucine, Phosphatidylserine) L-Tyrosine: L-tyrosine is the amino acid precursor utilized by the body for the production of L-dopa. With an impeccable safety profile and a simple mechanism of action, L-tyrosine has been a highly sought after amino acid for those looking to support brain function. L-Theanine: L-theanine is one of the major reasons why green tea is much smoother than any other caffeinated beverage. Oatstraw (Avena sativa): Oatstraw is one of nature's stress-management nutrients and has been recommended to help maintain a healthy mental state. Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an essential lipid compound highly abundant within brain cell membranes. Onnit™ Fuel Blend (AC-11® [Proprietary Uncaria tomentosa Extract], Vinpocetine, Pterostilbene) AC-11® is a Registered Trademark of Optigenex Inc. and is protected by the following U.S. Onnit™ Focus Blend Vitamin B6

Instamonial™ by KnexxLocal Personal Styling And Retail Platform For Men Trunk Club Raises $11 Million Personal Styling And Retail Platform For Men Trunk Club Raises $11 Million Personal styling and retail platform Trunk Club has raised $11 million in Series funding led by U.S. Venture Partners with Greycroft Partners, Apex Venture Partners, and Anthos Capital also participating in the round. As we wrote in our previous coverage on Trunk Club, the startup pivoted from being a way that men could hire their own personal shopper via Skype video sessions to building a group of professional stylists on staff who coordinate with clients via phone and email, and actually purchase goods for clients from retailers. A gentlemen can sign up via the website, pick preselected looks, and answer a small questionnaire with questions like “where do you shop right now? Once the customer receives the order, he can try on the items and send back the clothes he doesn’t like in a prepackaged box. Trunk Club, which has over 3,500 active clients, buys clothing at wholesale and sells it at a normal retail markup.

Evidence-based program: blood & biomarker analysis, research, algorithm, scientific team Take a closer look at how InsideTracker works It starts with your blood... Gil Blander, the founder of InsideTracker, has done extensive research into biological markers in the blood. Unlike genetics, these “biomarkers” are dynamic and can be modulated by simple interventions such as diet, supplementation, exercise, and lifestyle changes. From a small blood sample, InsideTracker is able to generate uniquely personal recommendations to optimize your wellness and performance. The Team Segterra assembled a team of experts in medicine, nutrition, science, and exercise physiology to create InsideTracker. The Research The Segterra team spent four years analyzing thousands of research papers to find the biomarkers most critical to improving your performance, and to identify the nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and exercise interventions to optimize them. 3,000 measurable biomarkerswere narrowed down to 20 most essential to overall well-being and athletic performance The Algorithm optimize mood

Save money on monthly bills with BillCutterz Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Adds Payment Processing With Verifone’s Sail We’ve already written a few times about how Stitch Labs helps small, independent merchants manage their sales operations across a wide range of online marketplaces. Well now it’s making it easier to connect their online and offline sales, through a partnership with Verifone’s Sail payment processing system. Stitch wants to make it easier for small, independent businesses to manage their CRM, product orders, and inventory all in one central location. To do that, it’s created a SaaS-based platform that allows independent designers, makers, and manufacturers to list their goods on multiple sales sites and keep track of their supply and demand, regardless of where goods were sold. But what happens when those vendors sell goods out in the real world, at craft or maker fairs, or at other events or expos? With the Sail integration, Stitch customers will be able to sell their goods, process credit card transactions, and have inventory automatically updated on the fly.

Penny Is A Chat-Based Personal Finance Coach Have you ever wondered why being financially responsible can be so difficult? Maybe it’s because most money management tools are too complicated and overwhelming for the average user. Penny, a new personal finance app, is fixing this by giving users personalized financial advice via a simple chat interface. As soon as you open the app for the first time, Penny starts talking to you, almost as if you were just texting your banker. After your account is tied to the app, you can talk to Penny and ask her to do thing like show how much you spent on food in October, or show you a graph of your income vs. spending over the past two months. Penny also will push out information to you, doing things like reminding users how much they spent this week on food, etc. One downside with Penny is that users can’t just type requests. However, the company explained that offering prewritten responses result in much less friction for users.