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Work. Life. Balanced. Zirtual

Work. Life. Balanced. Zirtual

TaskRabbit | Your tasks, done. Best Virtual Assistant Companies, Virtual Secretary Alpha BRAIN™ | Onnit Onnit™ Flow Blend (L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oatstraw [Avena sativa], L-Leucine, Phosphatidylserine) L-Tyrosine: L-tyrosine is the amino acid precursor utilized by the body for the production of L-dopa. L-Theanine: L-theanine is one of the major reasons why green tea is much smoother than any other caffeinated beverage. Oatstraw (Avena sativa): Oatstraw is one of nature's stress-management nutrients and has been recommended to help maintain a healthy mental state. Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an essential lipid compound highly abundant within brain cell membranes. Onnit™ Fuel Blend (AC-11® [Proprietary Uncaria tomentosa Extract], Vinpocetine, Pterostilbene) AC-11® (Proprietary Uncaria tomentosa Extract): AC-11®, the proprietary compound licensed under agreement from Optigenex Inc, is derived from Uncaria tomentosa, a plant indigenous to the South American rainforest. AC-11® is a Registered Trademark of Optigenex Inc. and is protected by the following U.S. Onnit™ Focus Blend

Find a Virtual Assistant w/Top Virtual Assistant Company - Virtual Assist USA Save money on monthly bills with BillCutterz Virtual Administrative Assistant Services Companies Lying Down Laptop Stand Tired of always being at your computer and your desk? Relax while you work or browse the Internet with this fun but well-designed Lying Down Laptop Stand. As the name suggests, this is a special computer frame that allows you to use your laptop when in bed or otherwise in a more relaxed pose. No more uncomfortable desks and chairs for your computer life! Take things easy! Just use the included slips and belts to secure your laptop, and then lie back and do what you need to do... in bed! The Lying Down Laptop Stand features: Size: 585 x 40 x 300mm (23 x 1.6 x 11.8")Weight: 16kg (35 lb)Includes two clips and beltsInstructions: Japanese (but easy to construct and use)

Virtual Assistant Company | Personal Assistants | UAssistMe.Co Thanko’s Hold My Laptop Upside Down Thing November 9, 2012 in Features, Hardware by TK Ok, so I’m a huge fan of looking at my laptop, tablet, or smartphone from my bed and anything that holds the device for me is my new fav. Well look what Thanko has provided for my lazy butt! Yes it holds your laptop upside down so you can be lying down and still be productive. This magical thing is about 4lbs and is not the sleekest device holder but what it provides for us the consumer is just great. Source: Thanko IVAA - International Virtual Assistants Association HassleMe A to Z Tasks | Virtual Assistant Services : An American Owned Company