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I'm the bi-vocational Pastor of a small multi-cultural congregation in Miami, FL, that is striving to be the church God is calling it to be. I'm currently working on a PhD. in Communications. I feel that God is leading me to become the best preacher that I can be, and to build up the Church by helping others to grow as effective preachers. I'm married and have five adult children and a grandchild.

Writing a Research Paper. MindMap. Basic Outlining. Basic Outlining An outline presents a picture of the main ideas and the subsidiary ideas of any subject.

Basic Outlining

Some typical uses of outlining are: a class reading assignment, an essay, a term paper, a book review or a speech. - Top 10 Sites for Creating Outlines by David Kapuler. Outlines and Mapping. 11 Design Tips for Beautiful Presentations. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  5 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Peter Pan. Disney has taught us a whole slew of lessons since we were kids.

5 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Peter Pan

But they taught us more than to believe in ourselves, to help each other, and to wish upon stars—they planted the seeds to social media success over sixty years ago, and we’re reaping the benefits now. What am I talking about? Build engaged audiences through publishing by curation. Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks (and what you can do to fix it) For the next few months I will be posting the “best of the best” Professor is in blog posts on the job market, for the benefit of all those girding their loins for the 2013-2014 market.

Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks (and what you can do to fix it)

Today’s post was originally published in 2011. I’ve now read about two thousand more job letters than I mention here. All the advice still applies. In my 15 years as a faculty member I served on approximately 11 search committees. How to evaluate journal articles. These are the grammar, usage, and style errors seen most commonly in written materials. Training / Courses. WorkFlowy - Organize your brain.

Instructional Design. MindMaps. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Scholarly Internet Resource Collections. Search Files from Internet, Educational & Library Resources and more with

Large Audience Webinars. Mindmapping. Send Large Files. 8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating. 5 Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective. To-do lists seem pretty straightforward: A list of all of the tasks you plan to accomplish during any given day or week.

5 Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective

And, really, there are few things more satisfying than drawing lines through each entry. Progress! But, many times, they balloon to unrealistic levels, and we end up feeling overwhelmed and ineffective. That’s usually because we’re using them as a catch-all for every task that’s thrown at us. Instead, our lists should be derived from our larger goals and include tasks that move us toward those big-picture endeavors, says Robert C. Plagiarism. Find, Read, & Cite Journal Articles. Other useful links: Basics Tutorial (w/audio), APA Style 6th Ed.

Find, Read, & Cite Journal Articles

Annotated Sample Paper, APA Style 6th Ed. (PDF) Summary Guidelines for Unbiased Language, APA Style 6th Ed. (PDF) Language Use for Gender,APA Style 6th Ed. (PDF) Language Use for Sexual Orientation,APA Style 6th Ed. 30-Second Productivity Strategies. Half a minute is all it takes to make each day more productive. 1.

30-Second Productivity Strategies

Take 30 seconds to set the stage for awesome success. Getting Things Done with Todoist (GTD) Many Todoist users use David Allen’s excellent Getting Things Done methodology (GTD®) to manage their life.

Getting Things Done with Todoist (GTD)

The GTD method rests on the idea of moving planned tasks and projects out of the mind by recording them externally and then breaking them into actionable work items. This allows one to focus attention on taking action on tasks, instead of on remembering them. 6 Steps to an Effective Literature Search. Diagnosis: Plagiarism. Stanford Literature Review. What is it?

Stanford Literature Review

A critical literature review is one of the most important activities in the process of research and is usually included as part of the introduction to a research report or thesis. The aim of a literature review is to show that the writer insightfully evaluated the existing published literature on a particular topic. A good literature review should do the following: Define the scope of the problem Place the current study in a historical perspective Show the relationship between previous research and the current research thesis Avoid unnecessary duplication Evaluate different research methodologies and emphasize key studies Compare and contrast different research findings on a topic while grouping together authors with similar conclusions and noting areas in which authors are in disagreement Report gaps in the previous research and how the current study can add to the literature in general Conclude by summarizing what the literature says.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy. How to Search for Literature More Effectively. UC Berkeley. Sheldon Margen Public Health Library. DATA. List of academic databases and search engines. The general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposesbibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles.

List of academic databases and search engines

Note that "free" or "subscription" can refer both to the availability of the database or of the journal articles included. This has been indicated as precisely as possible in the lists below. See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ "List of EBSCO databases". Blended Learning Toolkit. Develop a Search Strategy - Ezra's Research Diary: Tried and True Strategies for Effective Undergraduate Research. Intro to Online Course Design. Six Lazy Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive. 43F Recap: Best of Getting Things Done.

5 Tips To Improve Your Academic Writing And A Grammar Infographic. Understanding by Design. Overview.

Understanding by Design

Free Web-Based Database Platform - BasePortal. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research. Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars. It’s been an incredible resource, but now, it’s time for an update. Some services have moved on, others have been created, and we’ve found some new discoveries, too.

Many of our original 100 are still going strong, but we’ve updated where necessary and added some of our new favorites, too. Check out our new, up-to-date collection to discover the very best search engine for finding the academic results you’re looking for. General Need to get started with a more broad search? iSEEK Education:iSeek is an excellent targeted search engine, designed especially for students, teachers, administrators, and caregivers. Meta Search. 19 Free Presentation Tools To Wow Your Audience. Free Reference Manager & PDF Organizer. Note-Taking. Sketchnotes 101: The Basics of Visual Note-taking. Welcome to the second article in the the new Core77 "Sketchnotes Channel" ( where we'll be exploring the application of visual thinking tools in the worlds of design and creative thinking.

So you say you're ready to start sketchnoting. Maybe you're not much of a sketcher but you take a lot of notes, and are interested in making them more meaningful and interesting, but you're afraid your drawings are too crude. For you, it's important to stress that sketchnotes—although they are inherently a visual medium—do not require drawing ability of any kind. Essentially they're about transforming ideas into visual communication; structuring thoughts and giving hierarchy to concepts can be completed with strictly text and a few lines. Research Sites. Socrative - Student Response System. Text 2 Mind Map - Mind Mapping. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Audience Response Systems. How to Capture, Save, Record or Download Streaming Audio for Free.

Ever wonder how you could possibly record or rip a song that’s being streamed across the Internetonto your computer for free? Trying to download streaming audio directly to your computer can be quite difficult because sites usually have different security measures put in place, making it near impossible unless you’re a hacker. However, one surefire way of recording streaming audio from any web site is to simply capture it via the sound card on your computer. Basically, there are programs that can record whatever is being played by your computer’s speakers, so if you can hear it, it can be recorded.

How to Record Streaming Audio, System Sound, or What You Hear Using Audacity - Free Software. Mind Mapping Software - Create Mind Maps online.