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The Atheist Experience

Reporters Without Borders. Freedom House. Danmarks Statistik. Facebookistan — What's on your mind, Facebook? Democracy Now. Online Privacy & Security. Veron. OpenStax College. Buy a phone, join a movement. World Economic Forum - The Global Competitiveness Report 2014 - 2015. The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016 will be launched on Wednesday 30th September The Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 assesses the competitiveness landscape of 144 economies, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity.

World Economic Forum - The Global Competitiveness Report 2014 - 2015

The report remains the most comprehensive assessment of national competitiveness worldwide, providing a platform for dialogue between government, business and civil society about the actions required to improve economic prosperity. Competitiveness is defined as the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country. Save WiFi/Individual Comments - LibrePlanet. Right now, the FCC is considering a proposal to require manufacturers to lock down computing devices (routers, PCs, phones) to prevent modification if they have a "modular wireless radio"[1][2] or a device with an "electronic label"[3].

Save WiFi/Individual Comments - LibrePlanet

The rules would likely: Restrict installation of alternative operating systems on your PC, like GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc. Introduction to derivatives. Home : Nature Communications. Welcome to Linux From Scratch! Comics archive - Stuart McMillen cartoons. World History Timeline World history timeline map, showing the world in 3500 BC. Press For Truth. The GNU Operating System. - The Government Watchdog. Welcome to Open Library. World Economic Forum Survey Projects Blockchain 'Tipping Point' by 2023. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has identified blockchain technology as one of its six mega-trends in a new report broadly aimed at outlining the expected transition to a more digital and connected world.

World Economic Forum Survey Projects Blockchain 'Tipping Point' by 2023

Compiled by the WEF's Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society, the report included the results of a survey of more than 800 information and communications executives and experts. Ironically, drones could plant enough trees to save our planet. Engineers can do some pretty amazing stuff, and ex-NASA engineer, Lauren Fletcher, is no exception.

Ironically, drones could plant enough trees to save our planet

He’s come up with an amazing way to fight deforestation, and here’s how it works… Ex-NASA Engineer, Lauren Fletcher, is part of a start-up company called BioCarbon Engineering that plans to solve the world's climate problems using drones to plant forests of seedlings. Revolutionary Movements and How to Start One. Altid til stede. TPP's Copyright Trap.

Few arguments around copyright are as self-evidently fact-free as the length of its term.

TPP's Copyright Trap

Defying economic reasoning, the astonishingly long period of restrictions has only grown over the years, and frequently the newer, longer terms have been retroactively applied to earlier works. The argument against term extension, and retroactive term extension in particular, is so obvious that the Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman reportedly agreed to sign a Supreme Court brief opposing the most recent extension only on the condition that it used the word “no-brainer.” Understanding world economics. Now playing In this short, provocative talk, financier Sangu Delle questions whether microfinance — small loans to small entrepreneurs — is the best way to drive growth in developing countries.

Understanding world economics

"We seem to be fixated on this romanticized idea that every poor person in Africa is an entrepreneur,” he says. "Yet, my work has taught me that most people want jobs.” Delle, a TED Fellow, makes the case for supporting large companies and factories — and clearing away the obstacles to pan-African trade. DBpedia. Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. World Health Organization.

Commonaccord. Vision of Humanity. Through See the latest peace news and research Contact us Vision of Humanity is an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

Vision of Humanity

IEP have offices in New York and Sydney. For more specific inquiries related to the peace indexes and research, please contact IEP directly. Media: Education: Data request: Sydney office. US Environmental Protection Agency. Home - Demand Progress. Defending your rights in the digital world. Defending Human Rights Worldwide. About Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch.

Global Trade Watch's mission is to ensure that in this era of globalization, a majority have the opportunity to enjoy economic security, a clean environment, safe food, medicines and products, access to quality affordable services such as health care and the exercise of democratic decision-making about the matters that affect their lives.

About Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Who Are We? Visit Global Trade Watch's Staff Bios. Interested in working with us? Apply now for spring, summer or fall internships! What Is Global Trade Watch? Global Trade Watch (GTW) is a division of Public Citizen, the national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1971. Having built unique substantive capacity and diverse contacts with other public interest organizations, the press and policymakers, GTW's work makes Public Citizen one of the few U.S. progressive organizations focused full-time on globalization issues. How Does GTW Affect Public Policy? What Is GTW's Philosophical Approach?

On What Key Issues Is Global Trade Watch Working?