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HIST 202 - Lecture 1 - Introduction. Chapter 1.

HIST 202 - Lecture 1 - Introduction

Course Structure and Requirements [00:00:00] Professor John Merriman: I’m John Merriman and this is History 202. I’m here every Monday and Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. The way this course is, these are all really major themes. I’m going to go over this a little bit, and I’m going to talk about some of the themes. To understand the New Imperialism, why Europe took over essentially all of Africa, where they had places that were totally uncharted that suddenly became highly contested between British, French, German, and Italian conquerors, one has to understand the culture of imperialism. Or, when I talk about World War I, and we’ll have two lectures. I’ve cut back on the reading.

When Zola wrote Germinal, he went down into the mines to look at fifteen-year-old young women, barely older than girls, working in the mines twelve hours a day. Finally, there’s Ordinary Men. THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in Classical Literature & Art. Lecture 2 - The Paris Commune and Its Legacy. Rois et reines de France et d'europe tous les monarques et r. Généalogie des rois et reines de france avec leurs extensions sur toute l'Europe. Histoire de France Chronologie histoire de France Chronologie Histoire de la France. HIStoire - HIStoire de France. French History & Civilization.

Food Timeline: food history & vintage recipes. Ancient Roman History Timeline. Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources.

Ancient Roman History Timeline

Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material, numismatics, and a focus upon the roles of women in ancient time. How to Create a Timeline in Excel. There are many ways to create a timeline in Excel.

How to Create a Timeline in Excel

Some methods use drawing tools or bar charts, as in my other timeline examples. Another popular method, especially for project timelines, is to use a gantt chart. This page descibes a method that I developed to create timelines quickly in Excel using an XY scatter chart with events as the data labels. Continue reading below to learn how to create the timeline from scratch, or save time by downloading the timeline template. Best of History Web Sites.

Histoire. Histoire du Monde. Histoire et géographie de l'Europe. Maps. ATLAS HISTORIQUE - Cartographie & histoire. ChapS_carte.pdf. Cartes. World Map. Liens vers d'autres atlas historiques numériques. The Historical Atlas of Europe. L'Histoire à la carte : un atlas historique multimédia constitué de cartes animées pour mieux comprendre l'Histoire.

ATLAS HISTORIQUE - Cartographie & histoire. Le site de l'Histoire. Voyages historiques et culturels. Home - TimeSearch. Search the Web through Timelines(and surprise yourself with what you find) Icons on the left link to Google or HistoryWorld (H) Yellow icons on the right link to related images in GoogleMove your pointer over an icon to see the search terms.

Home - TimeSearch : l'histoire de l'Europe vers 1860 par les timbres poste, les lettres anciennes et les vieilles cartes geographiques (philatelie, marcophilie, histoire postale) Actuel. Napoléon Bonaparte – L'épopée impériale. Napoleon > Home. Histoire. Portail:Histoire. Clio la Muse. Livius. Articles on Ancient History. Site de Philippe Remacle. Sumer. La civilisation Maya. Croisades. La guerre de Cent Ans. Introduction La guerre de Cent Ans est l'un des plus célèbres conflits du Moyen Âge.

La guerre de Cent Ans

Elle oppose les rois de France de la dynastie des Valois aux rois d'Angleterre pour la possession du royaume de France. Le conflit peut se diviser en deux périodes au cours desquelles le trône de France est sur le point de basculer sous la tutelle anglaise, avant d'observer une reconquête quasi-totale. A chacune de ces périodes, une figure emblématique, un héros, incarne le sursaut français : La guerre de Cent Ans. La Grèce antique. La Gréce Antique. Ancient Greek Science and Technology. Somebody who only reads newspapers and at best books of contemporary authors looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses. He is completely dependent on the prejudices and fashions of his times, since he never gets to see or hear anything else.

And what a person thinks on his own without being stimulated by the thoughts and experiences of other people is even in the best case rather paltry and monotonous. There are only a few enlightened people with a lucid mind and style and with good taste within a century. What has been preserved of their work belongs among the most precious possessions of mankind. We owe it to a few writers of antiquity (Plato, Aristotle, etc.) that the people in the Middle Ages could slowly extricate themselves from the superstitions and ignorance that had darkened life for more than half a millennium. Hellas (ΕΛΛΑΣ, Ελλάς) is the modern name of Greece and modern Greeks are called Hellenes (Έλληνες), both used also in ancient times. Revue d'histoire du XIXe siècle - Société d'histoire de la révolution de 1848 et des révolutions du XIXe siècle. Internet History Sourcebooks Project. Internet History Sourcebooks Project Paul Halsall, Editor Last Modified: Dec 11 | linked pages may have been updated more recently The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. 1.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

This project is both very large and fairly old in Internet terms. Enseigner l'Histoire des Arts. Clio Collège. Site des professeurs d'hist-géo. Le déroulement du conflit. L'iconographie de Mai 68 : un usage intentionnel du photoreportage noir et blanc ou couleur. The Berlin Airlift. PRELUDE TO CONFLICT At the end of WWII, a defeated Germany was divided amongst the victors, the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France.

The Berlin Airlift

The Soviet Union took control of the Eastern half of Germany, the Western half was divided amongst the US, Great Britain, and France. Like the rest of the country, the capital city of Berlin, sitting dead in the middle of the Soviet-controlled Eastern half, was also divided into four parts, one half being Soviet controlled, and the rest divided amongst the others. A four-power provisional government, called the Allied Control Council, was installed in Berlin. This union of governments was to control and rebuild the city of Berlin. By 1948, it became apparent that the Western Powers (Great Britain, France, and US) plan to rebuild Germany differed from the Soviet Union's plan. General Lucius Clay Sir Brian Robertson General Curt LeMay Brig. The Allies were certainly not going to stand for this. Initially, Gen. Lt. The Berlin Wall. La Grande Guerre 1914-1918 - Annuaire de sites Internet sur la Première Guerre Mondiale et ressources multimédias.

Classics. Cinéma, expositions et musée - La Cinémathèque française - La Cinémathèque française. 1074. World History Blog. Le webzine de l'histoire. Toute l'Histoire avec - Les nouveautés de la semaine - Art History News - by Bendor Grosvenor. ScienceHistorian cracks "the Plato code"

28 Jun 2010 A science historian at The University of Manchester has cracked “The Plato Code” – the long disputed secret messages hidden in the great philosopher’s writings.

ScienceHistorian cracks "the Plato code"

Plato was the Einstein of Greece’s Golden Age and his work founded Western culture and science. Dr Jay Kennedy’s findings are set to revolutionise the history of the origins of Western thought. Dr Kennedy, whose findings are published in the leading US journal Apeiron, reveals that Plato used a regular pattern of symbols, inherited from the ancient followers of Pythagoras, to give his books a musical structure.

A century earlier, Pythagoras had declared that the planets and stars made an inaudible music, a ‘harmony of the spheres’. The hidden codes show that Plato anticipated the Scientific Revolution 2,000 years before Isaac Newton, discovering its most important idea – the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. “It is a long and exciting story, but basically I cracked the code. Timelines.