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Baby formulas and food

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Baby Formula: The Key Health Risks to Baby that Every Mother & Someday-Mother-to-Be Need to Know. For busy moms and moms-to-be, baby formula may seem like a convenient alternative to breastfeeding or perhaps, for health reasons, it is your only alternative.

Baby Formula: The Key Health Risks to Baby that Every Mother & Someday-Mother-to-Be Need to Know

It's not uncommon to hear that formulas are good substitutes for actual mother's milk...but is it true? Bottle-fed babies who drink formula instead of mother's milk are more likely to die in infancy and childhood! Breast milk is the best milk for building a healthy inner ecosystem and immunity. If you're wondering if, or already decided that, breastfeeding your baby is not right for you, be sure you know about the serious disadvantages to giving your baby infant formula discussed below.

And if you know a woman who is pregnant or ever intends to have a baby, PLEASE pass this crucial article on to them to read. For starters, realize that babies fed infant formula: A Dangerous Formula Infant formulas are derived from cow's milk or soy milk, not human milk. Breast Milk Builds Your Baby's Inner Ecosystem. Nourishing a Growing Baby. Read this article in: German A Growing Wise Kids Column Food is what nourishes the body and makes us healthy and strong–especially when one’s weight hovers around 20 pounds!

Nourishing a Growing Baby

Infant nutrition is critical for ensuring proper development, maximizing learning capacities and preventing illness. At no other time in life is nutrition so important. But which foods are best? Breast or Bottle Numerous studies support the benefits of breastfeeding. However, other studies show the opposite. So, what is best for baby? The typical modern diet is filled with products based on sugar, white flour, additives and commercial fats and oils, which do not nourish and build. Bottom line, in a perfect world, with perfect nutrition, every woman would breastfeed. After (or With) the Breast or Bottle Ideally, breastfeeding should be maintained for a year, with a goal of six months for working mothers. There are three concepts to keep in mind. Is Cereal the Best First Food? In the US, Dr.

Don’t Fear Fats! At Six Months. ‘Nursing tea’ for breastfeeding mothers. I had only been a mother for less than an hour after the arrival of Zoë, when a nurse brought in a steaming pot of ‘Stilltee’, the German name for ‘nursing tea’.

‘Nursing tea’ for breastfeeding mothers

This herbal tea is used to naturally help breastfeeding mothers increase their milk production. It is a natural follow-up to drinking ‘pregnancy tea’. The most common ingredients are fennel (Fenchel), aniseed (Anis) and caraway seed (Kümmel) – natural ‘galactagogues’ which promote healthy lactation. Other common ingredients are verbena (Zitronenverbene), lemon balm (Zitronenmelisse), fenugreek (Bockshornklee), nettle (Brennnessel) and red raspberry leaf (Himbeer). I usually make a big teapot of it in the morning and drink it throughout the day. She is certainly growing fast and is not lacking in that regard. I’ve tried a few different brands of organic (Bio) Stilltee and all have fennel and aniseed as the largest ingredients.

Different tea blends cost between €1,40 and €4,00 for a box of 20 teabags. Related posts: ‘Pregnancy tea’ – a natural herbal remedy to ease pregnancy and childbirth. As I’m now in my seventh month of pregnancy, I’ve started a birth-preparation course at the local hospital where I intend to bring my baby into the world.

‘Pregnancy tea’ – a natural herbal remedy to ease pregnancy and childbirth

One reason I chose this venue for my baby’s grand entrance is a general dislike and discomfort with the sterile and impersonal nature of most hospitals. Our chosen hospital instead is like a small family clinic, but still very professional and experienced. I was particularly impressed with its emphasis on natural birth and the encouragement to use natural therapies such as yoga, acupuncture and massage. One such relief the midwives highly recommend and which they serve to labouring women arriving in the delivery room, is ‘Schwangerschaftstee’, which in English means pregnancy tea. This herbal tea can also be drunk earlier in pregnancy. Schwangerschaftstee is a mixture of different herbs and which doesn’t contain caffeine. The ingredient list from our hospital reads as follows – the first name is the German name: Nettle. Botanical Name: Urtica dioica, Urticaceae Botanical synonyms: U. gracilis, U. lyallii.


Common names: Nettle, Stinging Nettle. Similar species: U. urens (Dog Nettle) Plant description: Nettle is a long-lived herbaceous perennial, dull-green in color when mature, 25-150 cm in height, armed with minute prickles on the stem and under the leaves that release anacrid, skin-irritating juice when pressed or broken.

The stem is 4-angled and branching, arising from a creeping and branching rhizome. Home: THE FACTS ABOUT REAL RAW MILK - A Campaign for Real MilkA Campaign for Real Milk.