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Eloise Girls Sweater - now for big kids!

Eloise Girls Sweater - now for big kids!
The Eloise Baby Sweater was a big hit – and quickly became the Eloise Baby and Toddler Sweater, with sizes from 6mths to 3T. But there were requests for Girls’ sizes as well – and at long last they’re ready to go! I’m sharing the Eloise Girls Sweater as a new pattern, because (as you know) girls have different proportions than toddlers – longer and leaner overall – and I needed to rework several sections of the pattern. I used the standard sizing measurements put out by the Craft Yarn Council, so a Small in this pattern is designed to fit size 4/6 with a chest measurement of 25″; Medium or 8/10 should fit a child 28″ at the chest; Large or 12/14 should fit a child with a 31 inch chest. Eloise Girls SweaterAdd this pattern to your Ravelry Queue and Favorites Starting with the skirt, which is worked sideways. Row 1: With Color A, FDC 43(53, 63). Row 2: CSDC, dc in the next 42(52, 62) sts. Row 3: With Color B, join to BLO of 6th st of previous row with a sl st. Contrast Row Instructions: Related:  Arts and Crafts

Free Crocodile Stitch Flower Pattern | Bonita Patterns We designed this free Crocodile Stitch Flower to help give a little extra pop to accessories, home decor, and even gift wrappings. You can make these in all the colors of the rainbow and hang them up from a string for a sweet banner decoration. Or whip one of these up and attach them to the top of a specially wrapped. You can even add one to a cute hat for a little splash of color and style. This is one of the quickest and best stash busting patterns you’ll ever come across. Materials: Small amount of scrap yarn. Pattern: Ch 7, join with SL ST in first CH to form a ring. Rnd 1 : * CH 10, SL ST in next CH, REP from * around, join with SL ST in first CH – (7 CH-10 loops) Rnd 2 : [SC, HDC, 8 DC, CH 2, 8 DC, HDC, SC] in first CH-10 SP * [SC, HDC, 8 DC, CH 2, 8 DC, HDC, SC] in next CH-10 SP, REP from * around, join with SL ST in first SC. Finishing : Attach a 1” button sewn through the center of the flower.

7 Free Knitting Patterns for Toddler Sweaters I love looking at patterns and dreaming about what to make next. You know, the *next* project is always going to be the most exciting don’t you? Not the one you are working on now, you are sick and tired of that old mess, but the next project…THAT one will truly be the most fulfilling, the most glorious. Can anyone relate? Feast your eyes upon these seven free knitting patterns for toddler sweaters that are completely ‘knitable’ and worthwhile of your time and the adorable toddler in your life. They will tempt you to pick up your needles and start your next best project.Knitting soothes the troubled spirit.” – Elizabeth Zimmermann Click To Tweet And onto the patterns… 1. This pattern comes in five sizes: 6 months (1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, 4 yr) To access this free pattern, you will need to register with Lion Brand yarn to get the pattern but it’s very cute and has been made many times on ravelry which is a good sign. 2. SKILL LEVEL: Easy + 3. This looks like a fun knit. 4. 5. 6. Size: 12-18 months

Purse Week Kick-Off with Guest Tutorial: Create and Delegate! **The guest used flickr to host her pictures and they have not been working. I found what I could online to fix the tutorial, so hopefully you will still be able to use it and make sense of it. :)It’s here! The beginning of purse week, a celebration of those cute accessories us women get to carry around our essential items in. It’s also the final week to get your purses entered into the contest. Take it away, Nicole! Hi! I am completely honored (and a little nervous) to be guest posting at A Lemon Squeezy Home during Purse Week! Right now I'm wrapping up "Make A Sweater Better" on my blog. Materials: 1 sweater fat quarter of fabric fusible interfacing batting purse handles ribbon Tutorial: Cut 2 for your sweater, interfacing, batting, and lining. Stack your cut pieces. Box the corners by laying the side seams against the bottom seam. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon into 3 inch lengths. Arrange your lining pieces so that right sides are touching. Tuck the lining into the bag. Isn’t it so cute?

Free Patterns: The Moogly Crochet Alphabet The Moogly Crochet Alphabet has been a labor of love! So many letters, some easy, some a challenge, but all fun! These applique letters are great for the Perfect Party Pennant Garland, but they have unlimited uses. Monogram a blanket, make toy blocks, make puffy letters for beginning readers, decorate a child’s bedroom – you name it! And there are crochet number patterns available now too! Click below for the coordinating free applique patterns: The specific yarn weight and hook size doesn’t really matter for these, as long as you use a hook size a couple sizes smaller than you normally would for that yarn. The Moogly Crochet AlphabetAdd this pattern to your Ravelry Queue US – F, 3.75mm hookWorsted weight yarn, amounts varyVideo Tutorials for all stitches and techniques are available here.Klik HIER voor de Nederlandse vertaling van de Moogly Alfabet, met dank aan Elke Wellens! THE LETTER A (This one is particularly tricky! Row 1: Ch 30, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, sc in the next 12 ch.

How to Alter Sleeves: Puff, Roll-Up + Flutter Sleeves | Sew Mama Sew | Outstanding sewing, quilting, and needlework tutorials since 2005. Katia from The Indie Cub designs and sells “patterns for cool children,” for babies through 10 years. The Indie Cub is full of PDF patterns for modern and classic designs, plus lots of kits which include everything you need to make an outfit (including some really pretty fabrics). Pair the Daniel top with Daniel bloomers or Gadea Dungarees, add a Julia dress, and you’ll have an all-new wardrobe for a summer girl. (Katia’s dungarees and trouser patterns are great for boys too!) Check out The Indie Cub and learn how to alter sleeve patterns here. When I get a pattern that I really like, I find myself using it again and again, playing with color and fabric to create as many different garments from it as I possibly can. But sleeves can be tricky… They can be scary even! We are learning how to alter the sleeve pattern only. Hints for the Sleeve World For all three, the basic thing you need to do is to shorten the sleeve pieces. 1. 2. Puffed Short Sleeve 1. 2. Roll-Up Sleeve 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3.

ART LESSONS LIBRARY Looking for an art lesson? Click on any of the three categories below to show you my collection of lessons, posts and tutorials for each topic…. Tips for Knits Hey Everyone! We are beyond thrilled to bring you this incredible tutorial in partnership with one of our very favorite blogs on the block: Craftiness Is Not Optional. Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional is the sweetest gal, has the cutest daughters, and is seriously crafty. Head over to Craftiness Is Not Optional and see soooooo much more where this came from. :) And now I'll pass the reins over to Jess! Hey guys! I had fun changing up a simple A-line dress in two different ways-I can't even decide which is my favorite! I used their gorgeous Poppies in Coral for this dress-which features some sweet ruffles on the front, gathered sleeves, and bias tape on the neckline and sleeves. I adore this dress! First, some tips for sewing with knits! *Use a ballpoint needle to sew knits. *Don't forget to press! *You can use spray starch to help sew with jersey knits with edges that roll. *Use a double needle for hems (See how I use it for the cap sleeves in this tutorial) for a professional look. 1.

Charming Window Pillows « Moda Bake Shop Hi! I’m Angela from My Three Sons and I was a mechanical engineer in my life before kids. Really an engineer to the core, I’m all about optimized processes and well-utilized materials. I tried to figure out the best way to make the elusive cathedral window block. We’re going to make two pillows here – most efficient use of materials and all. 1 Just Wing It Charm Pack 1 3/4 Yards Bella Solid Snow 4 Just Wing It Fat Quarters Washable glue stick 2 Square pillow forms – 20″x20″ 2 18-20″ zippers (optional) Pink and Blue Matching thread (optional) Step One: In which you fold fabric and steam it into submission First, from the white yardage cut 5 strips the entire width of the fabric and each 10.5″ wide. Subcut each of those 5 strips into 10.5″ squares so that you end up with a total of 20 pieces. But you do need to make a perfect 9″ square out of poster board. Find a washable glue stick – or go out and grab a Sewline glue pen. Fold that edge over the poster board and hot steam iron it. Done!

Made It’s long for the winter and short for the summer.It’s simple, it’s colorful, it’s The 90 Minute Shirt! Taking a men’s T-shirt (or your own fabric), we’ll refashion it into this: Skill Level: IntermediateNeeded: * Mens’ XL tshirt (or appx 3/4 to 1 yard of fabric)* Appx 1/4 yard knit ribbing* SERGER (optional. Makes for the best look but instructions included for sewing without)Size used in this Tutorial: 2T I call this the 90 Minute Shirt because I’ve made it so many times that I can do it 90 mins (and sometimes even in 60!) The first time you make it, it will take longer than 90 mins. The first step is to make the pattern for your shirt, using our Make Your Own Pattern Tutorial: Then gather your T-shirt and fabric supplies. It’s hard to “embellish” a boy’s shirt. Now for your shirt fabric…. I love the concept of Refashioning or Upcycling something old. Once you’ve made your pattern pieces, using our Pattern Tutorial above, you should have pieces that look similar to this: Like this:

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet As the month of love approaches, we thought we’d combine friendship and hearts into one Valentine’s Day themed tutorial: a heart patterned friendship bracelet! Using some candy-colored embroidery floss and your familiarity with the chevron friendship bracelet, you’ll be able to whip up one of these tokens of love in a heartbeat. You’ll need:2 colors of embroidery flossscissorstape or clipboard Creating a heart pattern involves just a simple modification to the chevron patterned friendship bracelet. Start by cutting 4 strands of each color, at about 24 inches each, for a total of 8 strands. Separate the threads into 2 sets, 2 of each color on each side. Start on the left side with the outermost strand (shown here in red) and make a forward knot by creating a 4-shape over the 2nd strand (shown here in blue), loop it under and back through the opening. Pull up and to the right to tighten. Continue knotting towards the left until the outermost strand reaches the middle. Voila!

Nifty Newsboy Hat Crochet Pattern Imagine the short about Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day. Now, before we go any further, have you got that mental image in your head? Well imagine that every single time you step outside your home you encounter such a windy day. And what's even better is the wonderful (note the sarcasm) affects it can have on naturally curly hair! In my case, this nightmare has become a daily occurrence. Every year around July/August we get such huge gusts of wind howling around every corner, that it ends up creating quite a magical yet eery sound. What You'll Need 10.00mm Crochet Hook 180g Super Bulky Yarn {14ply} - I used Lincraft Luxe Scissors Tapestry/Wool Needle 2x Buttons {1.2" x 1.2"} Finished Size Fits 13 Years & Up ~ Note ~ {Chains at the start of a round count as the first Half Double Crochet of that round} Round 1~ Taking your 10.00mm crochet hook and super bulky yarn, start of by making a Slip Knot, then crochet 3 Chains. Brim Start of by attaching your yarn to the 14th stitch of Round 13.