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Consuming too much fructose during pregnancy raises the child's risk for heart disease -- ScienceDaily. The negative health effects of consuming large amounts of fructose could impact several generations, according to researchers at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The UTMB study found that when pregnant mice only drink water sweetened with fructose, a common sweetener in foods and beverages, their offspring have several more risk factors for heart disease, compared with mice who only drank water throughout pregnancy. These findings were recently published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The study could have worldwide implications for people because a large proportion of processed foods and carbonated beverages contain high-fructose syrup and other fructose-based sweeteners.

Recent studies support a connection between fructose consumption and the rise in rates of cardiovascular disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. They found that both female and male offspring in the fructose group had higher peak glucose levels and higher blood pressure. Ultrasound: 7 Reasons Your Developing Baby Says It’s NOT Safe or Painless.

By Jackie Lombardo, Nontoxicchildhood Except for the slimy goo and full bladder, Maureen Markus remembers her first ultrasound fondly when she was 10 weeks pregnant. “My husband was with me and together we heard our son’s heartbeat for the first time!” Before she left the doctor’s office, Maureen was given the first image of her unborn child. And that was comforting. Until now, it’s been understood that the medical procedure known as ultrasound is safe and painless. No one’s really certain. Research is raising questions about the procedure’s safety. But first, what exactly is Ultrasound? Aptly named, ultra-sound waves reach a high frequency of about 20 megahertz or 20 million cycles per second; greater than the upper limit of human hearing.

Depending on the machine used, ultrasound during pregnancy can pulse to pick up a baby’s heartbeat and create an image of the baby and placenta. What are the benefits of Ultrasound? ONE: Ultrasound vibrates the fetus. Dr. So we turn over every rock. Pregnancy Tracker Empowers Women To Take Control Of Health From Home. Bellabeat could reduce the costs and anxiety associated with pregnancy. Even though a mother and her unborn child often share an extremely close connection, it can be hard to get any tangible feedback about how your child is doing.

With the help of a new device called Bellabeat, it will soon be possible for expectant mothers to track various aspects of their babies in-utero life. The Y Combinator startup gives mothers a way to get much of the same information that an ultrasound would provide, all from the comfort of their own home. Co-founder Sandro Mur also told VentureBeat it’s about creating a more social experience: We want to offer them an engaging, social, and comfortable at-home experience in pregnancy and enable them to track, observe, and share their experience. The company’s overall goal is to reduce the amount of time and money women have to spend in hospitals leading up to their child’s birth, as well as empower them to manage their health from home. Source: VentureBeat. Confirmed: Parabens Cross the Human Placenta and 4 Ways to Protect. Research shows that prenatal exposure to parabens can cause long-term problems to the growing baby.

We now know that parabens cross the human placenta. The good news is that there are ways to protect your developing baby. Endocrine disruptors have been repeatedly associated with pregnancy and fetal complications in animals, but there is limited research about how these chemicals behave inside the human body. We now know that the omnipresent preservatives known as parabens can easily cross the human placenta and accumulate in the blood of the growing baby. The US pilot study, which clarified this issue, was published in May 2015 and evaluated the levels of commonly used parabens in the blood of 50 pregnant women and upon delivery, in the blood of their babies (1).

Parabens where found in 94% of women and their newborns. There is plenty of research proving that prenatal exposure to parabens can cause long-term problems to the growing baby. Continue to Page 2. Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound. We want to trust. We want, almost need, to believe that medical and pharmaceutical interventions have been vetted. When our doctors tell us not to worry, we want to take their word for it.

Unfortunately, history has shown us that every recalled drug, every banned intervention, from Vioxx to shoe-store foot x-rays bore government-approved claims for safety and efficacy before they were pulled from the market. Ultrasound may be no different. Even the name seems gentle, doesn’t it? Ultrasound. When it comes to pregnancy, this intervention has slipped stealthily into the experience of nearly every pregnant woman alive today. Who doesn’t want to see their baby? This is how insufficiently studied medical interventions grab hold of our consciousness: They over-promise on outcomes that appeal in theory (you can learn about the health of your baby with a harmless device!)

Our grandmothers were x-rayed in their pregnancies. What Are They Good For? How Do We KNOW They’re Safe? The New Normal. Gezonder leven: Hoe gevaarlijk is Paracetamol? Paracetamol is goedkoop en zonder recept verkrijgbaar en mag ook tijdens de zwangerschap worden genomen. Nieuwe onderzoeksresultaten echter, wijzen op ernstige bijwerkingen, met name bij zwangere vrouwen. Risico op leverfalen, hartaanval en beroerte Paracetamol is een van de meest populaire pijnstillers in Nederland. Dat het medicijn bij hoge doses kan leiden tot leverfalen, is algemeen bekend.

Daarom werd een aantal jaren geleden het aantal tabletten per verpakking al teruggebracht. Advies: Paracetamol uitsluitend op recept verstrekken Maar in de loop van 2014 waarschuwden onderzoekers in de "European Journal of Pain" opnieuw voor de gevolgen van een al te lichtzinnige omgang met de niet-receptplichtige pijnstiller. Nieuwe inzichten in de bijwerkingen In een recent onderzoek (online nog niet beschikbaar) ging een team van farmacologen verbonden aan de Universiteit van Erlangen Nürnberg na, welke bijwerkingen Paracetamol heeft in de aanbevolen hoeveelheden van maximaal vier gram per dag.

Naturalbirthandbabycare. Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound. STUNNING: Watch this amazing video of IVF in action - Kidspot. IVF has become so commonplace, and such an accepted part of the world we live in, that we can easily forget just how awe-inspiring this scientific procedure is. As popular and successful as it is in 2015, it is still a very intricate process in which all the conditions need to be absolutely right to get a successful result, and even then mother nature can have other ideas. The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was successfully conceived in a petri dish in a science lab in 1978 and it immediately revolutionised the science and medical world.

Millions of childless couples, struggling with the very real prospect of never being able to have children have now had all their hopes and dreams realised. Thanks to IVF, parenthood is now a viable option for almost everyone – regardless of race, religion or sexual persuasion. How science can give the gift of life According to Medical Daily, explaining the mechanics of IVF is actually quite easy, despite how sophisticated a procedure it actually is:

Womb milk nourishes human embryo during first weeks of pregnancy - health - 01 May 2015. Call it the milk of life – not breast milk, but womb milk. For the first 11 weeks of pregnancy, before the mother's nutrient-rich blood supply is plumbed in, all the materials and energy for building a baby are supplied by secretions from glands in the uterus lining. For the first time, researchers have worked out in detail how nutrients make their way from these glands into the developing embryo. "It's like a rapidly growing building site," says John Aplin of the University of Manchester, UK. During pregnancy, the lining of the uterus behaves quite differently to normal: the glands start storing large amounts of glucose as glycogen, which is then secreted to nourish the embryo during its first 11 weeks.

After this time, the mother's blood supply delivered via the umbilical cord takes over and the "womb-milk" secretions dry up. But how the glycogen and other materials for baby-building were transported to the embryo and placenta was a mystery until now. Vital nutrients Precarious state. 12 ways to ease morning sickness - Photo Gallery.

1 / 13Feeling woozyNausea and vomiting are common symptoms of pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. If you feel queasy, there are simple things you can try to get relief. Scroll down to see our top tips for coping with morning sickness. Find more remedies for morning sickness in our complete article. 2 / 13Eat little and oftenAn empty stomach can make nausea worse. Eating small, frequent meals can help keep your stomach from feeling empty and your blood sugar levels on an even keel. Nibble on bland snacks, such as crackers, throughout the day. 3 / 13Eat protein-rich foodsEat simple, high-protein foods, and those that are rich in vitamin B, such as nuts. Try to avoid rich, spicy, acidic, fatty, or fried foods, which might trigger nausea.4 / 13Prepare cold mealsYou may prefer to stick to cold meals until your morning sickness passes.

Fit_Met_Voeding_Interview4.pdf. Free Resources | The Birth Whisperer. How to Turn a Breech, Posterior or Transverse baby by Man juist grote steun bij bevalling. De aanwezigheid van een man tijdens de bevalling zou vrouwen vooral veel stress en pijn bezorgen, zo kopten deze week verschillende kranten. Maar is dat wel echt zo? Wij belden met verloskundige Margretha Riemsdijk - de Nijs. Verschillende media brachten het met de nodige sensatie: vrouwen zouden helemaal niets hebben aan de aanwezigheid van hun man tijdens de bevalling.

Sterker nog: de aanwezigheid van de man zou er voor zorgen dat ze meer pijn ervaren. ‘Onzin’ stelt verloskundige Margretha. Grote steun Volgens haar is de aanwezigheid van een man tijdens de bevalling ontzettend belangrijk voor de vrouw. Goede voorbereiding is halve werk Wat wel uit het onderzoek blijkt, is dat een gestreste en angstige man de bevalling kan vertragen. ‘Schat, ga jij maar even lekker naar de gang’ Volgens Margretha is de man de belangrijkste steun en toeverlaat tijdens de bevalling. Praktische mannen Dat mannen heel erg kunnen opzien tegen de bevalling, is volgens Margretha vrij normaal. Lees ook: Essential Oils and Pregnancy. Essential oils and pregnancy form a wonderful relationship. Most essential oils can be used safely throughout pregnancy, labor and beyond. Do not forget that essential oils have been around for a very long time and have an impeccable track record. Do not fear, they are much safer than pharmaceutical drugs, and you can easily make your own aromatherapy products.

However, you should not forget that they do have powerful medicinal effects. We will mention some Young Living essential oil blends. We switched to these therapeutic grade essential oils a few years ago after a therapist and a DO said they used nothing else. If the thought of using oils neat or orally is scary to you please refer to ‘aromatherapy schools,‘ which may help shed some light on this issue. Essential Oils and Pregnancy: Use With Caution Essential Oils and Pregnancy: Some Say to Avoid Personally, before avoiding these oils, we would urge you to research them first AND the supplier you are using.

Gluten and Fertility: Some Things You Might Want to Know. Fertility challenges are so uniquely painful. There is the tremendous anguish of living with the uncertainty that comes with each attempt at conception and the sadness with each unwanted period that comes. There are the feelings of inadequacy, and the aching bittersweetness of meeting your friends’ and sisters’ babies that they seemingly pop out while you suffer, feeling alone, with a sense of wanting. There’s the stress that enters the marriage and makes sex outcome-based rather than juicy and pleasurable. It’s also often a long, expensive, time-consuming hormonal roller coaster of fertility treatments, doctor’s appointments, tests, and procedures.

If you are struggling with fertility challenges right now, this article may offer an option you hadn’t considered. While there are numerous reasons for fertility problems, one that is almost always overlooked by conventional fertility specialists, and that is easy to take into your own hands, is gluten intolerance. 1. 2. 3. 4. P.S. 1. 2. 3. Birthing Instincts with Dr. Stu. About | Dr. Stu's Podcast. Informed-pregnancy. You have stem cells from each of your babies in your brain - Baby Doc. You have stem cells from each of your babies in your brain The physical and emotional link between a mother and her child is about as close as a relationship can be. New research now shows the physical connection is even deeper than anyone previously thought. Stem cells from the fetus have now been found in many areas of the mother’s brain, heart and other organs.

These stem cells are ‘pluripotent’ that is, they can potentially be induced to form many different cells lines such as brain or cardiac tissue and help in regeneration. Another study illustrated their potential. The heart of pregnant animals were damaged by blockage of a coronary artery, simulating a severe heart attack, though this was not lethal. These cells from each and every one of your children are there, in your brain and heart…. for life. 1) Chan WFN, Gurnot C, Montine TJ, Sonnen JA, Guthrie KA, et al. 2) Martone R. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! The big 3 of pregnancy supplements. BOOKS & CLASSES. Real Food Nutrition & Health E-Course An online course of 12 in-depth multimedia lessons specifically geared to teaching Nutrition from a Real Food perspective.

Sick of the sub-par standards of the USDA’s food pyramid? Now you and your teenagers can learn about REAL nutrition. This e-course is appropriate for those aged 12 and up. Beautiful Babies Online Nutrition Course Want to get pregnant? In this e-course of 12 in-depth multimedia lessons, you’ll learn the ins and outs of proper nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, & baby’s first foods. Beautiful Babies: Nutrition For Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Baby’s First Foods Did you know that simple changes in your diet could increase your fertility by 60%? Simply Salads by Season Tired of picking up bottles of salad dressing with ingredients labels that read like chemistry texts?

In this e-book you’ll get dozens of new recipes for dressings, condiments, and salads — all organized by season. Real Food Nutrition & Health. Relaxation During Pregnancy Script. Relaxation during pregnancy is safe and effective for reducing stress, feeling calm, and increasing physical and mental comfort. Use relaxation techniques to get rid of nausea, headaches, and minor pain without taking medications. The best position for this exercise is seated in a supportive chair, with head and back support, in a slightly reclined position. A couch or reclining chair can work well for this exercise. This relaxation during pregnancy exercise uses progressive muscle relaxation and meditation. You can use relaxation during pregnancy or after the birth of the baby to feel calm, comfortable, and relaxed.

To begin the relaxation during pregnancy exercise, find a comfortable position. Sitting in a semi-reclined position (sitting but leaned back) in a comfortable chair is best. Focus your gaze on one spot in the room. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, allow your body to begin to relax. Breathe in...and out... In...out... Breathe slowly and naturally. (Pause) Good. Should You Detox Before Getting Pregnant? Study Sees Bigger Role for Placenta in Newborns’ Health - Eating for two: the pregnancy diet. 10 foods you CAN eat while breastfeeding - Kidspot. How epigenetic memory is passed through generations: Sperm and eggs transmit memory of gene repression to embryos -- ScienceDaily. Pregnant? To nut or not to nut, that is the question - Kidspot. Eat Right Prenatally | Peggy O'Mara. Natural Birth and Baby Rest easy | Pregnancy & Newborn MagazinePregnancy & Newborn Magazine.

7 Reasons Not to Find Out the Sex of the Baby | Aaron Gouveia. For Parents : Blogs : Healthy Birth Practices. New Study: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Antimicrobial Products | Mothering. Twin pregnancy explained. Sacred Pregnancy Blog | Sacred Pregnancy. Childbirth Connection's Pregnancy Website for Women and Families. Tylenol: The Killer Drug Your Children can Buy. Tien tips voor na de geboorte. Newsweek. How much does an unborn child really know? | biology of belief.

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