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Layer Cakes

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Hummingbird Cake. Share on Pinterest.

Hummingbird Cake

Lemon Blueberry Cake. So at 11:00 PM what’s the best thing to do?

Lemon Blueberry Cake

Make cake of course! Who knows why but I decided to start baking that late. Every now and then that ‘gotta bake something’ urge hits and you just go with it, right? Tropical Carrot Cake - With Coconut Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Have you noticed the sudden popularity of BuzzFeed quizzes lately?

Tropical Carrot Cake - With Coconut Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream

They’re popping up all over my Facebook feed. I’m guilty of spending too much time taking them myself, and in case you’re wondering, I’m a Shuba Inu, The Dowager Countess, Rachel, Dumbledore, an oboe (ha!) , should live in Portland, and know entirely too much about Gilmore Girls. Pink Almond Party Cake. I swear, I’m not girly.

Pink Almond Party Cake

I’m not sure how I’m going to convince you of that after you see multiple pictures of pink cake, but I’m really not. Usually, every fiber of my being rebels against pink, but last week, I was asked to make a sprinkly pink birthday cake for a friend’s 3 year old daughter (you can see the photos on instagram). There was something really fun about making a cake with pink frosting, loads of sprinkles, and big ruffly borders. One Bowl Vanilla Cake with Quick Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Keep it simple.

One Bowl Vanilla Cake with Quick Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

It’s a wonderful life lesson that can also be applied to baking. Although cakes that take hours to prepare and lots of dishes to create can be worth the time and effort, there’s no point to them if they never get made. Fluffy White Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Devils Food Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. Has February come and gone already?

Devils Food Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I’m not sure when that happened, but I have one last birthday post for you (I told you I could really drag out the celebration). In previous years, I have made elaborate cakes exotic flavor combinations, but this year, I kept it simple. One vanilla cake and one chocolate cake. And while I have become more open to vanilla cakes in my 30′s, chocolate is where my heart is and always will be. Is there anything better in the world than a good chocolate cake? After scouring through some old recipe books, I came across a few different recipes in Baking Illustrated . The result: exactly what I was craving, and quite possibly my new favorite chocolate cake (sorry, Ina).

Dark Chocolate Cake with Malted Chocolate Frosting. Whew, It’s been a whirlwind few weeks!

Dark Chocolate Cake with Malted Chocolate Frosting

We’ve had quite the terrible weather here in Texas, make my commutes to Amarillo less than ideal. I know this is common in some parts of the country (including where I grew up in Indiana), but people here just aren’t equipped to deal with it, which means the ice just sits on the ground until it temperatures get above freezing. On top of that, I’ve been without a functioning computer for a while, which has made blogging rather difficult, but I’m finally back up and running. Thank goodness for Apple Care! Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cake with Fluffy Marshmallow Chocolate Frosting. When I think of Halloween, I think of butterscotch.

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cake with Fluffy Marshmallow Chocolate Frosting

Do you remember those Brach’s pick a mix candies? Do they even make those anymore? Red Wine Velvet. I first published this recipe for Gilt Taste, but as Lexingtonians know, I developed it at Table 310.

Red Wine Velvet

I ran it on my dessert menu for weeks on end, tinkering until I got it just right. For all of you who came in, tried it out, and left feedback: thank you! You’ll notice this is absolutely nothing like any Red Velvet recipe you’ve seen before. But I promise, it has its roots in the oldest tradition of velvet cakes and will taste like the Red Velvet of your dreams. A little splash of oil prevents the notorious dryness often associated with RVC and an obscene amount of vanilla provides a deeper vanilla flavor than you’ve ever had before. Red Velvet’s most traditional companion is a boiled milk frosting (aka “cooked flour” or “ermine”), but in much of the South you’ll only find cream cheese. Read all about Red Velvet’s secret history, how I came to uncover its roots and develop this recipe, here. Preheat oven to 350° and line three 8” by 2” cake pans with parchment rounds. Stella · Kate · Roasted Banana Cake — The Fauxmartha.

This is the first cake, cake, with layers and frosting, I’ve made since we’ve moved to Connecticut.

Roasted Banana Cake — The Fauxmartha

I’ve been in a funk. Complaining over my two very small plots of counter space. Complaining that Trader Joe’s is a good 15 minute drive as opposed to my less than 5 minute walk in Chicago. A little too pessimistic. And a little too ungrateful for my own good, and anyone else’s good for that matter. Persian Love Cake Recipe at Epicurious. Photo by Mark Thomas yield Makes 8 servings This chiffon cake filled with rose-scented whipped cream is inspired by the aromatics found in Persian, Turkish, and Indian confections. Cardamom seeds have more flavor than the ground powder and are like little explosions of spice in the cake. Candied rose petals 2 large egg whites 1/2 cup sugar Petals from 2 organic roses Cake 1 cup cake flour 14 tablespoons baker's sugar or superfine sugar, divided 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon coarse kosher salt 3 large eggs, separated 6 tablespoons water 1/4 cup canola oil 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel 1/4 teaspoon whole cardamom seeds (removed from about 5 green cardamom pods) Frosting 2 1/2 cups chilled heavy whipping cream, divided Pinch of saffron threads Preparation For candied rose petals: Whisk egg whites in small bowl until foamy.

For cake: Preheat oven to 325°F. For frosting: Combine 1/2 cup cream and saffron in small saucepan. How To Make Banana Cake. I’ve had plenty of banana bread in my day. But it always seems like more of a cold weather food. Go figure, a tropical fruit that makes a cold weather bread. Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate-Orange Buttercream Recipe at Epicurious. Photo by Brian Leatart yield Makes 12 servings A subtle hint of lavender accents this lovely dessert. It can also be left out if you prefer. Cake 4 ounces bittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate, chopped Buttercream frosting 8 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, chopped 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 7 tablespoons (or more) water Preparation For cake: Position rack in center of oven and preheat to 325°F.

Sift flour and next 4 ingredients into medium bowl. Bake cakes until tester inserted into centers comes out clean, about 30 minutes. For buttercream frosting: Stir 8 ounces chocolate in top of double boiler set over simmering water until smooth. Beat butter, 1/3 cup powdered sugar, and orange peel in large bowl to blend. Coffee-Chocolate Layer Cake with Mocha-Mascarpone Frosting: Recipe. Layered Chocolate Cake Recipe.