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Brava Knitting Yarn from KnitPicks. Scarf, Hat, Cool-Tie Project Details: Materials, Size, Patterns. Nothing expresses respect and “thank you” quite like an item made with love.

Scarf, Hat, Cool-Tie Project Details: Materials, Size, Patterns

Our recipients are always deeply touched by your efforts. We send ~100,000 care packages each year and like to include a handmade item in every package! Here are answers to the questions we are most often asked about our knitting/crocheting project for the troops. Machine-knitting. Circular sock knitting machine for sale. Circular Sock Knitting Machines and the Circular Sock Machine Knitter. Thank you for all the interest in my sock knitting machine pages.

Circular Sock Knitting Machines and the Circular Sock Machine Knitter

I hope some of this information has helped you in your quest for a sock knitter or getting your sock machine working. On these pages, you'll find general information on sock knitting machines, parts and new needles for the sock machine, free online sock machine manuals and much more! I also have many hand dyed and commercial sock yarns that are well suited for the sock machine. I've extended my hand dyed yarns to a different website. Fly Designs There are a lot more colors there than I have been able to put here. Sock Knitting Machine Sales, Classes and Sock Machine Restoration Services. Commo - portal:machine_knitting [k2g2 - the Craftopedia for Knitting Knerds and Geek Girls ] Knitting machine for sale. Passap knitting machine for sale. Knitting Machines. What Every Hand Knitter Should Know Before Buying a Knitting Machine (or Is Machine Knitting Cheating?

Knitting Machines

Hand and Machine Knitting: The differences and similarities.) Don't know what machine you want?? Learn about the different machines, which yarns go to which machine, and how hand and machine knitting are different.