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Hemlock Ring. It was brought to my attention that the Hemlock Ring Pattern has a mistake — the mistake was in the original pattern written in 1942.

Hemlock Ring

And I know this for a fact because Diane brought a vintage pattern book to knitting group and the pattern was there, mistake and all. When I knitted my Hemlocks, I must have just fixed it as I went along and did not pay much attention. Round 35 (original): 35th rnd: O, k 1, O, * sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, O, k 4, O, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (O, k 1) twice; sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, (k 1, O) twice. Repeat from * around. Make it Yourself: Crochet Your Own 2 in 1 Headband Cowl. Last week I posted pictures of my latest project, a pretty and cozy headband (for daughter number 2) completed just in time for fall.

Make it Yourself: Crochet Your Own 2 in 1 Headband Cowl

Now I’m going to show you what I made for daughter number 1. Here she is wearing the crochet head band. You can see it is the same as the head band I made for her sister only slightly wider and in a different colour scheme. Don’t like putting things on your head? You can also wear the headband as a cowl to keep your neck warm! This crochet 2 in 1 headband cowl is super easy to make. LIME RIOT: Panta - Headband or Christmas Panda? Part II. Last week "Panta" was a Christmas Panda but this week, it's a knit headband (the official definition of the word).

LIME RIOT: Panta - Headband or Christmas Panda? Part II

Princess Crown PDF Crochet Pattern - IraRott Inc. Cotton fables. Knot Knitted Headband pattern by Cassie Smith. LuluKnits: Braided Knit Headband. After many attempts at this, I've finally decided on a pattern that works best and is most time efficient.

LuluKnits: Braided Knit Headband

Initially, I though I would braid three strips of stockinette stitch pieces. Of course, this stitch curls significantly on the edges. So I thought I would create tube shapes, where I stitched them closed on one side which would also make the headband reversible. Turns out that would take lots of seaming and became way too bulky. SO, break out your cable needle for a braided cable that creates the same effect but all in one piece. I used an alpaca tweed yarn that requires a size 8 needle. CO 11 sts. 1920's Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern. If I could go back to anytime in history I’d probably travel to the 1920’s!..

1920's Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern

The swing music and catchy Charleston, the unforgettable hats and fashion and Walt Disney’s film debut are just a few of the many reasons I love the roaring twenties! Bella Dia: Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern. A valentine gift for you - a free tutorial for a crocheted heart!

Bella Dia: Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

This pattern is completely free but if you would like to make a donation to support my work and show your appreciation then I will send you an 11 page PDF version that you can download to print or be able to use when you are not on-line. The PDF version also includes a complete text version of the pattern for a simple black and white printing option (just print the last two pages). The ‘How Many…?' Knitting Tool.

Rube « ohmygoodknits! // a knitting & crochet blog. By Lisa Gutierrez on 05/24/2013 A crochet pattern for a simple woven stitch wrist-warmer/fingerless mitten.

Rube « ohmygoodknits! // a knitting & crochet blog

Changing colors every row creates vertical stripes! The pattern only has instructions for one size, so adjustments can be made by changing hook size and/or yarn. Yarn suggestions: Lion Brand ‘Amazing’ or Lion Brand ‘Vanna’s Choice’ Hook: 6.5mm (US K) Click below to download the pattern from Ravelry (free)! [download now] Quince & Co. Crochet. Knotted Headband. Back in October, I was perusing Facebook when I noticed a picture that my fashionable friend Erika posted of herself wearing a crocheted earwarmer/headband.

Knotted Headband

She is studying overseas in the UK, and she told me that she purchased this headband from Topshop for 10 British pounds, or about $15. GREEN challenge T-shirt yarn rug. As we were packing for our move, we were also getting rid of stuff.

GREEN challenge T-shirt yarn rug

My husband and I piled together a few large boxes for donating or to toss out. There was a pile of T-shirts. Too worn and stained for donating, but not raggedy enough for the trash. In my opinion, that is. Hubby just wanted to toss them. What is amazing about T-shirt yarn is that after you cut the strips and you tug on it, you can watch it curl up and hide those ugly baby spit up or paint stains. I picked coordinating colors to make a small rug to go in front of the back door. T-Shirt Yarn. **This tutorial is intended for personal use only.** About 5 years ago, I prepared a tutorial with pictures showing how to create yarn from cotton t-shirts.

T-Shirt Yarn

Tutorial for crochet roses. One of the first things I crocheted was roses. I saw cute brooches and I decided that I should have at least one)I found some tutorials in Internet here and hereMy first rose I don't want to show you) It was so strange and not much to look at) The second was better and after that all my roses was beautiful. So If you have problem doing it try again and you will have perfect rose!

Depending on the thickness of yarn rose can be smaller or bigger. When you buy yarn in the shop ask also which number of hook you should use for it.This rose you can use to create cute brooch. MaryMs Original Daisy Bullion Edging, tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, Cro-Tat, cro tat, edging, trim, tutorial. If you like the project you can donate bitcoins to: 1E8rQq9cmv95CrdrLmqaoD6TErUFKok3bF MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging©2001 - tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, tutorial, how to - Copyrighted. Please copy, reproduce, collect or redistribute with permission only. Finding little to not-much on the internet for tatting with crochet hook, I dreamed up this little design. (Of course, Crochet Tatting is quite an old art, recently come into vogue again - It is described and pictured in "The Godey's Lady's Book" in the 1850's!) Carinas Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial. Just a warning before we get started with the tutorial, there's LOTS of pictures and I may go into too much detail, but that's just what I do. ;-) By the way, this is the yarn I use.

Dc/treble: this refers to the same stitch. Dc if you use US crochet terms and treble if you use UK terms. July 2012 - Please note: these days I do very little crochet because I'm working on an embroidery book. The book writing also means I may not have time to help with any crochet-y questions/problems. There are loads of methods of joining (granny) squares, my method is just one, and may not even be the best. If you have particular layout for your blanket in mind, lay out your squares in that pattern. Then stack your squares so you can keep track of what goes where. Because of how this method works, it is best to have as few squares in each stack as possible. Take the top square and put it on the left and then the next square and keep that on the right.

Lay the rows together with backs facing each other. 1998 Interweave Knits CD Collection (Pre-Order)


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