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We are a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience and proven track record in our area of expertise. Our Mission is to create user-friendly internet-based applications that solve complex technology-related problems and deliver a smart business solution.


Python. AR/VR APP Development Services. Artificial Intellgence | Deep Learning | Machine Learning. Blockchain | Cryptocurrency | STO Developemnt. 5 Reasons Why SaaS Applications are perfect for Organisations. Posted by Khushboo Arora | Last Updated: 01-Feb-19 1 1 0 0 0 0 There was a time when businesses were supposed to use traditional software for the execution of activities.

5 Reasons Why SaaS Applications are perfect for Organisations

It involved installation, as well as maintenance cost that was huge especially for the new organizations to maintain. Since the day SaaS has been introduced, it has become easier for organizations to fulfill their software requirements. Software as a service(SaaS) delivers software applications over the internet. It offers a great deal to the businesses and fulfills software requirements of companies.

Lower up-front cost, Lower Risk Cost of traditional software distribution model is high and its installation is done on the user's server. Quick and Easy Access In order to provide exemplifying experience, SaaS provides an easy interface. Scalability Enterprises are in need of a robust technology that can offer a variety of subscription options and also the flexibility of changing this subscription whenever needed.


5 Reasons to Choose Swift for Custom iOS App Development. Posted by Khushboo Arora | Last Updated: 31-Jan-19 3 1 2 0 0 0 Various applications are developed on a regular basis and some of them crash right after they are launched.

5 Reasons to Choose Swift for Custom iOS App Development

The application development process is both time-consuming and difficult. Earlier iOS developers used Objective-C programming language to develop iOS apps but in 2014, programming-C was replaced by Swift. Swift applications are user-friendly and fully feature loaded. Ethereum Blockchain Application Development. Build high-octane and fully customizable distributed/decentralized apps with Ethereum. Oodles Technologies offers top-tier Ethereum Blockchain Application Development Solutions to the businesses and help them enhance their business operations.

Wish to know how our Ethereum App Developers can streamline your project? Let us know. What Are The Obstructions To Blockchain Adoption. 6 Best Live Streaming Platforms for Business Professionals. From business to the education sector, everyone is investing a huge sum in video streaming.

6 Best Live Streaming Platforms for Business Professionals

In recent surveys, it was concluded that around 52 percent of the universities use video streaming solution to educate their students online. Live Streaming is a powerful technology and is now serving schools, education centers, universities and more. Videos are considered extremely powerful and they also they pave way for real-time interactions. Choosing the right video streaming platform is important in video streaming. To help you select the right streaming platform, we have listed below the most popular ones. Facebook Live: Facebook has been a leading social media platform ever since it was established.

Kaltura. Interesting Insights On Big Data and NoSQL. MongoDb Development Services,MongoDB Company,MongoDB Developers. Oodles Technologies deals with all the aspects of and other significant technologies like NoSQL database.

MongoDb Development Services,MongoDB Company,MongoDB Developers

We are involved in application code, designing and prototyping to help clients build schema design, query optimization, application design, enterprise scaling and a whole heap more to create applications that fits in variety of use cases across different industry verticals. Our expertise in open source technologies allows us to develop products or solutions that integrates technology platform with MongoDb . MongoDB is an open source, cross-platform document-oriented database system created and supported by 10gen. Artificial Intelligence as a Catalyst In Transportation Industry.

Computing is becoming more powerful and faster with time.

Artificial Intelligence as a Catalyst In Transportation Industry

From keen self-driving automobiles to PCs and machines that can learn and modify themselves a lot will change in the future. While we are still in the early period of AI innovation, a huge amount of money is being allocated on the R&D of Artificial Intelligence. As per market experts, AI-based application development companies are spending a lot in the research and the expenses will rise by more than 50 percent per year and stretch up to a huge investment amount of $55 billion in the next 2 years. The industry where AI is disrupting the transportation industry. Steering car producers and tech organizations are in a competition to build completely autonomous vehicles (AVs) to use as cabs, public and personal transportation, and transporting goods.

Android Application Development Experts. Looking for a web development company to fulfill your Android Application Development requirements?

Android Application Development Experts

Get in touch with Oodles Technologies’ software development team and receive expert advice from them. Our enthusiastic Android Application development experts will offer you the best solutions based on your business requirement. How IoT is Revolutionizing the Education Sector. Posted by Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | Last Updated: 22-Jan-19 2 0 0 2 0 0 IoT or Internet of things is playing a significant role in transforming the ecosystem of the education sector.

How IoT is Revolutionizing the Education Sector

A smart institution has all the amenities available to make the system run evenly. From smart boards to smart classes, every gadget plays a crucial role in building a smart environment. IoT enabled education ecosystem is not only limited to the smart colleges and institutions, but also in creating a pro study environment for students. In one of our previous blogs, we have showcased some of the crucial roles IoT will play in the education sector.

Excellent Security Highlights IoT based apps in education sector are imperative because they help in getting the most suitable technology solutions of the problems inside the classrooms. Blockchain Service Providers. Looking for top-notch and high-level Blockchain service provider at cost-effective prices?

Blockchain Service Providers

Try world-class Blockchain development solutions from Oodles Technologies. With our proven methodologies and competency, we continuously strive to offer high-octane custom blockchain solutions for amplified results. Our utmost aim is to meet the unique requirements of your organization and deliver the product within the deadline, and helping you go ahead in the technological wave.

Leverage seamless benefits of the tamper-proof network. Let’s join hands together. Technological Trends Travel or Hospitality Business Cannot Ignore. Hospitality sector has witnessed immense growth since 2008 and is considered the most competitive industry in today's time.

Technological Trends Travel or Hospitality Business Cannot Ignore

In order to meet the increasing demands of the customers in this sector, some big hotel chains are now investing a huge amount of their money in technology. Such technological advancements will also enable these service sectors to stay ahead of the rest and be best in the industry. In this article, we will be discussing upcoming technological trends that travel and hospitality industry cannot ignore. The below-stated tech trends in this service sector will be responsible for shaping the industry’s future. Hotel Bookings Turned Online In order to avoid the last minute chaos of hotel booking, a large number of customers want to prebook their stay on different booking platforms like,, and more.

Blockchain Service. Discover seamless benefits of decentralized platforms & cryptographically secure network with us. Oodles Technologies is the most sought-after Blockchain Service Provider that offers comprehensive insights right from Blockchain realization to inculcating enterprise solutions. Leverage seamless benefits of the tamper-proof network. Let’s join hands together. Perception of a Future where XR is a Reality. Posted by Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | Last Updated: 21-Jan-19 New 0 0 0 0 0 Extended Reality is broadened application AR and VR.

Perception of a Future where XR is a Reality

It’s a combination of the whole range of real-world experiences from the virtual world to the physical. We will soon be in a situation where various diverse innovation and advancements will arise. Moreover, blockchain is usually portrayed as a distributed digital record. It has just affected money related markets. Will Chatbots Replace More Apps in 2019. Posted by Khushboo Arora | Last Updated: 21-Jan-19 2 1 0 1 0 0 Chatbot is an innovative way through which companies can interact with their customers. Today, approximately 75% of mobile users or smartphone users spend their time on different social networking apps and business applications. In order to reach out to the audiences faster, various companies like CNN (News Chatbot), HealthTap (Health Chatbot), Spring (E-commerce Chatbot), Hyatt (Hotel Chatbot) and many more have already made their chatbots available on different messengers.

As per the Gartner’s report, by 2020, 85 percent of client interactions will be made without a human. In this era of technological advancements, human tasks are getting easier and better on a daily basis. The newly introduced Chatbots will not only facilitate customers but will also help businesses carry out their operations seamlessly. Roku Streaming Services. Oodles Technologies offers a one-stop solution for Roku Streaming Services. We have our expertise in building world-class apps and channels for Roku Streaming Platform. What Is Roku? Roku Streaming Player provides an easy way to access real-time media and audio/video content in the form of channels. These channels are developed by using a Roku specific language called BrightScript which happens to be the key language for Roku TV developers. Roku Streaming Services provide a fun way to watch online video content directly on your TV screens. 4 Programming Languages You Can Use to Create Chatbots.

Posted by Vidushi Vij | Last Updated: 04-Jan-18 55 38 2 3 0 0 Choosing an AI (artificial intelligence) programming language is not difficult but it can be confusing. So, if you are one of then who gets confused to pick the right programming language for Artificial Intelligence then you have come to a right place. Python is one of best programming language for creating Artificial Intelligence chatbots. This object-oriented language is widely used by the developers all around the world. There is the number of reasons behind the popularity of python, such as: MEAN Stack Development. Empower your website, portals, and applications with highly-scalable and robust MEANJS solutions. Sectors That Will Hire Virtual Agents Instead Of Humans.

Java Development Company. The present market plot is compact and the need to accept result-oriented IT Solutions to stay ahead of the curve is becoming really crucial. Artificial Intelligence for the Revamp of Education Sector. Amazon Fire TV App Development. How WebRTC plays a crucial role in Web Communication Industry. How AI will Transform Healthcare in 2019. AngularJS Development Services,AngularJS Web App Development,AngularJS developers.

AI Technologies To Influence The Year 2019. An Overview of Natural Language Processing And Its Uses. Smart Contract Developer. How Digital Twin Technology is Transforming Industry and Business. Blockchain Developers India. Crucial Roles IoT will play in Education Sector. Blockchain Development Company. How Customer Experiences is Enhanced by Augmented Reality. Android Application Development. Machine Learning in Medical Imaging and Analysis. Least affected jobs for future in the era of Cloud and Automation. Java Application Development Services. Prime Attributes of BI Tools To Watch For In 2019. MEAN Stack Application Developers. Drupal CMS Based Websites Are Empowering The Media Industry. Big Data Implementation services. Blockchain Is Influencing The Power Sector. Hire Blockchain Experts. Thoroughly Understanding The Decentralized Application.

Big Data Services India. How Retailers Can Use Chatbots To Boost Their Sales. Take Live Events To New Heights With Interactive Video Streaming. The Importance of Edge Computing For IoT. Factors To Consider While Choosing an iPhone App Development Firm. Blockchain Developers. Recognizing the business value of Data Streaming. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development. Intelligent ERP Systems Are The Key To Digital Transformation. Business Intelligence And How Is It Crucial For Business Success. Ethereum Blockchain Application Development. Boost Your Business With Cross Platform App Development.

Machine Learning Trends That Will Dominate 2019. How To Set Up Dolby Atmos Or Surround Sound On Your Apple TV. Develop Smart Contract in Blockchain. Why Smart Contracts Standards Are Crucial. Benefits of Integrating Mobile Into Your CRM Software. Chatbot Development Company. The Rise of Artificial Superintelligence. Reasons Why Most Startups are Shifting To Mobile First. Before Going Live Figure Out Best Live Video Streaming Platform. Blockchain Development Company. ICO Development Services. How Blockchain Solutions Are Disrupting The FinTech Industry. Blockchain App Development.

Roku Streaming Services. How To Use Split Screen Functionality In iPad Safari. How To Use Split Screen Functionality In iPad Safari. All About Machine Learning and Data Mining. Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Trends To Watch In 2019. Oodles Technologies Listed In India's Top PHP Development Companies. Top-end Benefits Of Outsourcing Java-based Apps For a Java Development Company. Why Its Essential For Businesses To Have Chatbots. SaaS Development Services,SaaS Applications Developers,SaaS Solution Providers. Creating and Managing A Transcoding Profile In Kaltura.

Creating and Managing A Transcoding Profile In Kaltura. Top Reasons why Shifting to SaaS is Valuable for a Company. Why Opt MEAN.JS Stack App Development to Build Your Next App. Research Teams From Google On A New Machine Learning Venture. Decentralizing the Internet of Things with Blockchain. PHP Web Application Development. Live Video Streaming. Free Roku Channel Streaming Services now live on the web. Advances in Financial Industry with Machine Learning.

Can Machines Supersede Humans In Future Planning. How Machine Learning Can Help Counter Spear Phishing Attacks. Google Releases Deep Learning Model of The Pixel 2 Portrait Mode. The Einstein AI From Salesforce Can Be A Mega Gamechanger. Best cryptocurrency exchange platform 2019. Blockchain Wallet Development.