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Strengthening The Telecom Industry With Blockchain. The telecom sector has the most complex operations framework that involves a number of vendors, customers, distributors, network providers, and VAS providers.

Strengthening The Telecom Industry With Blockchain

The involvement of these entities leads to trust issues and transparency challenges. That being said, the telecom industry lacks an effective mechanism to track different activities performed by these entities. Moreover, the centralized operational structure of telecom companies causes inefficiencies like inaccurate billing, expensive tariff, and security issues. Blockchain technology, when used in the telecom sector, will inculcate trust, transparency, and increase process efficiencies.

Using this distributed ledger technology, telecom operators can create a trustless network amongst different stakeholders to achieve enhanced security and transparency. According to Kenneth Research, blockchain in the telecom sector is expected to grow from USD 46.6 million in 2018 to USD 993.8 million by 2023. Cost Reduction Enhanced Collaboration. Accelerating Immigration Processes with AI and Blockchain.

AI and blockchain are two next-gen technologies that are steadily transforming processes in multiple industries including healthcare, hospitality, education, finance, and banking.

Accelerating Immigration Processes with AI and Blockchain

Developers are making significant progress in combining these technologies to accelerate business processes. One such successful amalgamation of AI and Blockchain is Migranet, an AI migration system. Migranet uses cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and biometrics to streamline the immigration process. The system uses Migranet utility tokens (MIG) to make the immigration process fast, affordable and highly secure. Migranet successfully completed the first testing of its prototype on 5 February 2019. Security Token Offering Development Company. ICO Development Company. Ethereum Smart Contract Development. Now enter into a world of secure transactions with Oodles Technologies Smart Contract Development Services.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Hire Blockchain Application Developers. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development. Are you planning to develop a Cryptocurrency exchange platform for secure trading of digital currencies?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Contact Oodles Technologies to get your exchange platform developed at the most competitive rates. With our superlative cryptocurrency exchange development solutions, we help businesses stay ahead in the technological wave. Wish to know how our blockchain developers can help your business grow? Let's connect. Our Expertise in Creating Different types of Exchanges Include: We have proficiency in developing asset exchange, stable coins, utility tokens, security token exchange platforms. Centralized Crypto Exchanges(CCE): Useful in maintaining control of all the digital transactions. Decentralized Crypto Exchanges (DEX): Using distributed ledger technology DEX serves as a matching and routing layer for trade orders.

IoT App Development Services. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development. Oodles Technologies is a one-stop shop for all your blockchain application development and cryptocurrency development Services.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

With a bucketful of successful crypto-projects delivered so far, we can greatly help you in leveraging most of the blockchain technology. Wish to avail our cryptocurrency development services to stay ahead of the curve? Let’s get connected. What is Cryptocurrency? Introduced in 2009, Cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed primarily to work as a medium for exchange. With the advent of Decentralized Payment Technology, Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, and Ether have gone mainstream in all major countries.

How blockchain will influence the Stock Market Industry. Posted by Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | Last Updated: 19-Dec-18 3 3 0 0 0 0 We all know how Blockchain technology has created a buzz in the last couple of years.

How blockchain will influence the Stock Market Industry

Yes, Blockchain has transformed the concept of digital assets by making the money exchanging process simpler. All because of its secure and reliable technology but if you are thinking that this technology is only limited to the same business then you are wrong. As it has played the role of a gamechanger in e-coin business; in the same manner, it has the potential to change the stock market industry as well.

In this blog, you will get to know about the businesses which the technology will transform. Smart Contract Development. Looking for avant-garde and progressive smart contract development? Blockchain Technology Is Now Disrupting The Gaming Industry. Ever since video games came into existence, there is hardly any person who has not been affected by the unmatched user experience it has to offer. With such a huge market, the gaming industry has even roadblocked the surge of sports and movie capitals. As per the reports and statistics, the online gaming industry is going to touch the extreme caps of whopping $180.1 billion by the end of 2021.

And no surprise why Blockchain Technology has also carved its way into it. The gaming sector is a never-ending landscape. Blockchain Technology Is Now Disrupting The Gaming Industry. Future Perspective Is Changing With The Blockchain Revolution. Posted by Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | Last Updated: 19-Jan-19 New 0 0 0 0 0 The blockchain is trending as a top technology in business and industry due to its comparative efficiency over the conventional usage of the Internet. Most of the banks are looking forward to blockchain technology to accelerate, enhance and minimize risks in the industry where transaction exceeds more than $16 trillion every year. Banks believe that the decentralized environment of the blockchain technology, which draws on and validates data from many distinctive sources, will remove huge heaps of paper records. In this Blog, you will get to know how the future will change with this Blockchain Revolution.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Are you searching for a preeminent Blockchain Application Development Company?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

End your search here at Oodles Technologies for customized Blockchain Development Services. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development. Blockchain Application Development Company. In a quest to arrive at an eccentric and end-to-end Blockchain App Development Company? Your Search ends here at Oodles! We offer avant-garde and customized Blockchain Development Services aligned perfectly with your business requirements and give an added benefit to all your crypto-based projects. The blockchain is an open-source, distributed public ledger of every possible cryptocurrency transactions. It is the structure of data that portrays a record of the transaction or a financial ledger entry. To ensure its authenticity and immutability, each transaction is digitally signed so that the ledger itself and all the possible transactions within it can be of high integrity. Blockchain Consulting Services.

How IoT is Transforming Homes into Smart Homes. The difference between DLT and Blockchain. Presence of Blockchain technology is increasing speedily in our day to day life.

The difference between DLT and Blockchain

It is being analyzed by a large number of people and being used by entities like banks and governments. They are also bringing curiosity like how this technology can improve their situation. There is another term that is rising in the area of digital money space, it is Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT. Furthermore, to some degree, it is the body that Blockchain plans to use for banks, governments, and major companies.