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Benchmark-tutkimus: pyörämatkailun kehittäminen edistää Lapin ympärivuotisuutta - Business Finland. Luontoaktiviteetit ja erityisesti maastopyöräily kauniin luonnon keskellä nähdään potentiaalisena vetovoimatekijänä, jolla Lapin ympärivuotista matkailua voidaan edistää.

Benchmark-tutkimus: pyörämatkailun kehittäminen edistää Lapin ympärivuotisuutta - Business Finland

Yhtä tärkeänä nähdään kestävä kehitys ja paikallisen matkailuelinkeinon, päättäjien sekä väestön tiivis mukaan ottaminen alusta asti. Noin vuosi sitten tunnistimme Visit Finlandilla tarpeen osana Lapin suuralue- ja teemakehitystyötä syventyä tarkemmin tutkimaan toimenpiteitä, joilla Lapin kesä, eli lumeton aika, saadaan vetovoimaiseksi matkailusesongiksi talven rinnalle. DataHub-pilotointi käynnistyy MyHelsingin kanssa - Business Finland. Projektia onkin kaikessa hiljaisuudessa viety eteenpäin johdonmukaisesti.

DataHub-pilotointi käynnistyy MyHelsingin kanssa - Business Finland

Tavoitteita on tarkennettu ja virtaviivaistettu. Kaikkia toivottuja ominaisuuksia ei välttämättä pystytä toteuttamaan ihan ensimmäisessä aallossa, joten niitä on siirretty seuraaviin toteutusvaiheisiin. Samalla on pohdittu, miten käyttöönotto olisi kaikkien osapuolien näkökulmasta sujuvinta. Kansainvälisen kongressin isännöinti kasvattaa verkostoja ja mainetta - Business Finland. Technology and tourism industry trends for 2021 from ENTER21 conference – Better Tourism Business by Juho Pesonen (Ph.D.) We all want to understand where the world is going.

Technology and tourism industry trends for 2021 from ENTER21 conference – Better Tourism Business by Juho Pesonen (Ph.D.)

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of tourism is more obscured than ever before. Some sense to all of this can be found by talking and listening to various stakeholders in the industry. TechCrunch fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. TechCrunch fait partie de Verizon Media.

TechCrunch fait désormais partie de Verizon Media

Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit. Finland Igloo Hotel Has Floating Huts. If you’ve found the COVID-19 international travel restrictions tough, you’ll be ready for the trip of a lifetime as soon as traveling becomes a possibility again.

Finland Igloo Hotel Has Floating Huts

How about adding an Arctic glass igloo to your wanderlust wish list? Thanks to Arctic Guesthouse & Igloos, you can stay in a “floating igloo boat” on the shores of Lake Ranua in Finland. It’s the perfect spot to witness the Northern Lights (aurora borealis), a breathtaking natural phenomenon in which the night sky dances with dazzling lights created by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The glass igloo resort includes 10 fully mobile, floating igloo boats powered by electric engines (they can also be pulled by an ATV when the lake is frozen over). There’s also a separate space for your luggage, tea and coffee facilities, a small work desk, a Bluetooth panel for smart devices, USB charging ports and indoor temperature controls.

Google Travel Drops Costs for Hotels in Price-Comparison Search. Google on Tuesday changed how its hotel price-comparison search works worldwide.

Google Travel Drops Costs for Hotels in Price-Comparison Search

The search giant made it free for hotels, online travel agencies, and metasearch brands to list room rates in its boxed pricing module for individual properties. Google has long had a price comparison tab on any given property’s listing within its hotel search interface — found via Until Tuesday, the search titan only showed paid advertisements when users clicked on the “prices” tab. It has now made those booking links free. It hopes to entice hoteliers and resellers to participate more. ETC published Handbook on Tourism Forecasting Methodologies - ETC Corporate. The knock-out effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been unprecedented in scale and duration, with global international travel falling by 74% in 2020, while the decline in Europe was of 70%.

ETC published Handbook on Tourism Forecasting Methodologies - ETC Corporate

One of the key elements in tourism’s path to recovery will be an accurate prediction of future demand and consumer sentiment. ETC has today released a simple guide to the complex world of tourism forecasting for National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) and Destination Management Organisations (DMOs). Accurate prediction of future tourist arrivals, overnights, expenditure, and other indicators remains essential for more effective business decisions, year over year planning, monitoring consumer satisfaction and benchmarking purposes. Tourism forecasting can also provide indications for implementing targeted marketing and promotional campaigns, managing tourist flows or addressing sustainability matters.

Finnish Sauna: relaxation, health and connecting with nature - Finland Convention Bureau. “Sauna culture in Finland” is now on the Unesco list of Intangible Cultural Heritage The sauna culture in Finland has been inscribed on UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Finnish Sauna: relaxation, health and connecting with nature - Finland Convention Bureau

The sauna culture is the first Finnish element on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Unesco announced the status in December 2020. Unesco highlights the intangible but very real spirit of Finnish sauna culture. Finnish people associate the sauna with relaxation, conversation, health and connecting with nature. Depending on the source of your stats, between 60 and 90 percent of Finnish people have a sauna at least once a week.

Everything you need to know about Finnish sauna culture. When you think of saunas, you probably think of Sweden, right?

Everything you need to know about Finnish sauna culture

Sauna culture is well known as a Scandinavian thing, but while the majority think they come from Sweden, saunas are originally a Finnish custom. In fact, one of the easiest ways to annoy a Finn is to suggest that the sauna is Swedish. Last December, the Finnish sauna was added to UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage list, a sign of how integral the sauna is to almost every Finn’s household. Research also shows that going to the sauna several times a week makes you less likely to experience a heart attack and can reduce the risk of dementia. Originating from rural areas, the sauna has evolved over the years and nowadays it is easy to find a variety of saunas. But what is it that draws these nordics to sit and sweat in a small room for so long? Are air taxis ready for prime time? - TNMT.

Forest Bathing / Shinrin-Yoku - Virtual experience from Green Campus UCC Tickets, Thu 25 Mar 2021 at 17:00. After many years abroad Gráinne Bagnall returned to Ireland and in 2012 found something was missing from her world.

Forest Bathing / Shinrin-Yoku - Virtual experience from Green Campus UCC Tickets, Thu 25 Mar 2021 at 17:00

With no map or compass she set off to find a new balance in life. Her journey has full of adventure a real 'rolling stone gathering no moss',. Landing in the spectacular Ballymoney House, Ballineen. Gráinne was awarded one of Ireland's Social Entrepreneurs in 2017 for her work in STEAM education, then went on to summit Kilimanjaro in 2019, to her latest project Chair of new initiative advocating for "Green Perscription" to be on the forefront of GPs mindset. Kotimaan lentoreiteille valittiin uusia lentoyhtiöitä – Finnairin tilalle ruotsalainen, latvialainen ja virolainen lentoyhtiö. Virtual Conferences & Expos. Kautta Tahkon alueelle 23 miljoonan euron matkailutulot tänä talvikautena - Tahko. Europeans pin hopes on early summer vacations to beat the lockdown fatigue - ETC Corporate. 54% of Europeans aim to make a trip before the end of July 2021, revealing the strong pent-up demand to resume travel1 in 3 Europeans believe that May-July is the most feasible period for their next tripRamping up the efficiency of the vaccine rollout remains the crucial factor in kick-starting travel within Europe Despite the continuous lockdowns and advice to avoid non-essential trips, Europeans’ travel sentiment maintains an upward trajectory, with 54% of respondents planning to travel within the next six months either domestically or to another European country.

Miten matkailemme koronan jälkeen? 1. KOLI - 360 Finland. What is the digital outlook for 2021 in business travel? A travel management company operating in Jan 2021 will be faced with a whole new set of challenges compared to both 2020 and 2019. Business travel volumes are unpredictable. The travel landscape has become more complex and we have a reduced workforce. The BTA says 50% of business travel jobs are at risk and a recent survey of the SME sector by us showed that on average TMCs have made a third of their staff redundant. Complexity is heightened by a “double whammy” of the effects caused by COVID-19 plus Brexit, if you're a U.K. Technology and tourism industry trends for 2021 from ENTER21 conference – Better Tourism Business by Juho Pesonen (Ph.D.) Nopea pudotus liikamatkailusta nollamatkailuun vahvistaa paikallisten asenteita: paluu entiseen ei ole vaihtoehto. Keski-Suomen kansallispuistoissa kaikkien aikojen käyntimääräennätykset -

DigiTrail, digitaalinen opas luontoreiteillä - Visit Häme. Keski-Suomen matkailustrategia vuosille 2021-2025 on valmistunut - Visit Jyväskylä Region. Trends for the next normal. Businesses have spent much of the past nine months scrambling to adapt to extraordinary circumstances. While the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet won, with a vaccine in sight, there is at least a faint light at the end of the tunnel—along with the hope that another train isn’t heading our way. Audio 2021 will be the year of transition. Barring any unexpected catastrophes, individuals, businesses, and society can start to look forward to shaping their futures rather than just grinding through the present. The next normal is going to be different. 2021 will be the year of transition. In this article, we identify some of the trends that will shape the next normal.

How the COVID-19 crisis and the recovery are shaping the global economy The return of confidence unleashes a consumer rebound There are lines outside stores, but they are often due to physical-distancing requirements. That isn’t to say that consumers will act uniformly. Online-tuotteet - vinkkejä matkailutuotteen rakentamiseen - Flowhouse. Asiakkaiden ostokäyttäytyminen muuttuu, ja erilaisten matkailutuotteiden osto on siirtynyt yhä vahvemmin verkkoon. Matkailuyrityksen onkin tärkeää taata matkailijalle mahdollisuus tutustua tuotesisältöön, saatavuuteen ja hintaan välittömästi asiakkaan saapuessa esimerkiksi verkkosivuille tuotetta tarkastelemaan.

We’re Good To Go. Connect – tapahtumajärjestäjän elämystyökalu. Doerz Connect on täysin verkkopohjainen alusta, joka mahdollistaa paikallisten palveluiden välittämisen erilaisten tapahtumien osallistujille. Palvelun avulla sekä paikalliset yritykset että yksityishenkilöt voivat tarjota aktiviteetteja tapahtumavieraille. Varaa pöytäsi verkossa - DinnerBooking. 8 Fantastic Airbnb Cabins to Dream About, From Finland to the Catskills.

While any sort of getaway seems dreamy right about now, cabins, in particular, inspire intense wanderlust: the Instagram account @cabinporn has over 600,000 followers, and coffee table books like Taschen’s Cabins regularly fly off the shelves. These wilderness retreats epitomize coziness, outdoor adventures, and the very concept of getting away from it all. It’s no surprise then, that in this stressful pandemic era, so many of us have found respite in their remoteness—Airbnb found that in 2020, demand surged for their properties in rural areas. Whether you’re planning a vacation to a drive-to-destination down the line or just interested in some good old fashioned travel daydreaming, Vogue gathered some of the most stylish Airbnb cabins in the world.

From a classic log cabin in Jackson, Wyoming, to a minimalist masterpiece in British Columbia and a self-proclaimed “jungle cabin” in Tulum, here are the Airbnb cabins we can’t stop fantasizing about. Kodiak Cabin in Comstock, Wisconsin. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2021. Introduction This open access book is the proceedings of the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT)’s 28th Annual International eTourism Conference, which assembles the latest research presented at the ENTER21@yourplace virtual conference January 19–22, 2021.

This book advances the current knowledge base of information and communication technologies and tourism in the areas of social media and sharing economy, technology including AI-driven technologies, research related to destination management and innovations, COVID-19 repercussions, and others. IATA Travel Pass begins full use in March. IATA’s head of airport, passenger and security products, Alan Murray Hayden, says fast progress is being made to bring its Travel Pass digital health credential solution to market, and “most of the world’s biggest airlines will be using it from March on.”

“I’ve never in my life seen a project move at such pace,” Hayden says, speaking during a webinar hosted by IATA and Evernym. “We have teams of people working 12 hours a day to make this happen and to try to solve this industry problem.” Finnair uudisti Euroopan- ja kotimaan lentojen hinnoittelun – myyntijohtaja: "Voit lentää toiseen suuntaan ja palata junalla kotiin" Suomen paras hotelliaamiainen - 1. Hotelli Yöpuu, Jyväskylä.

Sustainable Finland. 10 sustainable destinations to visit in 2021. UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker. Uudisti Finnairin operatiivisen lentotieto­järjestelmän - Nitor. Economics. IATA tuo markkinoille Travel Passin - Ikkunapaikka. 52 Places to Love in 2021. Seven Spectacular Day Trips You Can Take From Helsinki. Travel Marketing 2021: 5 Human-Centric Digital Strategies. Coronavirus Outbreak. The Safest Places to Travel in 2021. Dr. Fauci Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Become Mandatory for Travel. 10 Trends That Will Shape the Hospitality Industry in 2021. What's Expected to Come to Disney Parks in 2021. (BKNG), Expedia, Inc. (NASDAQ:EXPE) - Online Travel Agencies No Longer 'Growth Disruptors': Bernstein. Technological Trends Travel or Hospitality Business Cannot Ignore. Travel + Leisure Homepage. VoMA is the world’s first fully interactive virtual museum. Näin korona on runnonut matkailumääriä.

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2021 - Proceedings of the ENTER 2021 eTourism Conference, January 19–22, 2021. Luontopysäkit – Meijän polku. "Ravintoloista virus ei ole levinnyt" – Matkailu- ja ravintola-alan MaRa tyrmää järeämmät rajoitustoimet, joita koronastrategian muutos voisi tuoda tullessaan.

Hotellien elämä on yhtä turbulenssia – kun koronasta uutisoidaan rajuja lukuja, tyhjenevät Turunkin hotellit hetkessä. The next normal arrives: Trends that will define 2021—and beyond. Tourism in challenging times: resilience or creativity? WoolTimes 6 - Engage with Visual Storytelling in Tourism. 2021 Travel Trends: What Travelers Need to Know For the New Year. The Safest Places to Travel in 2021. Eurocontrol think paper 8 impact of covid 19 on european aviation in 2020 and outlook 2021 (1)


2021 Travel Guide: Covid Restrictions, Vaccine, Flight Cancellations, Cruises and More. TUI esittelee visioitaan ja selvityksiään matkailun trendeiksi 2021 - MATKAVIIKKO. Matkakaupan markkinoiden new deal koronan jälkeen – keiden käsiin elinkeino päätyy? - MATKAVIIKKO. Matkailu muuttuu junassa istumiseksi tai virtuaaliseksi, uskoo tulevaisuudentutkija: "Suomi on maata pitkin kulkemisen kannalta huonossa paikassa" Will COVID-19 Vaccines Be Required to Fly in 2021? Travel Agency Groups Optimistic About the Industry’s Return in 2021. Travel Outlook for 2021. Tutkimusmatka: Matkailu- ja ravintola-alan jatkuvan oppimisen tarve on suurempi kuin koskaan - Haaga-Helia eSignals. DigiTähti. Visit Finland DataHubin kuulumisia - Business Finland. Meetings and Events Forecast.

Webinaarit ja työpajat. Trailmap - Löydä uusia polkuja. Helsinki - Majoitus­tilastot ja Matkailutilastot - visitory. Majoitusala kotimaan vapaa-ajanmatkailun varassa – suurten kaupunkien ulkopuolella. Amadeus. Home - Wowanders. Virtuaalinen Archives - Pamplemousse verkkokauppa. Sustainable Travel Finland - Business Finland. Seminaarien satoa - Business Finland. Spotlight: European Hotel Trends Outlook – 2020. TIEDOTE: Uusi matkailun tulo- ja työllisyystutkimus valmistui - välitön matkailutulo kasvoi Keski-Suomessa kahdeksan prosenttia - Visit Jyväskylä. (PDF) Management and Leadership for Digital Transformation in Tourism. Hotelli, motelli, majatalo tai leirintäalue – EU-ympäristömerkki kutsuu kehittämään vastuullisuutta - EU-ympäristömerkkiEU-ympäristömerkki.

Matkailuyrityksen digiloikan ABC. JAPANESE COACH COMPANY BUILDS A MAZE WITH SIXTY COACHES. Matkailualan yritykset ja ruokakaupat huolehtivat ja kantavat vastuuta. World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Smarter, Kinder, Safer: Reveals Nine Predictions For The Future of Travel. Insights for the New World of Travel: Travel consultant. Finavia tarjoaa Helsinki-Vantaan pysäköintitaloa autojen ja veneiden talvisäilytykseen - 89 euroa/kk. TIEDOTE: Uusi matkailun tulo- ja työllisyystutkimus valmistui - välitön matkailutulo kasvoi Keski-Suomessa kahdeksan prosenttia - Visit Jyväskylä. Spotlight: European Hotel Trends Outlook – 2020.

Seminaarien satoa - Business Finland.