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Rolls with Beans, Herbs and Avocado - Boss Kitchen. If you don’t know what to eat in the middle of the day, feel free to cook these rolls.

Rolls with Beans, Herbs and Avocado - Boss Kitchen

They are low in carbohydrates and high in a healthy protein found in beans and tahini paste. And the avocado will add healthy fats. Ingredients 400 g canned white beans100 g salad mix2 avocados1-2 tsp hot chili sauce1 tbsp tahini1 tbsp lemon juice2 tbsp olive oil1 tsp garlic powder or 1 garlic clove1 small bunch of cilantro or parsley3 large tortillassalt freshly ground black pepper. Festive Salmon Roll - Boss Kitchen. Immediately write down the recipe for a festive salmon roll and save it, because it will come in handy more than once – this dish looks great both on the New Year’s table, and at a birthday dinner party, and on the 8th of March.

Festive Salmon Roll - Boss Kitchen

This grandiose appetizer is sure to attract the attention of guests and is one of the first to disappear from the festive table. Servings: 10 Ingredients large salmon fillets, 450 g each – 2 pcsflounder fillet – 350 gfresh frozen green peas – 300 gfresh white bread without crust – 250 gmilk – 100 mlprotein – 1 pccarrots – 1 pcparsley sprigs – 2 pcsa pinch of nutmegolive oilsalt pepper Directions. Ham Rolls with Cheese Filling - Boss Kitchen. A classic of the Soviet snack table!

Ham Rolls with Cheese Filling - Boss Kitchen

Well, we could not pass by, we added only one new touch. The main thing is to make more of such rolls so that all guests can get it – and they could not hesitate to breathe garlic on each other. Meatloaf with Quail Eggs - Boss Kitchen. This spectacular dish is easy to prepare.

Meatloaf with Quail Eggs - Boss Kitchen

You don’t need to have any special super training for him. Follow us every step of the way and everything will work out. Servings: 8 Ingredients ground beef – 1 kgseveral slices of white bread – 250 gmilk – 0.5 legg (protein) – 2 pcsquail egg – 20 pcsparsley – 1 bunchonion – 1 large onionsmall carrot – 1 pcgarlic – 2 clovesvegetable oil – 4 tbspchicken fillet – 2 pcssalt freshly ground black pepper. 10 Famous & Iconic French Dishes - Boss Kitchen.

France is known not only for its history, attractions, football team, and natural beauty but above all for its cuisine.

10 Famous & Iconic French Dishes - Boss Kitchen

Dishes and specialties vary from region to region, but in Paris, you can find a restaurant from any region of France. We have selected 10 main dishes of French cuisine from different regions that you can taste in France. Next to the name of each dish, you will see the region of origin of that dish. Confit De Canard Duck confit is a signature dish of the southwestern region of France. 10 Most Popular Spanish Dishes - Boss Kitchen. Spain is a beautiful and friendly country with hospitable people and a huge amount of delicious food.

10 Most Popular Spanish Dishes - Boss Kitchen

If you are planning to visit this amazing country, do not forget to try the dishes from the list below. Churros Imagine, the Spaniards start their every day with them! Churros are usually served for breakfast, and more often with chocolate. They are deep-fried, so they are crispy and delicious. 10 Australian Traditional Dishes You Should Eat At least Once in Your Life - Boss Kitchen. Street food and catering is the best way to experience the culture of a country.

10 Australian Traditional Dishes You Should Eat At least Once in Your Life - Boss Kitchen

And Australia is no exception. Her cuisine is a real mosaic of taste: she combines culinary traditions from different countries of the world, diluting them with local delicacies. Burgers with Pickled Beets There are no ordinary burgers in amazing and mysterious Australia. A specialty of local street food is burgers with pickled beets. 10 Dishes to Try in Austria - Boss Kitchen. Austria is sometimes said to be a small country with great cuisine.

10 Dishes to Try in Austria - Boss Kitchen

At the same time, local chefs joke that they simply do not have the concept of “Austrian national cuisine”: it has absorbed so many culinary traditions from different parts of the world, mainly the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and Italy. However, even despite such self-criticism, they definitely know a lot about cooking here. It is not surprising that Austrian cuisine is recognized as one of the best in the world, and now we will see which of them is worth trying first. Vienna Sausages. Top 10 Dishes of Azerbaijan Cuisine - Boss Kitchen. Azerbaijan is a distinctive country with an ancient history.

Top 10 Dishes of Azerbaijan Cuisine - Boss Kitchen

This region is unique. Due to its geographic location, it is equally close to the Middle East, the Transcaucasus, and Eastern Europe. 10 Main Dishes of Albanian Cuisine: What to Try for a Tourist - Boss Kitchen. Albanian cuisine echoes Turkish and Balkan classics.

10 Main Dishes of Albanian Cuisine: What to Try for a Tourist - Boss Kitchen

However, the locals skillfully adapted it for themselves. They love meat, fresh vegetables, aromatic spices. We will tell you what food is worth trying in Albania for every tourist. Names, photos, and descriptions of dishes will help you not to get lost on vacation. There is too little information on the national Albanian cuisine on the web. 10 Interesting National Dishes of Argentina - Boss Kitchen. Argentine cuisine has a rich history and has many interesting dishes that will appeal to connoisseurs of gourmet national cuisine. A variety of meat dishes are traditional for this country of the South American continent: mainly beef, pork, less often chicken. In addition, the Argentines prepare interesting desserts, vegetable, and fish dishes. The kitchen palette varies depending on the region. Some food is unique to their area, others can be prepared by anyone in their kitchen. 10 Popular Dishes of Armenian Cuisine - Boss Kitchen.

The dishes of Armenian cuisine are an unimaginable pleasure for a gourmet and an excellent accompaniment to elite alcoholic drinks of Armenian production. The cuisine of Armenia is considered one of the oldest in Europe and is distinguished by a large number of spices, sauces, and salt. Traditional Armenian dishes are distinguished by a complex range and pungency, as their recipes have been improved over the centuries. Khorovats Khorovats is a unique dish of Armenian cuisine and one of the most beloved dishes of the Armenian people, which is a fragrant, soft, and incredibly tasty pork barbecue.

10 Iconic Dishes of Barbados - Boss Kitchen. Barbados is characterized by the culinary traditions of the Caribbean region. Here, as in most neighboring countries, they use combinations of tastes unusual for Europeans: sweet and spicy, spicy and sour. The traditional cuisine of Barbados is famous for its abundance of spices, hot and fruit sauces. The combination of sweet fruits with meat, poultry, and fish are often used in the most unusual versions. Callaloo One name for both the vegetable itself and the dish made from it. 10 Most Popular Dishes from Around the World - Boss Kitchen. The cuisine of each country has certain characteristics that are unique to it.

Often, gastronomic masterpieces become a national treasure and landmark along with museums, monuments, and architectural structures. Tourists who come to this or that country to get to know the habits, culture, and customs of unfamiliar people try local cuisine. And national delicacies can tell much more about the people than the usual tourist entertainment. Today it is not at all necessary to travel to get acquainted with the cuisine of another country.

You can also do this at home by mastering several recipes. 15 Best Meat Grinders for Home in 2021 - Boss Kitchen. Sooner or later, many users come to the conclusion that it is more profitable and more expedient to cook minced meat at home from the point of view that you have a complete understanding of the ingredients of the products that you use. In this case, it becomes necessary to choose a good meat grinder. As you can imagine, here it is necessary to build on how much you cook, how often you use the equipment, and what kind of dishes you plan to make. Our ranking of the best meat grinders of 2021 contains models for different categories of buyers. Where to Eat in Hong Kong: 12 Best Restaurants - Boss Kitchen. 10 Most Delicious Vietnamese Dishes - Boss Kitchen. Top 10 Popular Dishes in Ghanaian Cuisine - Boss Kitchen. 10 Best Greek Dishes You Must Try - Boss Kitchen. 19 Best Home Refrigerators in 2021 - Boss Kitchen.

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