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Nadine's World Famous Strawberry and Mascarpone Cream - Boss Kitchen. Goat Cheese Mousse with Strawberries - Boss Kitchen. … also a pleasure with oranges or grapes Servings: 4 Ingredients 250 ml whipped cream, mascarpone or whipped cream200 g goat cream cheese50 g honey or brown sugar500 g strawberries2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, old (or 4 tablespoon balsamic vinegar with 1 tablespoon honey reduced by half) Directions.

Goat Cheese Mousse with Strawberries - Boss Kitchen

Filled Juicy Chocolate Cake - Boss Kitchen. With chocolate filling and creamy chocolate topping Servings: 1 Ingredients 90 g couverture, dark175 g butter300 g sugar, brown2 egg (s)150 ml of boiling water300 g of wheat flour1 teaspoon, leveled baking powder1 ½ teaspoon baking soda150 ml sour cream1 packet of vanilla flavor, liquid For the filling: 350 g couverture8 tablespoon sweet cream120 g butter4 egg yolks2 tablespoon brandy.

Filled Juicy Chocolate Cake - Boss Kitchen

Baked Quinces - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 4 m-large quince (s)600 g of sugar200 ml lemon juice¼ liter of wine (white autumn)1 stick of cinnamon5 carnation (s)Butter for the baking sheet½ liter of water Directions Prep time: 20 minutesTotal time: 20 minutes Thoroughly wash the quinces, rub the fluff with a brush or cloth.

Baked Quinces - Boss Kitchen

Mirabelle Plums - Quark - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 500 g mirabelle plums, fresh or straight from the jar150 ml apple juice2 tablespoon honey2 teaspoons cornstarch50 g chocolate (nougat chocolate)125 g low-fat quark250 g of curd milk1 pinch of cinnamon Directions.

Mirabelle Plums - Quark - Boss Kitchen

American Banana and Marshmallow Casserole - Boss Kitchen. After-eight Pudding - Boss Kitchen. Vanilla Yoghurt Foam with Hot Strawberry Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Light dessert – low-fat and low-calorie sweet for in between Servings: 4 Ingredients 150 ml milk, 1.5% fat content½ pack pudding powder, vanilla (without cooking)150 g yogurt, low-fat level350 g strawberries, fresh or frozen1 teaspoon sweetener1 tablespoon cornstarchMint for decorating.

Vanilla Yoghurt Foam with Hot Strawberry Sauce - Boss Kitchen

Orange Ice Cream À La Capri - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate - Chantilly - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate cream Servings: 4 Ingredients 200 g chocolate150 ml of water Directions.

Chocolate - Chantilly - Boss Kitchen

Chili Pears - Boss Kitchen. Side dish for steaks, duck breast, goose breast, pigeon, veal or rabbit liver, cheese, … Servings: 4 Ingredients.

Chili Pears - Boss Kitchen

Quick Peanut Butter - Sour Cream - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 1 cup sour cream, (200 ml)1 cup of peanut butter, (same cup)¼ cup egg liqueur, vanilla sauce or Baileys1 tablespoon powdered sugar½ cup of whipped cream1 packet of vanilla sugar25 g chocolate, (for decor) Directions Prep time: 10 minutesTotal time: 10 minutes Mix the peanut butter with the sour cream well.

Quick Peanut Butter - Sour Cream - Dessert - Boss Kitchen

Prince Pückler - Quark - Boss Kitchen. Dessert Servings: 4 Ingredients.

Prince Pückler - Quark - Boss Kitchen

Coconut Custard - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 3 Ingredients 400 ml coconut milk, unsweetened (1 can)1 packet of custard powder (vanilla)2 tablespoon sugar50 g desiccated coconut100 g physalis½ banana (s)2 teaspoons of lime juice, freshly squeezed100 ml of water Directions Prep time: 15 minutesRest time: 2 hoursTotal time: 2 hours 15 minutes.

Coconut Custard - Boss Kitchen

Semolina Porridge with Chocolate Cinnamon - Boss Kitchen. Salzburger Nockerln Low Fat 30 - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 6 egg (s)80 g of sugar1 vanilla pod (s)80 g of flour10 g margarine250 ml milk, semi-fatPowdered sugar, for dusting Directions. Liqueur 43 Yogurt Triffle - Boss Kitchen. Containing alcohol Servings: 4 Ingredients. Chocolate Mousse for Slimming - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 200 g chocolate, 70% cocoa content2 cl rum3 egg (s), separated150 ml milk500 g strawberries2 orange (s)2 cl orange liqueur. Fig Pancakes with Maple Syrup - Boss Kitchen.

Extra low in fat Servings: 2 Ingredients. Aletria - Boss Kitchen. Sweet vermicelli Servings: 6 Ingredients 200 g noodles (vermicelli)Salt water800 ml of milk200 g of sugarsome lemon peel, untreated (3 thin strips)6 egg yolkscinnamon Directions Prep time: 25 minutesTotal time: 25 minutes. Gate Of Heaven Without Alcohol - Boss Kitchen. Quark Alla Mampf - Boss Kitchen. Altbärli's Liquid Chocolate Cake - Boss Kitchen. Old Berlin Semolina - Boss Kitchen. Gluten-free Amaranth Waffles with Cream and Blueberries - Boss Kitchen.

Amarena Cherry Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Cherry Cake with Amaretti - Boss Kitchen. Amaretti Mousse with Rhubarb - Boss Kitchen. Black Forest Cherry Dessert with Amarettini - Boss Kitchen. Apple and Curdled Milk Trifle with Amarettini - Boss Kitchen. Amarettini and Mascarpone Mousse - Boss Kitchen. Amarettini Soufflé - Boss Kitchen. Strawberry - Amarettini - Creme La Fire Poppy - Boss Kitchen. Summer Vegetables with Rice - Boss Kitchen. Beef Schnitzel, Beef Juice Plätzli - Boss Kitchen. Turkish Beef Goulash - Boss Kitchen. Thai Beef - Boss Kitchen. Pikeperch in Rosemary Foam - Boss Kitchen. Ham Noodles with Cream Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Spaghetti Pizza with Salami - Boss Kitchen. Sauerkraut Bags - Boss Kitchen. Pollack Fillet with Spicy Spaghetti - Boss Kitchen. Braised Tomatoes - Boss Kitchen.

Loewe with Celery, Zucchini Balls and Stewed Tomato - Boss Kitchen. Spaghetti with Shiitake in Chive Cream - Boss Kitchen. Rind Rolls - Boss Kitchen. Roast Pork from Smoker - Boss Kitchen. Pork Fillet in Soy Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Pork Filets - Boss Kitchen. Soy Goulash Hungarian - Boss Kitchen. Desperate Noodles for Sunday - Boss Kitchen. Spaghetti Pie with Tomato Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Asparagus Schnitzel - Boss Kitchen. Bacon Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Bacon Waffles - Boss Kitchen. Rose Punch Fruity - Boss Kitchen. Fruit Juice Long Drink No. 1 - Boss Kitchen. Red Wine Punch À La Gabi - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate Coffee À La Gabi - Boss Kitchen. Carrot and Kiwi Smoothie À La Gabi - Boss Kitchen. Tropical Drink Against Sunday Blues - Boss Kitchen. Homemade Mulled Wine in Advance - Boss Kitchen. Homemade Peach Iced Tea - Boss Kitchen.

Gin 'n Sin - Boss Kitchen. Gin-Tonic Mediterranean - Boss Kitchen. Gin and Tonic Meets Grenadine - Boss Kitchen. Gin and Tonic Vermouth - Boss Kitchen. Wildberry Gin - Boss Kitchen. Ginger Peach - Boss Kitchen. Lemon Ginger - Boss Kitchen. Gingerberry - Boss Kitchen. Grandma's Mulled Wine - Boss Kitchen. Mulled Wine Spritz - Boss Kitchen. Macaroni and Zucchini Casserole - Boss Kitchen. Broccoli - Potato - Casserole with Sausage - Boss Kitchen. Roulades with Prunes - Boss Kitchen.

Pollack in Batter - Boss Kitchen. Tuna Baguette - Boss Kitchen. Stuffed Plaice Rolls on Tomatoes with Toasted Baguette - Boss Kitchen. Chicken Schnitzel cheese Baked - Boss Kitchen. Cheese Balls, Crispy and Savory Filled - Boss Kitchen. Red Wine and Balsamic Beef Roast with Fine Note Of Brandy Marsala - Boss Kitchen. Roast Beef Under Herb Crust with Balsamic Red Wine Sauce, with Gratinated Potato Mash and Green Asparagus - Boss Kitchen. Beef Rump Steak with Rocket and Balsamic Cream with Cherry Tomato Sauce - Boss Kitchen.

Veal Fillet Fried in Cocoa with Chanterelle Risotto and Balsamic Shallots - Boss Kitchen. Baembes Minced Meat and Vegetable Dough Rolls - Boss Kitchen. Banana Corn Porridge - Boss Kitchen. Tagliatelle with Mushrooms and Carrots - Boss Kitchen. Green Ribbon Noodles with Salmon Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Salmon with Mushroom Sauce and Ribbon Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Blue Cheese and Broccoli on Ribbon Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Fried Asparagus with Ribbon Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Tagliatelle with Green Asparagus in Goat Cheese Mustard Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Simple Asparagus and Fish Enjoyment with Twisted Ribbon Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Tagliatelle with Swiss Chard and Cream Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Potato - Wild Garlic - Gratin - Boss Kitchen.

Crêpes Filled with Wild Garlic - Boss Kitchen. Spaghetti with Wild Garlic and White Asparagus - Boss Kitchen. Pangasius Fillet with Wild Garlic Crust - Boss Kitchen. Green Asparagus with Potatoes in Wild Garlic Paste - Boss Kitchen.