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Bosskitchen. Asparagus and Salmon Noodles - Boss Kitchen. In a tomato and basil sauce Servings: 1 Ingredients.

Asparagus and Salmon Noodles - Boss Kitchen

Salmon on Cream Noodles - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 4 port.

Salmon on Cream Noodles - Boss Kitchen

Salmon fillet (s)1 lemon (s)100 g shrimp100 ml of cream100 ml sour creamHerb (s) (Italian style)250 g ribbon noodles, or other2 cloves of garlic1 onion (s)1 handful of rocketolive oil Directions. Salmon Fillet in White Wine Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Salmon fillet on zucchini Servings: 4 Ingredients 2 zucchini2 tablespoon butter2 spring onion (s)150 g mushrooms, brown200 ml wine, (Chardonnay)200 ml fish broth400 g salmon fillet (s)saltpepper125 g crème fraîchedill Directions Prep time: 30 minutesTotal time: 30 minutes.

Salmon Fillet in White Wine Sauce - Boss Kitchen

Meissner Asparagus - Salmon Fricassee - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 2 Ingredients 300 g asparagus, white and green, fresh300 g salmon fillet (s), skinless2 shallot (s)50 grams of flour4 tablespoon heavy cream120 g rice, (long grain rice)40 g butter.

Meissner Asparagus - Salmon Fricassee - Boss Kitchen

Tin Spinach - Boss Kitchen. Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Yogurt Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Cauliflower prepared differently Servings: 4 Ingredients 600 g cauliflower3 tbsp rapeseed oil¼ teaspoon Ras el Hanout, alternatively curry powder½ pomegranate½ bunch of parsley1 lemon (s), organic.

Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Yogurt Sauce - Boss Kitchen

Cauliflower with Yogurt Sauce and Garam Masala - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 1 kg of cauliflower2 carrot (s)1 bunch of chives1 lemon (s), untreatedsalt1 pinch of turmeric3 tbsp ghee2 teaspoons of spice mix (Garam Masala)500 g yogurt (whole milk yogurt) Directions Working time approx. 30 minutesTotal time approx. 30 minutes Clean and wash the cauliflower and cut into florets.

Cauliflower with Yogurt Sauce and Garam Masala - Boss Kitchen

Cauliflower Cornma with Coriander, Yogurt and Tomatoes - Boss Kitchen. Spicy side dish: very fine, aromatic, low in fat Servings: 4 Ingredients.

Cauliflower Cornma with Coriander, Yogurt and Tomatoes - Boss Kitchen

Broad Beans Like Grandma's - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 2 Ingredients 1 jar of beans, big, young½ cup of crème fraîche1 small onion (s)SavoryVegetable brothsaltpepperPaprika powder, hotbutterFlour Directions Working time approx. 5 minutesCooking / baking time approx. 20 minutesTotal time approx. 25 minutes Peel the onion and cut into small cubes, sauté them in oil or butter.

Broad Beans Like Grandma's - Boss Kitchen

Green Beans in Bacon Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 2 Ingredients 300 g green beans, young, frozen250 ml water (bean boiling water)1 sprig of savory, fresh or 1/4 teaspoon dried40 g bacon, fat1 small onion (s), white20 g of wheat floursalt and pepper.

Green Beans in Bacon Sauce - Boss Kitchen

White Beans in Tomato-sage Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Beans with Lemon Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 500 g beans, greensaltbutteroil3 spring onion (s)2 cloves of garlic2 lemon (s)5 tbsp oil (olive oil)Salt and pepper, black, from the millsugar Directions.

Beans with Lemon Sauce - Boss Kitchen

Red and White Bean Spread - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 1 Ingredients 100 g beans, white, dried1 bay leaves500 ml of water100 g onion (s)2 cloves of garlic2 tbsp oil (olive oil)2 teaspoons thyme, dried2 teaspoons vegetable stock, instant powder1 ½ tsp tomato paste1 ½ tsp paprika powder, noble sweet½ teaspoon paprika, hot pink1 pinch (s) of pepper, cayenne1 teaspoon marjoram, dried½ teaspoon nutmeg (mace), ground1 pinch (s) of allspice, ground1 pinch (s) of cardamom, groundBlack pepper Directions. Turkish Bean Salad - Boss Kitchen.

Servings: 3 Ingredients 1 kg of beans, green2 large beefsteak tomatoes2 onions)½ cup of olive oil, approx. 250 ml eachsalt and peppersugar0.35 ml of water1 ½ tbsp tomato paste Directions. Savory - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 4 Ingredients 500 g sauerkraut from the glass1 tbsp oil4 shallot (s), finely chopped200 g beans, white, cooked1 apple or pear, cut into tiny pieces2 juniper berries1 pinch (s) of bay leaves, ground (bay powder)1 pinch (s) of savory Directions. Mango, Sweet Potato and Smoked Tofu Pan - Boss Kitchen. Vegan, gluten-free Servings: 2 Ingredients 1 m. -large mango (s)1 bell pepper (s)3 carrot (s)1 large clove of garlic1 cm ginger, chopped2 tbsp soy sauce3 tbsp vegetable oil, neutral1 handful of peanuts, unsalted1 pinch (s) of salt to taste1 small sweet potato (s)200 g smoked tofu.

Arctic Char Fillets with Cream Sausage, Braised Tomatoes and Sweet Potatoes - Boss Kitchen. Servings: 2 Ingredients 2 fish fillet (s) (arctic char), with skin, approx. 170 g each1 small savoy cabbage1 shallot (s), finely diced8 small tomatoes (vine tomatoes)4 sweet potato (s), redbuttercreamolive oilsalt and pepperChives, in rollspossibly lemon juice Directions Working time approx. 1 hourTotal time approx. 1 hour. Peasant Style Goulash - Boss Kitchen. Bautzner Schnitzel with Cauliflower - Boss Kitchen. Downhillcats Bavarian Herb Pot with Wammerl - Boss Kitchen. Bavarian Potato Roast - Boss Kitchen. Chicken Wings or Chicken Legs in Honey BBQ Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Sliced ​​meat with Beetroot Cream Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Beetroot with Pasta - Boss Kitchen. Spaghetti with Beetroot and Feta - Boss Kitchen. Pork Goulash with Beetroot - Boss Kitchen. Pineapple Avocado Smoothie with Parsley - Boss Kitchen.

Lilacberry Juice / Elderberry Juice - Boss Kitchen. Ernie's AAG Cocktail - Boss Kitchen. Alcohol-free Mojito - Boss Kitchen. Apple Juice - Boss Kitchen. Cafe Caramellino - Boss Kitchen. Eggnog - Coffee - Boss Kitchen. Turkish Coffee - Boss Kitchen. Eggnog with Prep & Cook - Boss Kitchen. Thirst Quenchers - Boss Kitchen.

Werthers Echte - Liqueur - Boss Kitchen. Quark Poppy Seed Cream with Vanilla Mango - Boss Kitchen. Crepe Batter - Boss Kitchen. Plum Crisp - Boss Kitchen. Angel's Currant Crumble - Boss Kitchen. Membrillo De Doña Francisca - Boss Kitchen. Cane Sugar - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Rhubarb - Strawberry - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Yogurt - Cream - Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Layered Raspberry Mascarpone Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Giotto Fruit Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Peach-vanilla Dessert - Boss Kitchen. Old Viennese Goulash - Boss Kitchen. Amêijoas - Boss Kitchen. American Burger - Boss Kitchen.

American Rice Meat - Boss Kitchen. American Chicken Cordon Bleu - Boss Kitchen. American Real Corned Beef - Boss Kitchen. Coconut Turkey Schnitzel with Caribbean Pineapple Curry - Boss Kitchen. Chicken Legs on Peppers and Pineapple - Boss Kitchen. Curry Coconut Squash with Pineapple Rice - Boss Kitchen. Sauerkraut-Hollandaise-Feta-Pineapple-Spaghetti - Boss Kitchen. Pineapple Chicken Sweet and Sour - Boss Kitchen. Tagliatelle with Swiss Chard and Cream Sauce - Boss Kitchen. Potato - Wild Garlic - Gratin - Boss Kitchen. Crêpes Filled with Wild Garlic - Boss Kitchen.

Spaghetti with Wild Garlic and White Asparagus - Boss Kitchen. Pangasius Fillet with Wild Garlic Crust - Boss Kitchen. Green Asparagus with Potatoes in Wild Garlic Paste - Boss Kitchen. Pasta with Wild Garlic Pesto - Boss Kitchen. Confectioned Kingklip with Wild Garlic Pesto on Spaghetti, Tomatoes and Fried Asparagus - Boss Kitchen. Gnocchi with Wild Garlic Pesto - Boss Kitchen. Beetroot Beard - Boss Kitchen. Macaroni with Tomatoes and Basil - Boss Kitchen.

Breakfast Pudding with Chia - Boss Kitchen. Chia Fruit Breakfast - Boss Kitchen. Chia Mango Carrot Breakfast - Boss Kitchen. Salmon Chia Starter - Boss Kitchen. Chia Coconut Pudding with Fruits - Boss Kitchen. Red Chia Overnight Oats - Boss Kitchen. Sugar-free Spelled Pancakes with Raspberry Chia Jam - Boss Kitchen. Strawberry Chia Breakfast - Boss Kitchen. Chia Cream - Boss Kitchen. Platano Chiabrei - Boss Kitchen. Chia Pudding - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate - Cherry Slices with Delicious Sour Cream Filling - Boss Kitchen. Yogurt Muffins According To Dani - Boss Kitchen. Small Waffle Muffins in Black and White - Boss Kitchen. Chocolate Cake with Pudding and Desiccated Coconut - Boss Kitchen. Coconut Rings - Boss Kitchen. Rhubarb Pudding Particles - Boss Kitchen. Ramazotti Cake - Boss Kitchen. Currant Cake with Meringue - Boss Kitchen. Quick Mini Lemon Cake for 18 Cm Springform Pan - Boss Kitchen. Low Carb Orange Poppy Seed Cake - Boss Kitchen.

Peach - Streusel Cake from Sheet - Boss Kitchen. Porridge with Apples and Cinnamon - Boss Kitchen. Apple and Grape Jelly with Coffee Beans - Boss Kitchen. High Protein Pancakes with Almonds and Apple - Boss Kitchen. Apple, Elderberry and Lupine Drink - Boss Kitchen. Apple and Caramel Jam - Boss Kitchen. Tomato and Apple Jam - Boss Kitchen.